If The World Was Ending

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Day Three 9:00am

Chapter 8:

Day Three 9:00 am

“See you soon bunny!” I hear Summer’s voice say from the other side of the door.

As I step out into the hallway, she stands on her tiptoes, planting a soft kiss on Warner’s cheek. She’s still wearing the same dress from last night, carrying her high heels by the straps with her fingers. Smudges of mascara trail down her face and her bedraggled hair tells the full story.

“Hey, Mila.” She gives me a small smile before heading towards the elevator.

Warner scratches the back of his head in embarrassment, leaning his body against the door.

He looks as if he’s only just woken up, twisting his torse to stretch his muscles. As he rubs the sleepiness from his eyes, he reveals his toned abs. He has the typical LA dude body. Spends all day hitting the gym and all night getting in girls’ pants.

It’s even more confirmation that Warner does never change.

“Successful night then?” I raise an eyebrow before letting out a laugh.

He grunts back, the frown on his face matching his groggy mood. That’ll be the comedown. So far I feel fine, just tired from the lack of sleep.

Even though Warner and Summer look like an ideal pairing, in some ways they’re opposites. Just like her name, she is a ray of sunshine; full of life and energy. I can’t tell if she’s naive or just ditsy but she’s the kind of girl who is pleased with the simple things in life. Whereas Warner’s wild, party life is somewhat of a facade, masking his serious, mystery, and very grumpy everyday being.

Yet they still always find their way back to each other. Maybe they have a deeper connection than meets the eye, or perhaps it’s just that their sex is good.

Better than mine…

“I could say the same to you. Where’s Harry this morning?” Warner livens up, trying to look behind me to see if he could spot Harry.

“He left early, he had stuff to do.” I tell him, repeating the same excuse he’d previously told me.

When I woke up, Harry was nowhere in sight. He left a note on the counter but it still left me feeling pretty shit that he didn’t even say goodbye. It’s more than likely the last time we’ll ever see each other.

I didn’t expect that from him but then again I didn’t expect shit sex either.

My first time was a complete disaster and to make it even worse, I didn’t even get any pillow talk or a nice conversation over breakfast. Sex is nothing like books or movies make out. Maybe I’ve always been destined to be doomed in that department and it sucks to know that I’ll die with last night as my first and only experience.

“So, how was it?” Warner asks, trying to gain my eye contact as he smirks.

“Look, I’ve really got to get going.” I reply, avoiding his question.

“Where to?” He scrunches his face up.

“What’s with all the questions this morning?” I snap as I groan.

I’m not in the mood for anything this morning, especially this conversation with the neighbor that I hated less than a week ago.

Warner looks at me closely, trying to gauge my emotions.

“Fine. I’ll see you later.” He says, watching as I walk away from our doors.

As I reach the gate of the complex, I hop into the uber and try to focus my mind on the positives of last night as I make the short journey towards Lakewood.

The streets seem different today, they’re much more barren. I spot the occasional person raiding a shop but compared to the yesterday, it’s peaceful; completely wrecked but its quietness is calming.

“That’ll be $20 mam.” The driver says before I hand him the money, exiting the vehicle.

Whitewashed walls sting my hungover eyes as I patiently wait for a nurse in the reception of Lakewood’s Care Home.

“Can I help?” A young nurse asks, placing her clipboard on her desk.

“Yes, I’m here to see Rosie Carter.” I say, watching her flick through her paperwork.

“Ah yes, she’s in room 8. Here is your visitor’s pass.” She warmly smiles, repeating the same information which I’ve heard hundreds of times.

Clipping the pass to my shirt, I make my way towards her room. Sounds of old movie scripts or classical musical fill the silent corridors, giving me a taste of normality; something that I’m only now realizing that I’ve missed dearly.

“Mila!” A voice calls after me.

“Heather.” I sigh, pulling her into a hug.

Heather has worked here for as long as I’ve been visiting. I often see her when I drop buy as she’s the main carer for most residents. She’s perfect for a job like this, her warm aura makes people feel at home, distracting people from their harsh realities of how they ended up in a place like this.

“Don’t say it.” I whisper, sensing that she’s about to bring up the news.

“Of course.” She smiles weakly.

“How is she?” I ask.

“She’s okay like she always has been. Somedays she’s with it and others she’s completely out of it. I should warn you though that we haven’t told her about the news, we thought it’d be better that way.” She says.

“Good.” I say before pulling on the handle and entering the room.

Her dark hair drapes across the pillow as her eyes reach mine, a hint of confusion hits them for a moment but I think she’ll recognize me this time.

“Hey mom, how are you feeling?” My tone is soft as I take her hand in mine.

“Mila, is that you?” She replies, her voice filled with the usual confusion I dread.

“Yeah.” I smile, stroking her cheek with my thumb.

“Please get me out of here.” She whispers so the nurses can’t hear her.

“What, I thought you liked it here?”

“They’ve taken the TV!” She replies, even more confused than before.

“Why?” I raise my brow.

“They won’t tell me.” Her voice is desperate.

Remembering my conversation with Heather, I suddenly realize that they’ve taken the TV to avoid my mom from watching the TV. They know it’ll only confuse her more but I can’t help feeling guilty that having it taken from her has confused her even more.

“I’ll speak to them, okay?” I reassure.

“I just want to go home now, back to the house in san bernardino.” Her eyes fill with water.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen her this erratic. I know I should visit more regularly but sometimes I hate to be reminded of what happened, it’s emotionally draining but so is the guilt.

“Mom, we don’t live there anymore, remember?”

“Oh.” She trails off, looking at the blank space in the corner of the room where her TV once stood.

“Did your father sell it? Where is he, why hasn’t he visited?” She looks at me again.

Heather sighs from the door and I watch her sorrowful expression divert to the medication cabinet. I can tell that she’s thinking exactly what I am; how can either of us try and get her to understand the truth.

Along with most things in life at the moment, it’s best to pretend that everything is as it used to be.

“I’m not sure. I’ll call him later and tell him to come and see you soon.” I lie.

I stay for a while, making small talk with my mom. Not before long, she drifts off to sleep, which is usually my queue to leave.

As I leave, I try not to think about the fact that it’ll probably be the last time I ever see my mum. I’ve always dreaded this day but in someways, she’s been gone for a long time already.

Making my way back towards the reception, I spot Heather at her desk.

“Hey.” I say, gaining her attention.

“Is everything okay?” She asks.

“Yeah. I was just wondering if there’s any way you can get the TV moved back into my mom’s room?”

“Oh, I’m not too sure because from what we removed it to stop her seeing the news.”

“Please.” I beg, the exhaustion slowly creeping up on me from this visit.

“I’ll see what I can do.” She smiles.

“Even if you just play movies for her old day, she’s always loved them. You probably know her favorites by now.” I let out a small laugh which Heather mirrors.

“If this really is the end, I want her to at least be surrounded by something she loved.” I say quietly.

“I’ll see to it.” Heather says as I make my way towards the door.

“Mila.” She calls after me.


“It was nice getting to know you.” Her voice cracks.

“Take care, Heather.”

With that, I close the door behind me, not daring to look behind me and see the sadness in her eyes but more importantly, I don’t want her to see the tears in mine.

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