If The World Was Ending

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Day Two 12:00pm

Chapter 4:

Day Two 12:00pm

Tapping my finger against the wheel to the beat of the song, Mila sits in the passenger seat, humming along to the melody.

It’s as if a day feels like a lifetime yet it still flies by in a heartbeat. You cram so much in and force yourself to integrate and involve yourself that it feels as if it’s lasting forever but regardless, at the end of the day, you still end up being amazed that another day is done with.

This news is bittersweet like a drug, it’s addictiveness and adrenaline rush by making you do new things entices you into doing more until you’re hooked and there’s no turning back to what you were before.

‘Good Afternoon, it’s just hit midday and here’s your daily news. There has been a report of mass fatalities in Rome today as gunmen have taken to the street. This comes after being told less than 24 hours ago that we only have 10-’ The radio presenter reads.

Mila reaches forward, turning to dial to cut the sound, leaving us in a mixture of the silence that lingered before and the newfound silence of disbelief.

“We don’t need to hear that.” She whispers under her breath.

I turn to look at her as she looks out onto the streets. Her eyes cloud over, replaying the news report in her head but we both know that no matter how many times anyone tries to comprehend this situation, it’s impossible. The world has never seen anything like it and there’s no way that in a mere ten days, any human being will fully grasp it

This morning there has been other reports on our local news following the antics of last night and by the looks of it, the ones which carried on until dawn. People were acting wild and this is only the beginning of it.

There’s already been mentions of the looting in shops and to be completely honest, I’d rather Mila and I stay out of it but with everyone looting, everything will be gone within a matter of days so it’s now or never.

As the two of us exit the parking lot, the sound of havoc grows from the main floor of the mall. Shoppers run from door to door, arguing and fighting as they play tug and war with thousands of dollars worth of items.

The electronics stores containing the latest phones are full of bare shelves and smashed windows. The only thing shimmering in the diamond jewelry stores are the fragments of shattered glass and the usual smile on shoppers faces has been replaced with either fear or greediness. You never understand the meaning behind the saying money is the root of all evil until you’re placed in a situation like this.

“Remember that we can shop wherever we want.” I look at her playfully, directing her eyes to the designer stores on the floor above.

“That sounds fun.” She says with a smirk before grabbing my arm, leading me to the escalator.

Mila looks back at me, flashing me a smile with a giggle escaping her lips. Her hair swishes over her faces as she looks at me from over her shoulder as her eyes dance playfully with mine.

As we reach the top floor she leads me into the most exclusive boutique in Los Angeles. It’s prices reach a whole new tier of expensive and it’s the kind of place that you would always dream dreamily through their windows, wishing that one day, it could be you browsing their clothes railings.

To our surprise, the boutique looks fairly untouched. It’s clear that some people have entered but clothes aren’t the main thing on people’s minds.

Glass crunches underneath my shoes as I tread carefully through the entrance, keeping Mila close behind me as I check that the store is safe. Not a single person can be seen, meaning that this store is about to become Mila’s playground.

“Grab whatever.” I shrug, sitting on top of the counter, giving her all the time she wants.

I watch as she gets to work, carefully evaluating each piece of clothing. She acts as if she needs to pick carefully, almost as if she’s questioning her budget and I can’t help but subtly laugh as I watch her concentrating. Mila looks at everything as if it’s a piece of art, identifying the smallest details of its structure.

After fifteen minutes of searching, she walks up to me with a dozen clothes hangers in hand. Her face is flustered yet her joy is plastered all over this. She’s just done the shop that all LA girls dream of and although it’s both the first and last time she’ll ever get this chance, I can tell that this has meant the world to her.

“I think that’s it!” She smiles.

“Have you got an outfit for tonight?” I ask back.

“I have enough to schedule at least three outfit changes.” She jokes.

“No one’s stopping you if that’s what you want.” I hold my hands up.

“So now we just need to grab some drink for tonight and then we can head back.” I start to say, walking back towards the entrance.

“Warner, what about paying?” Mila says, still standing by the counter.

“Paying who? The ghost of shopping’s past.” I frown, rolling my eyes.

“I’m serious.” She replies, frustrated.

“There’s no one to pay! Do you really think anyone else in this mall has paid? Let’s just go.” I walk back towards her.

