If The World Was Ending

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Day Two 10:00pm

Chapter 5:

Day Two 10:00pm

Three sprays of cologne. That’s the magic number. Three squirts of it and it’s enough to be noticed by everyone around you at a party. It’s the smell that allows you to get a few new numbers and guarantee a lady to warm up the other half of my bed at the end of the night.

Parties are what I’m best at. Since starting high school, I’ve been renowned for being the life and soul. I bring the fun and magic which other people lack. At college, I was the person to typically throw the parties each weekend, much to Mila’s dismay.

I felt bad for putting her through the late nights and loud music but the memories made it worthwhile. Each week I put on a show which saw me surrounded by my friends whilst putting a smile on other peoples faces. I showed them a true college party, one filled with drinks they’d never heard of, substances at prices they couldn’t find elsewhere.

I would show them parties which would leave them begging for another invite. Tonight is the night that I finally introduce Mila to that world.

Locking my door behind me, I cross the hallway and gently tap my knuckles against the door.

I’d left Mila alone since coming back from shopping, I thought it’d be best to give her some space to get ready whilst also giving her some time to herself. I have to remember that having someone around her 24/7 is not something she’s used to, she needs breathing space every now and again.

“Mila.” I call.

“Coming!” She shouts through the door.

As the door swings open, she stands before me. Her dress falls just above her knees, revealing her perfectly tanned legs. The rustic red colour bought out the darkness of her eyes, making them compelling, the kind of eyes that are dangerous as they pull you aside with mystery and adventure. Her golden stilettos add some inches to her height as well as elongating her legs, flattering her figure as a whole.

It’s the first time I’ve ever seen Mila dressed like this and damn she’s beautiful.

“Look at you!” I choke, grabbing her arm and pulling it above her, causing her to spin around.

“I’m not just a pretty face, locked away in this apartment.” She boasts, blushing as she twirls before my eyes.

“You sure know how to dress for a party.” I smirk as we both take the elevator down to the parking lot.

“Yeah but I’m still not sure that I know how to act for a party.” She admits, her face creasing with nerves.

“You’ll be fine. Stick with me and I promise that I’ll make it the best night ever sweetharm.” I look down at her, watching as she notices the confidence in my eyes.

“You better stick by me, I guarantee that I won’t know anyone so you’re all I’ve got. Please be nice to me though, the party version of Warner I hear through this apartment sounds like a complete ass and you know that I won’t be in the mood for that.” She warns.

I laugh as I watch her pout at me whilst frowning. She runs her fingers through her glossy hair as she checks her appearance in the metal of the elevator doors. The two of us walk out of the apartment complex towards the taxi I’d ordered us.

“Where to?” The taxi driver asks.

“42 Sherbourne avenue.” I reply, buckling my seatbelt.

The drive only lasts about ten minutes before we arrive in the gated street. It looks like this house isn’t the only one throwing a party tonight as loud music from an array of houses can be heard from blocks away. Hundreds of people gather in the street, drinks in hand, dancing.

“Thanks.” I say, paying the fair before running to Mila’s side to hold her door for her.

She takes my hand in hers as she pulls herself from the taxi, holding her bag tighter as she takes in her surroundings.

“I don’t know if I can do this Warner.” She says, worry flooding her voice.

“You can. I promise. Baby steps remember and if you hate it that much, I swear I’ll call the first cab and take you home.” I reassure her, before taking her hand and walking towards the house.

The door stood open, welcoming anyone it pleases. Bass music shakes the ornaments on the shelves lining the hallways, sending vibrations through the floorboards. I have no idea who the kid is that’s hosting this party, all I was told was that this was a party not to miss.

“Warner!” Tyler exclaims, pulling me into a quick embrace.

“Matty, my man, how are you dude?” I ask, excited to see my friends for the first time in what feels like forever.

“I’m doing good, you know, just spending these days in the best way I can.” He smiles, his dark complexion revealing his dimples.

“Yo yo yo! The party man’s arrived!” Tyler shouts, joining us.

“How are you Ty?” I say after he pulls my head under his arm, ruffling my hair playfully.

“Great! I’ve got to go out of this world with a bang.” He replies, seeming as cheery as the rest of them, acting as if they don’t have a care in the world.

“Typical Warner Taylor, the party’s only just started and he’s already got a girl.” Alexis says, tapping the rim of her cup as she smirks at the two of us.

“Actually, this is my neighbor Mila! I invited her to join us tonight.” I smile, presenting Mila to the group.

“Mila, this here is Matty.” I introduce her and she smiles shyly.

“The sarcastic girl is Alexis, she may look scary but she’s soft deep down. Don’t worry she’s just got small dog syndrome, has a loud bark but doesn’t bite.” I joke.

