My Mysterious Neighbor

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"Why you always running away from me kitty? I never hurts little kitty just like to play with them" he told me and keep stock toward me lil by lil. His looks telling me that I'm his prey , today he's not buffing tonight he comes to hunt and i fall for his just the way he wanted.

Adventure / Romance
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My breath getting short every second. Body covered in sweat. Nobody chasing me nor I'm in danger. It's my normal routine. Running, i like to run its more like habit than hobby. I feel close to my father this way. He love running, our time father daughter bond. He was my hero. Yeah WAS. He died 2 years ago , left me alone with my granny. She is adorable. Stop in my track when I saw my house. Panting like a dog bend down both hands on my knees trying to calm my heart. Looking up my right there standing right beside my house haunted house. I like to call it haunted b'couse never saw a single soul there. After the run everyday i stop front of the house observed details. It's a Victorian style house, i fall in love on first look. But today why I am having a feeling that someone watching me. I was standing there good 5mins but can't brush off the feeling being watched. Something different about tonight.

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