If The World Was Ending

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Day Three 3:00am

Chapter 7:

Day Three 3:00 am

The words ‘taxi’ flashed around my vision alongside the bright street lights as the four of us stumbled into the back seats.

In the midst of our lustful excitement, Harry left the party alongside the rest of us, either forgetting or not caring that his house was still flooded with people partying. Hopefully, the house will still be in once piece tomorrow morning but in all honesty, it’s not the end of the world if it is.

Harry by my side, caressing my cheek and playing with my hair. Warner sat opposite, the blonde girl from earlier excitedly running her fingers up and down his chest. His eyes fixated on Harry as he smirks and whispers in my ear, a hint of disappointment playing in his eyes.

“Did you have a good night?” I ask Warner, fed up with his staring.

“I did, it seems that you did too.” He replies suggestively, eyeing up Harry who had retired his attention to the passing cars on the highway.

“Those pills may just be the best thing I’ve ever taken. Getting drunk is nothing compared to getting high.” Harry declares, his pupils even more dilated than before.

“What did I say?” Warner replies, smug as always at the fact that he’s proven both of us right.

“You always know how to party.” The blonde girl gushes, lightly tapping Warner’s nose in an attempt to be cute as she uses a baby voice.

“Warner, aren’t you going to introduce us to your guest?” I raise an eyebrow.

“Mila, Harry, this is Summer.” Warner gestures between the three of us.

Summer turns to look at us, her eyes crinkling as she smiles widely before giggling, her head falling back into Warner’s chest. She seems as drugged up as the rest of us. Her once luxurious sandy-colored hair is now matted and her fluffy eyelashes are half hanging off of her face, not to mention the smeared makeup from having her tongue down Warner’s throat all night.

“I think I’ve seen you lingering around Warner’s apartment before.” I say.

She’d looked familiar from the minute Warner hooked up with her inside the party. I’ve seen her a number of times and I’ve definitely heard her many times, in more ways than I wanted to. The one which stands out the most is when I found her sitting outside his door, sobbing hysterically as she called his name, begging him to let her in. There’s history between them but it’s never been my place to ask.

“Yeah, you probably have. Warner and I have known each other since we started college, haven’t we bunny?” She says, looking up at him gleefully.

I cringe at her nickname for him and I can tell by the expression on Warner’s face that he hates the nickname just as much as I do, and I’ve only had to deal with hearing it once.

As the taxi pulls up outside the apartment block, Warner leans forward, paying the driver before joining the rest of us as we walk inside. No one says a thing as we reach our floor and with a quick goodbye and wave, the two pairs separate.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been in here.” Harry says, admiring the living room.

Since our moment when we were dancing, my confidence has worn off a bit and I desperately need it back if I’m going to go through with this. I can tell I’m still high from the simple fact that the furniture around me is moving and my heartbeat is loudly ringing in my ears.

Looking up at Harry, his mesmerizing eyes beckon me closer and that’s all it takes for my body to long for his touch again, awaiting the sensation and awakening that it brings with it.

He steps towards me, using both of his hands to scrap all of my hair away from my face to behind my head. He cradles me in his arms, studying my face for a moment. His tongue grazes his bottom lips, making them pulsate in my vision.

“God Mila, you look so beautiful.” He says, his eyes becoming hazy as they lock with mine, blocking out everything around us.

“You don’t know how long I’ve been wishing for a moment like this.” I reply, popping my bottom lip out from between my teeth, something which catches Harry’s attention.

“I wish we had more time but we’ll just have to make the most of the time we have.” He replies, not allowing me to say anything else as he closes the gap between us.

His kisses start off soft, grazing my lips as if they’re trying to understand my own. It’s as if time stands still in a world that is speeding towards its end as Harry continues to call my lips towards him, making each kiss more inviting than the last.

He runs his fingers through my hair as we walk towards the couch, his hands make their way to my lower back, making sure that my body is firmly pressed against his at all times. Soft moans escape his lips as his once cautious kisses fall heavy and impatient.

Harry falls back onto the couch, pulling me on top of him, making sure my legs are securely wrapped around his body. I take my hands and run them through his ruffled curls, leaning my weight against his chest.

My body moves with the rise and fall of his chest as his breathing grows ragged. His brain telling him not to move too fast yet his heart tells him to take all he can get, grab it with both hands, and enjoy it with every bone in his body.

Harry’s hands move from my back down to my ass causing me to stretch my back, grinding against his lap. Taking this as his opportunity to take things further, he pulls away from my lips, seizing my exposed neck.

