The Resistance

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A tale of four friends, tore away from a normal life by the Lephians, a brutal military bent on totalitarian rule. Follow their story as they encounter dangerous people and places, sacrificing everything for both the happiness of others and the hope that they can have an ordinary life. Join their journey as they tackle the toughest of foes, both mental and physical ones. Remember: Those who have something to love also have something to protect. Let the Resistance live on!

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"Man, I knew you Lephian soldiers were supposed to be disgusting but this...This is something else."

A member of the Resistance, a tall woman with black hair, stood above a brown haired, toned man, who had been raiding the pockets of the girl he had just killed.

He gasped, and swiped the air with his knife, missing the woman by inches, and hitting a wall of the alleyway they were both in.

"Who the fuck are you?" He demanded.

She shrugged. "Isn't it obvious? I'm a Resistor."

He stared at her face for a few seconds, trying to decide whether she was kidding or not. When he realized she wasn't, however, he began hysterically laughing.

"You mean that rag tag team of losers? I thought you people died out years ago! Guess I was wrong."

He stood up and grinned, looking her up and down. "Little girl, I hate to break it to you, but you're gonna die here. Along with The Resisting, or whatever you people call it."

"It's the Resistance, sir," She said coldly, "And I'd like to see you try."

He had a rifle on his back, yet he chose his knife for the attempted murder. He charged at her, knife in one hand and the free hand reaching for her neck. What he instead caught was air as she grabbed his wrist, and swept her leg under him, making him fall.

He made an angry growl and jumped at her, already plunging the knife through the air. She simply dodged this time, swiping to the left at remarkable reaction speed, and letting him fall before pinning him down, one hand on his back and the other holding his two hands, knife now on the cold pavement.

"Surrender now, and I'll let you live."

He began laughing maniacally, before a blue substance oozed out of his back, and formed four tentacles, one grabbing each of her limbs. The same blue substance, neither gas and liquid, was flooding around him, making it hard to breathe.

"You know, I'm impressed," He said as the tentacles pinned her against a brick wall from a nearby building, "Not many people make me bring out my Ronso, let alone my Oni. But you, girl...You're a fighter. You're impressive. Not good enough to live much longer, but still, impressive."

"Any last words?" He asked.

"Check my dog tags."

He looked surprised, then the grasp of the tentacles got tighter. "I don't take orders from you. I'm simply curious now."

He grabbed them from her neck, then read the first few lines before backing off, the tentacles retreating to him, entering his body once more, the blue substance around them also doing the same.

"Look, I...I'm letting you go!"

"Why's that?" She asked with a cold stare, as she slowly stepped towards him.

He stepped back, until hitting the back of the alley. "W- well, I know what your mom did to those three Resistors! I don't wanna mess with her!"

She grabbed his throat.

"Wrong answer."

He fought, but not for long. The same substance that came out of his body came out of hers, except it was black instead of blue. "You hurt my friends. Killed innocents. You're lucky I'm letting you live, Lephian scum." As he was losing consciousness, sinking to the ground, she let go of his throat and said, as a final message, "Tell your friends to pay respect to those lost, and follow your own damn religion for a change. And remember: You shouldn't fear my mother. You should fear me."

He kicked him across his face, knocking him out.

She took a small chip, and put it in his back pocket before leaving quietly.

She looked around her, the city of Ogensekai covered in smoke and dust. She could very vaguely hear tanks from a few hundred yards away. She touched her earpiece and said, "M-02 coming in. Just found a Lephian, I knocked him out before putting a tracking chip on him."

"Radio I-07 here. That's 40 tracking chips on unaware Lephian soldiers. S-32 has gotten 5 in, E-22 has gotten 3 tracking chips on soldiers, and L-16 has gotten 15. And you have put in 17. Good job, Emily, return to base."


"Sorry, I meant, good job, M-02, good job. Return to base."

"Sometimes I think I'm engaged to an idiot," She thought.

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