“Hey, I heard that! Anyway, hi Mila, you can call me Lexi.” She glares at me before pulling Mila into a hug, something which by the size of Mila’s widened eyes, tells me that it shocked her.

“And finally, this idiot here is Tyler. He’ll more than likely hit on you a million times but I promise you that he’s a good guy.” I whisper the last part, to which she giggles.

“At your service.” He stands up straight before laughing.

“And may I say to Miss Mila that you do be looking beautiful tonight.” He looks up as he takes her hand in his, softly kissing the back of it.

“Why thank you and may I say that I am not interested.” Mila says back, frowning at him, the rejection taking him by surprise.

Matty laughs as he watches Tyler’s face before slapping him around the head. Lexi rolls her eyes, scanning the room for more drinks before telling us that she’ll be right back as she grabs the bottle of vodka from my side.

“I think we might have met.” Matty admits, nodding towards Mila.

“Oh really?” She asks.

“Yeah. I think you once screamed at me because I puked outside your front door. I think we knew you as the grumpy neighbor who hated Warner.” Matty laughs and I shoot him a glare.

“Is that so?” Mila replies sarcastically, looking up at me with a raised eyebrow to which I shrug in defense.

“I mean, you did hate my parties.” I finally say.

Mila sighs, rolling her eyes before laughing. As the two boys begin to get to know Mila more, Lexi returns with a dozen cups in hand.

“Drink up dickheads!” She shouts, handing all of us a cup.

“Erm, what’s this?” Mila asks nervously.

“Just a little something which will get you in the mood to party. I make everyone drink it at the start of the night because it only takes one serving of that and you’ll be almost on the floor.” Lexi grins.

“Oh I’m not sure if I-” Mila starts to say.

“To the last nine days of our life!” Lexi announces, holding her cup in the air in the middle of our circle as a toast.

We all move our glasses towards her before knocking the drink back without hesitation. Mila follows suit and I watch as her face screws up and she silently gags at the level of alcohol that she’s just consumed.

“Welcome to the party.” I whisper in her ear, tucking her hair behind it.

As the night goes on, the drinks continue to flow with Lexi continuing to be the bartender. She quickly took Mila under her wings, educating her on the do’s and don’t of the partying world. I think she liked having another girl around, being stuck with three boys for the past four years is enough to drive anyone crazy.

That’s what we loved about Lexi though. She takes no shit. She always had an edgy style and stood her ground when it came to her views and beliefs. Lexi acted as a mom, dad, sister, therapist, teacher, all rolled into one but the fiery side of her was one that should never be messed with. She is a lioness and she doesn’t think twice before she launches on her prey.

I can sense that Mila is beginning to relax which is more than likely the effects of the alcohol. She still winces at every sip but it’s great to watch her get loose, I’m certain that I’ll be carrying her into the apartment by the end of the night.

Watching as she talks amongst my friends, I look around at our empty cups.

“Who wants a refill?” I offer to which they all eagerly agree.

“I’ll be sure to go light.” I wink at Mila, placing my hand on the small of her back before heading off to find more drink.

The kitchen acts as a bar, every surface coated in different spirits. I dread to think of how many liquor stores had been raided to create this sea of alcohol but it’s the adult equivalent to a candy store.

“Warner Taylor?” I voice asks, approaching me from the side.

“Yeah?” I say, looking up at him.

He stands above me, his blonde curls falling loosely on his face and his stubble twitching as he waits for me to recognise him.

“Sorry, you probably don’t remember me. I’m Harry, I came to one of your parties once? I was the guy who managed to fall asleep on your balcony half naked.” He pulls an awkward face at the end, his cheeks blushing with a light pink.

“I remember you!” I chuckle, stretching out my hand to shake his.

“This is actually my house.It feels like a bit of an honour to have you here at this party.” He smiles.

“No way! Cool party dude, even I don’t think I’d be able to pull one off like this.” I joke.

“You’re Warner Taylor, of course you could! Anyway, do you still go to UCLA?” Harry asks.

“No, I graduated a couple years ago. How about you?” I lift my cup to my lips, watching Mila from a distance.

“I graduated this year. I studied Art.” His gaze follows mine.

“No way? I know someone who was more than likely on your course.” I turn to face him, looking at him more closely, watching his sea green eyes and light freckles which frame his face.

“Who?” His face conflicts between a smile and a frown.

“Wait come with me, I’ll introduce you. I’m sure she’ll be glad to see a familiar face.” I offer before walking back towards the hallway, Harry following behind me.

“What did you say your name was again?” I ask.

“Harry Barnes.” He calls, following my footsteps.

“Hey guys!” I say as I reach the group, resting my arm on Matty’s shoulder.

Mila looks up at me, her eyes darting between Harry’s and mine as she gulps. Her face turns white, almost as if she’s seen a ghost.

“Mila, I think you might know my friend here. This is Harry Barnes.”

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