If The World Was Ending

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Day Three 12:00am

Chapter 6:

Day Three 12:00am

Harry Barnes.

Harry fucking Barnes.

As if life couldn’t get any more messed up, the boy I’ve just spent the last two years crushing on is standing right before my eyes.

“Mila! Oh my god, how are you?” Harry gushes, pulling me into a hug.

I take in the smell of his strong cologne, an underlying hint of musk from the stuffy room tickling my nose as my face pushed up against his chest.

It’s been almost three months since I last saw him at graduation and I’d fully accepted that I’d never see him again. I’d never plucked up the courage to admit how I felt about him which meant that after graduation, I had to deal with the fact that he’d end up becoming a stranger, a distant sweet memory of better days.

We first met after we were put on an assignment together and we spent weeks in each other's apartments working hard. We grew to become close friends, the first person I’d allowed into my life since starting college. Harry knew me in ways that no one else could and it wasn’t long before I blossomed feelings for him that were hard to contain.

But with his sandy blonde curls and leafy green eyes, it’s hard to resist him, throw art student on top of that and you have the modern day version of Jack from Titanic. Girls fell at his feet, me included and I always knew that I never stood a chance.

There was one day where we’d worked until the early hours of the morning before ordering a pizza and shared a large bottle of wine. We spilled stories and secrets in the intimate air surrounding us as we waited for our paintings to dry. There was this one moment where he stared longingly into my eyes, searching them with such beauty and I almost poured my heart out, hoping we’d finally step over the friendship line, allowing ourselves to explore sides of each other that had been silently forbidden before. Yet we were interrupted by yet another loud and disruptive Warner party and a moment like that never came about again.

Falling in love with Harry was like hitting the ground running. You have no idea where you’re going but you’re going fast and at any moment you can fall down hard, yet the adrenaline of it keeps you going before it becomes more than a lust, it becomes a life line.

“I’m great. How are you?” I stutter nervously.

“I’m good too. I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever, god I miss the old days of art classes.” He chuckles.

“You too know each other?” Warner asks, interrupting our moment, as per usual.

“Yeah, we were both art majors. We worked on a few projects together, Mila here is quite the artist and a very hard worker.” Harry replies.

“I don’t know about hard worker but she’s definitely hard work.” Warner jokes, forcing me to punch his arm playfully with a warning message underneath.

“Very funny.” I say with gritted teeth, looking up at Warner who has a sarcastic look on his face.

“Anyway, how’s life Mila? Where are you living now?” Harry asks as the rest of the group draw their attention to the people around them, Warner still listening in.

“Still in my old apartment, it’s cosy.” I say shyly.

“You always were a creature of habit.” Harry teases, nudging me playfully.

I’ve missed this.

“How’s your mum?” He asks and yet again my face turns white.

Shit, I hadn’t even thought about her in the past few days. I know that I’ll have to visit her soon but god knows what kind of condition she’s in. I doubt she even knows about what’s going on in the world.

“She’s not too bad, I’ll see her soon, I’m just waiting to hear from her carers about her situation and then I’ll play it from there.” I offer a smile before praying that he doesn’t pry anymore.

“That’s good. So I see you’re friends with Warner now, I swear you used to hate him? Is he your boyfriend now or something?” Harry laughs.

“Hell no!” I answer a little too sharply causing Harry to laugh once more.

“I mean we’ve decided to spend the next few days together as we only really know each other in our apartment block and don’t really have any family to see. We’re just about friends, that’s all.” I look down at my cup to avoid his eyes.

“That’s good then.” Harry flashes me a grin and my eyes shoot up towards his face as my heart races.

“Look what I found!” Matty shouts, walking back to the group, waving a small plastic bag in the air.

“Where on earth did you get those?” Lexi replies in disbelief.

“I got them off a guy out back. I thought we could all give them a go?” Matty suggests.

His hands carefully open the bag, revealing the array of multi coloured pills. A small printed image lay in the middle of each pill and they are coated in powder which can easily be mistaken for the kinda sugar you find on candy.

“Sick.” Tyler says, taking a pill from his hand and knocking it back without hesitation.

Warner picks up one next and raises an eyebrow as Matty offers one to me.

“I’m not too sure..” I trail off, backing away.

I’ve never touched drugs in my life and in all honesty, I never planned to. They scared the shit out of me, being that out of control and unaware of what’s reality and what’s not. This kind of stuff was normal to Warner and his friends but I don’t know if I’m ready for it.

“I’ll take one.” Harry nonchalantly says, reaching his hand out to take the small pill.

“I didn’t think you did that stuff?” I ask him, saddened to see a side of Harry which is so different to the one I knew before.

“I don’t but why not now? If I’m going to die, I at least want to know what getting high feels like and it’s not like I’ll get a hardcore addition- there’s not enough time.” He shrugs, following suit with Tyler by quickly swallowing the pill.

