White Swan, Queen of Rogues

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White Swan, Queen of Rogues, is the first of a twenty-seven penny-novel series written by Lady Dorothea Magenta Schwabe under the pen name, Sir Robert Z. Lord Huntington failed the young Lady Dorothea in Cambridge when she rebuffed his solicitations. He threatened to ruin her father if she told anyone as he did with many other young female students. The Bloody Lord Huntington had powerful friends, including Prince Pyronious and Field Marshall Storm. At that time, her best friend was a young lady from the new lands. She had to tell someone and made her best friend at Cambridge; young Lady Virginia Mary Margeret Stoddard promises not to tell anyone. True to her word, she did not, but she had not promised not to do anything about it. To prevent the Bloody Lord Huntington from taking revenge, Dorothea obscured her and Virginia’s name. To attract and warn as many young women of Lord Huntington and similarly inclined nobles, Dorothea wrote the book in a sort of prose and as a love story. The first book of the series, loosely based on young Virginia’s and Humphrey’s adventure in the last year of their studies in Cambridge, tells of how they bested the Bloody Lord and, in this way, prevented the Great War starting decades earlier. The subsequent books were of her adventures, indicted by Virginia’s and Humphrey’s success.

Adventure / Fantasy
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Second Prequel to the Wolf God

Just married, Virginia and Humphrey are siblings from another life come together to save the world from the Great War. The Gods are playing their games and both a caught in the middle. It all starts with a public humiliation of a close English study friend of Virginia's.

The Bloody Lord Huntington, an influential Lord that abuses female students and is untouchable. He has ruined many a young girl and destroyed many family's. He is also an agitator wanting Great Brittan to Join with the Keiser to destroy the hated French.

and her subsequent attempt to commit suicide as other female students had because of the Bloody Lord, that they take action.

This incident made Virginia World Famous as the White Swan with the largest bounty on her head of anyone for that century, more than on Billy the Kid equalling only Jessy James’s reward. The friend she saved subsequently wrote a prose-like penny novel, titled White Swan, Queen of Rogues, a love story at first but then loosely accounting for the Bloody Lord Huntington’s demise.

The factual adventure as accounted to John and Lois in Zarathustra one evening after the Vulture Eternals Attack is preseeded with the Alliteration by Virginia’s and Humphrey’s friend Lady Agness Magenta Schwabe.

This is that story, of the White Swan, Queen of Rogues, and the Bloody Lord Affair. It is under the pen name, Sir Robert Z, because at that time, there were no women authors.

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