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Raphael and the mercenaries of Chalice lived merry lives in their pleasant homes. Their heroics deeds brought gleam and delight to all their neighbors and themselves. It was a noble trade to protect the lives of the innocent from simple villainous entities. However, when the six kingdoms of Salina prepared themselves to combat the might of the Jynx, their simplistic heroic lives are brought to the horrific cruel reality of a bloody war all for the sake of humanity's survival.

Adventure / Fantasy
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The Genesis of Creation

In the genesis of time, the universe held no concrete shape or form, only a vast vacuum of darkness and desolated space. There was only the four sacred gemstones and the gods who were guardians of these precious gems. Their names were Cervantes and Saphira whom both live happily in their divine realm as husband and wife.

After many eons of their long and eternal life, Saphira had the desire to one day create life using the essence of the stones. The goddess expressed her wish to Cervantes and he agreed to collaborate gleefully to his wife’s dream. Their thoughts lingered for days on end as to what they will create first. Once they had settled on an idea, their divine scheme began to take place.

A grand star was first created to provide their creatures with light followed by a vast sea of clouds in this newly forged dimension. This was followed by a massive continent suspended in the air to provide a home for their creations. As this landmass soared through the skies, the first beings were given wings to roam around freely this blissful paradise.

From the essence of one of the stones, Saphira first created the fairies. This was a peaceful and joyful race which only wished to nurture and expand life. They only ate fruits, plants and reproduced in rapid numbers as it was in their nature. To uphold the balance of this realm, Cervantes forged the Vampires. These highly intellectual creatures were the bane of the fairies and their purpose was to absorb the life of other living creatures. They would often prey on their divine brethren much to Saphira’s dismay, yet it was a necessary evil to ensure the fairies do not overpopulate the continent in the sky.

As time passed, Saphira observed how the fairy population would fluctuate a high to low population and worried about the survival of her children. And thus, Saphira created the angels using the power of her other stone. The angels were powerful warriors which lived to protect the fairies from the demonic thirst of the vampires. With their new protectors, the fairies flourished once again to massive numbers as Cervantes’ creations began to dwindle. To provide balance to this realm once more, Cervantes created the Drakes using the power of the final stone to combat the angels. They became the mortal enemies of the angels.

Thus, the divine realm of the four-winged creatures had been completed with a perfect balance. Although the constant struggle amongst the divine races was not ideal for the goddess, she understood it was necessary or else all life in the realm will collapse. The gods decided to seize creating further life in this realm after the animals which would accompany the winged creatures came to be.

After a millennium had passed, Saphira wished to further expand life and create another dimension as she was pleased with the realm above the clouds. Once again, the goddess recruited her husband’s assistance. With her experience observing the growth and development of her children, Saphira had now the wisdom to create a new world with greater stability.

The earth was crafted in such a magnificent way which was nothing short of perfect. The abundance of water, plant life, oxygen and soil provided a hospitable environment for far more creatures to flourish which could not survive in the continent amongst the clouds. Animals and plants thus came to live on earth along with the creatures which would rule the earth. These were the god’s first earthly creations and the last beings forged using the essence of the sacred gemstones.

The creatures are known as the Fore and the Jynx, the mightiest creatures of the earth. Although members of their race would clash with the other tribe, it was not a common occurrence. It was a prosperous time for centuries to come in both realms, until the accursed day were Cervantes’ heart was corrupted by evil. The fallen god now desired to control all the sacred gemstones for himself for which he almost brought the end of reality as a result.

His first attempt was simple, Cervantes asked Saphira if she could bestow him the stones of Neu and Zeo. Were she not assigned to guard over the stones, she would have happily complied, yet she refused to hand over them over. This forced Cervantes to device a devious scheme to acquire the gems from Saphira. Only by distracting the goddess could he obtain the stones, and thus he fueled the flames of what became known as the divine war.

First, Cervantes commanded the Jynx to perform an onslaught against the Fore. As gods can feel the emotions of all beings, except gods of their caliber, Saphira became aware of the suffering of her creations. The goddess thus manifested herself on the earth to ease the conflict amongst the Fore and the Jynx, leaving her sacred gemstones unguarded in her realm. This was the opportunity Cervantes had longed for and he finally held the stone of Neu and Zeo in his hands.

Saphira felt the moment her husband had grasps the gems and instantly realize this conflict amongst the Fore and the Jynx was only a ruse to distract her. However, in order to confront her husband, she would have to abandon her creations. With a heavy heart, the goddess returned to her realm and leave the Fore to the mercy of the Jynx.

The goddess met her husband and demanded to know the reason he so desperately desired the stones. Cervantes did not answer and only remained silent. With no other alternative, a fierce battle amongst the gods ensued which resulted in Saphira recovering all four stones from Cervantes hands. The goddess hid the gems with the assistance of her divine children and prepared herself for a final confrontation against her husband. Meanwhile, Cervantes ordered the vampires and drakes to retrieve the stones at all cost. Both the earth and divine realm were now cursed with the horrors of war.

Determined to stop this madness once and for all, Saphira confronted Cervantes in a battle which nearly obliterated the entire fabric of reality. As their powers could not best the other, Saphira resolved to sacrificing her own life to defeat Cervantes for the sake of her beloved children. The goddess unleashed all the energy from within her body and thus the conflict had come to an end. Both gods were now on the verge on disappearing.

During his last moments, Cervantes begged his wife for forgiveness as he proclaimed this was all to provide the stones for what they treasured the most. He vanished under the embrace of his beloved wife. Once the god had disappeared, the goddess used her remaining strength to observe what remained of her creations. The aftermath of the divine war devastated her heart. The Fore had been completely eradicated as the angels were on the verge of extinction, leaving the fairies as her sole surviving children. As she stood upon the earth, her tears brought a final blessing. Twelve human beings were created so life may once again flourish during her absence.

During her final hour, the goddess entrusted the fairies to guard the sacred gemstones from all evil as they could bring the destruction of reality if their powers were ever unleashed. She returned to the earth one last time and saw the beauty of the earth from Salina’s highest mountain. Before her end, she understood the reason why Cervantes was so adamant in obtaining the stones. He did it for what they treasured the most, he did it for All.

Twelve thousand years later…

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