“Just because they’re doing it, that doesn’t mean that we should do it. I’m at least going to leave something.” She argues, pulling a ten dollar bill from her bag, placing it on top of the counter.

God, she’s so stubborn.

“Feel better?” I scoff as we leave the store.

“A million times better.” She beams, happy that she’s got her own way.

The popular bar is a few stores down from the boutique and unlike before, this is somewhere that has clearly been raided. This bar is somewhere that most twenty year olds come in their free time with friends. It’s for the elite and hosts a range of high end drinks which are ideal for either flirting or making dirty business. I know this well, mainly because I had worked here for the past 3 years.

Despite it’s now broken look, the luminous lights shine upon the rows of bottles from behind the bar, including some now empty spaces.

“Wow. This place is amazing.” Mila gushes.

“You’ve never been here?” I ask.

“No.” She replies shyly, facing away from me whilst pretending to take a closer look at the different drinks.

I scoot myself over to behind the bar, picking up the basic spirits that I know will make the best drinks for later tonight. I also needed some light stuff for Mila, I wanted to introduce her to the world of drinking slowly, dangling it above her like a carrot until she can’t resist it and then I’ll have her wrapped around my finger, begging me for it.

“Okay, so we have some caramel vodka, coconut rum, disaronno and now, hmm where is it?” I talk to myself whilst my eyes carefully search the labels of the bottles, placing the chosen ones by Mila.

“What are you after?” She asks, leaving me to myself, knowing that this is definitely more my domain than hers.

“This bar is known for having the best champagne in the city. I’m going to check in the back, wait here.” I tell her before heading through the door to the left of the bar.

The cellar is cool, keeping it’s contents at the perfect temperature for it’s thirsty customers. My fingers wipe away the dust on the bottles, eagerly searching for the golden item that I’m after. This is the drink of all drinks and there’s no way I’m dying before getting my hands on a bottle.

As I reach another shelf, my eyes stumble upon the last bottle of the diamond champagne. Picking it up, I cradle it like a baby.

“You beauty.” I say, kissing the bottle, like a sad alcoholic but instead I was a desperate man on a mission to impress some guests.

“MILA, I FOUND IT!” I shout as I walk back up the stairs.

“Aren’t you a pretty thing? What’s a girl like you doing alone in a bar?” A deep voice calls from the other side of the door.

“How about you get away from me?” Mila hisses, standing her ground.

“That’s not very lady-like and there was me planning to treat you nicely when I get you back to my house but instead I think I’ll treat you like my slut. Bitches like you like it hard don’t you? With an attitude like that and a dirty tongue.” He growls and I can tell that he’s getting closer.

“And who the fuck are you?” I say, swinging open the door which catches him off guard as it slams against the wall.

Mila looks between us, her eyes widening as she sees me. The man stands over her, his rugged look irritated at my sudden arrival. He looks as if he hasn’t slept for days and it’s clear from his appearance that his lonely ass is looking for some company in these final days.

“What did you say?” He cocks his head, turning his body to face me.

“You heard me. Get the fuck away from her now.” I demand, storming towards him.

“Or what? Scared I’d fuck your little girlfriend here better than you ever could?” He sneers, grabbing her arm.

Without a second thought I swing my fist at him, slamming it into his jaw. He staggers back, clasping his hand over his face as he stares back at me, unsure if another hit is worth fighting back with me.

“Warner.” Mila gasps, a smile hinting at her lips.

“Let’s go.” I say, trying to calm myself as I grab the other bottles before leaving.

“Go find another desperate girl to sleep with. I’m sure someone will be willing to suck your dick, that’s if they can even find it.” Mila spits at the guys before running after me.

“That was..” She stutters lost for words and I wait for her lecture, praying that this small incident won’t scare her back into her shell.

“Amazing.” Mila bursts into laughter.

“Really?” I say, surprised.

“Yeah! We told him so!” She replies, clearly proud of herself for standing up for herself.

“Great, now keep this energy because we need to get ready to party!” I cheer, waving the bottle tops which rest inbetween my fingers in Mila’s face.

She raises an eyebrow as she smiles back at me. For the first time, she doesn’t argue back at me, instead she races ahead of me towards the car, a bounce in her step which wasn’t there before.

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