My Mysterious Neighbor

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Chapter-1 (part-2)

P.S- My first language is not English so please ignore grammatical errors and feel free to point out it.

I was 10 when my mom left dad, i really don't know what happened between them and how many times i try to ask dad he never give me answer. After that we moved from New York to New Jersey. I always love granny's house. Green everywhere and after the rain the smell is amazing. It's been almost 8 years but I think I never got bored with my neighborhood. My school not far from home and always take a walk it's meditate my mind all the time. My dad Robert Smith was an ideal father, always take family first. Never in my life thought i had to lose him so early. I remember correctly that day, me and granny having dinner and chatting happily about my school day. Suddenly a phone call change everything. I wasn't this moody before, i was a normal teenage girl living normal routine. After my dad passed away i shut off my all comfort wall. Now only thing matter is granny. She is 62 years old but behave like a teenager. All time smile on her face and that the only reason keep me sane.
My name is Ophilia Smith, almost 18 5'4" black hair, eyes dark brown. And I'm going to share my life experiences with you all.
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