Wet kisses sent shivers down my spine as I threw my head back in pleasure. Every so often he’d suck against the spots he’d kissed, momentarily choking me as he held me tightly, sending a bigger thrill through my body.

Just like before, each touch felt like a burst of sensations ripping through me at an almighty speed. The slightest touch caused an unmeasurable amount of pleasure which meant that the more he dared to explore, the more I couldn’t contain myself.

“Harry.” I moaned into his ear, grinding against him as he sucked sharply.

Harry looks back up at me, his eyes full of excitement and mischief. Unlike our first kiss, he captures my lips, unwilling to let them go. His tongue no longer seeks permission and instead intends on owning my mouth, his hands not far behind owning my body as it traces every inch of bare skin.

The skin of my cheeks begins to radiate with heat as the warmth grew between my legs. I’ve never gone this far with a guy and knowing that I was about to have sex with Harry made the aching sensation flutter with excitement.

His hands begin to roll the hem of my dress up, lifting it above my thighs, exposing my lacey thong. Harry’s eyes snap away from mine, momentarily admiring his new findings. He pushes me further up his legs before running his fingers up the inside of my thighs.

I throw my head back in pleasure, moans replace the small breathless whimpers that he’s been used to and he licks the corner of his lip, enjoying watching me.

With one swift movement, his finger lingers at the top of my thigh, stroking me through my underwear. His smirk grows as he feels the dampness of the lace, boosting his ego further. Little by little, he continues to move his fingers, making me think that he’ll give me what I’m after yet each time I’m met with disappointment as he doesn’t remove the fabric which blocks me from my euphoria.

“Please.” I beg, pushing myself against him.

Much to my annoyance, Harry picks me up, placing me on my feet. Just as I begin to frown, he takes my hand, leading me towards my bedroom. His hands fall back to the bottom of my dress as we reach the edge of my bed but this time he lifts it above my arms, dropping it next to him.

Automatically I go to cover myself, not used to being in a situation like this but Harry grabs my hands, bringing them to his shirt and inviting me to unbutton it. As I do so, he sits on the bed in front of me, his hands tracing every inch of my skin.

As he runs his hands up my back, he unclasps my bra before immediately taking my breast in his hand.

“Wow.” He gasps as he admires my almost naked body.

Harry removes his shirt, exposing his toned body, not an imperfection in sight. He looks back up at me, finally coming down from the excitement of the living room and now he touches me as if he’s scared of breaking me.

My fingers play with his hair as I smile back at him. He takes the breast in his hand, moving it towards his mouth as he gently sucks on my nipple, causing me to gasps in delight at this new feeling.

As his tongue runs over my nipple, goosebumps appear on my skin alongside wetness soaking my underwear. I reach forward, unbuckling his belt, inviting him to remove all his clothes.

In one prompt movement, Harry swaps places with me, lying me on the bed where moments ago, he sat. He waits no longer to remove his pants and then proceeds to remove my thong, finally seeing my body in all its glory.

“Oh, Mila.” His voice falls quiet yet his rasp hitches my nerves.

He pulls the condom from his pocket before taking his length in his hand. It drips with its own prior excitement, something that appeases both of us.

“You ready?” He asks as he leans over my body, awaiting my consent.

“Yeah.” I whisper, kissing along his jawline as he focuses.

As he enters me a pain soars through my body before being quickly replaced with a pleasure beyond belief. My moans become screams as he begins to thrust inside of me, occasionally quickening his pace.

“Fuck me Mila, you’re so tight.” Harry grunts, kissing my neck.

Unable to answer him with words, I moan his name loudly, silently praying Warner can’t hear from across the hall.

Just as my legs begin to tremble with the pleasure of becoming unbearable, Harry lets out a loud moan, releasing himself inside of me. A moment that I’ve dreamed of for years is over within a matter of minutes and I’m not exactly sure how to feel.

“Did you come?” He asks breathlessly as he rolls off of me.

“No.” I say with an awkward giggle.

It’s not that I expected to finish on my first time but it does all feel like a bit of an anti-climax. Maybe my 22 years of watching soppy rom coms have given me unrealistic expectations

“It’s okay though.” I reassure him, kissing him on the cheek gently.

As we begin to come down from both the drugs, sex, and alcohol, my mind wonders over the past 12 hours. It’s not that having sex with Harry was bad, it was thrilling and made my inner 20-year-old scream but it definitely wasn’t what I expected.

At least I won’t die as a virgin, but maybe it would’ve been better than dying turned on and disappointed.

Maybe we could do it again?

Surely this can’t be the first and only sex I have before I die?

But deep down I think I already know it’s going to be the case.


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