“He’s right Mila, if there’s ever such a good thing as a time to take drugs, then it’s now. Let loose and have fun.” Warner smirks, shaking me by the shoulders as if to knock some sense into me.

“Don’t push her.” Lexi warns, whilst taking her own pill.

“If you’re that scared, we’ll dissolve it into your drink. That way, you won’t even know you’re taking it.” Warner says, giving me the look which is usually followed with him telling me to live a little.

“Okay.” My voice shakes and before I can’t change my mind, Warner drops the pill into my drink and I watch as it fizzes away, bouncing off of the sides of the cup.

Slowly moving it towards my lips, I notice a sweeter scent followed by a slight burning sensation. As the liquid hits my lips, it fizzes, reacting with my skin. The sickly sweet taste I’ve gotten used to for the past couple of hours has been replaced with a sharp one, that leaves a trail of bitterness as it moves through my body.

I feel my eyes widen as they try to adjust to the brightness of the neon lights and my fingertips begin to tremble. I’m pretty sure that all my fears are being masked by my current adrenaline and I’m torn between shoving my fingers down my throat to bring the hallucinogen back up or letting my body embrace it.

“Let’s dance.” Warner screams before dragging the group into the middle of the crowd.

Harry takes my hand in his, pulling me in front of him as our bodies begin to dance.

Everyone around us is absorbed in their own worlds, living in the moment as they experience life at it’s very best. No cares in the world, just the beat of the music and the movements of hips.

Harry’s eyes bore into mine, his pupils wide and a smile stretching his plump lips, His hands daringly reach my hips, forcing me to throw my arms around his neck as we shout the lyrics to the energetic music.

My body feels alive as the heat soars through it. Bright colours flash around me alongside the beaming faces of my friends. The room dazzles in a spectacle of colours and my vision pulsates with every beat of the music.

Whilst my body feels surreal and almost numb, Harry’s touch on my skin feels electrifying, like fire hitting ice. I can’t get enough of it, it soothes my skin and brings my soul to life.

Looking around me, Warner sets his eyes on a petite blonde, charming her with his looks. The other three dance together, transfixed with each other.

I spin around, pushing myself up against Harry. He continues to hold my body, running his hands up and down my body as I grind myself up against them, my newfound confidence completely taking over.

I try not to think about it all too much as I know it’ll only overwhelm my mind. I’ve dreamed of this moment for years and it’s as if it’s come out of nowhere. From Harry’s comment earlier, it seems as if this is exactly what he wants and right now it’s exactly what he’s getting. He isn’t protesting and instead laps himself up in our moment together. We both can’t get enough of each other, adding to the thrill of the night.

He lowers his head, planting light kisses against my neck, causing me to throw it back with pleasure. His lips feel warm and comforting, like a soft feather pillow pressing up against me. As he trails back up my neck, he takes my ear in between his teeth, nipping it, sending sparks through my body.

I turn to face him, throwing my arms around his neck like before. His eyes search mine, eager and enticing. He licks his lips and I study them for a moment, watching them throb as I long for them. He rubs his finger in a circular motion against the small of my back, pushing me closer to him until our bodys are completely moulded into each other.

Removing a hand from behind my back, Harry cups my face, entangling his fingers in my hair. His hot breath brushes my lips, moving me closer. The music becomes muffled as my mind focuses on Harry, not allowing anything else in to break it.

His eyes flutter shut as he presses his lips against mine. His kiss is hungry, wrapping itself in my lips, eagerly pulling my body in closer, wanting more than he can get. Our lips move in time with the music, rhythmically immesering each other in a desire like no other. It’s as if we’re making up for the times when we were too shy to entertain a kiss, creating a new form of arm which would be impossible to create any other way.

His hands grab at my body, pushing me into him so that I can feel him growing hard whilst his other hand cupped my ass, squeezing it slightly. This is becoming more than a kiss, it’s passion absorbing the two of us. Licking my bottom lip, his tongue gains entrance to my mouth as it begins to dominate mine, his body well and truly wanting to own every part of mine.

My lips continue to melt into his, like candy floss as it dissolves against your tongue, sweeter than anything you’ve ever tasted before. My hands run up and down his chest, occasionally tugging at a few curls on the back of his head, causing him to kiss me harder.

Pulling away, I look into his eyes, flooded with lust. Harry rolls his lip in between his teeth as he looks me up and down, already wishing for more. Harry Barnes actually wants me and this time, I’d be stupid to let it slip through my fingers.

Using every ounce in my body, I reach up to his ear on my tip toes as he holds me close.

“Stay with me tonight?” I whisper into his ear, noticing the goosebumps rise on the back of his neck.

He grabs the back of my neck, pulling my ear towards his mouth. He breathes heavily as he readies himself to reply.

“I thought you’d never ask.”

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