The Other Side

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This is a story about how the world comes to an end. Rachel a 14 year old girl finds a cat and swears on her life to protect this cat. People are trying to get to this one safe spot in South Africa her goal is to get there with her friend Lennon and the cat there safely

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Chapter 1

She was looking out her window as usual she then sighed and walked to the other side of her room and picked up her phone and dialed Lennon’s phone “Hey Lennon..uh...can you come over?” She stutters “Yeah sure what time?” Lennon said exitedly “how about....” she thought “ thirty minutes?” “Yup! That’s good “ Lennon said hanging up the phone. Rachel sighed and ran downstairs “Hey mom..oh..wait...she’s not here anymore..” Rachel felt like the dumbest person in the world. After Rachel’s mother died from a stroke she had felt like the dumbest person in the world. her thoughts were enterupted by knocking at the door she ran over and opened it “hey Lennon.” Lennon waved and they both ran upstairs together and laughed and talked for the rest of the day.

The next day

Rachel sat up and shook Lennon awake “what happened....?” “Look outside...” Rachel’s voice would shiver

Lennon raced to the window and ripped open the curtains his face turned from happy to complete sadness he saw that the world had gone to a complete waste land like the devil had cursed his vision Lennon turned to Rachel and ran to her “slap me” “WHY?! “ Rachel exclaimed “I want to wake up.” “Lennon look, we have to make sure your parents are okay.” Rachel said staring him right in the eyes. “What about your dad...?” Rachel looked to the side “I don’t think he made it..” Lennon’s heart was racing he had no idea what was happening. “But!” Rachel enterupted “ I heard that there is a ‘safe place’ in Africa “ Lennon looked at her “where in Africa.” “ I don’t know, but we should try and get there!” Lennon stared at Rachel “Rachel... we are only 14..-“ they heard banging on the door downstairs. They both looked shocked “NOW!” Rachel grabbed Lennon’s hand and grabbed all the things they think they’d need and climbed out to the roof

To Be Continued

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