The broken seas

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Open sea


When the fuse reached the barrel, a colossal tidal wave pushed the boat out of the spiral to safety. Jackson jumped into Tristan's arms. As they spun around, Jackson rejoiced, " I did it! I did it!". The pair continued laughing, until, Homer stopped in front of them. "You could have killed us! What would you have done if we didn't survive!". Tristan's eyes twitched, he puffed out his chest, " then we'd be dead".

"My point exactly! He keeps putting our lives in danger! Why isn't Jerald out here!". Tristan towered over Homer. In a calm voice, he twitched, " it's thanks to him, we're alive. Last time I checked, you were hiding below deck hoarding the beer". With tired eyes and a smile, Jackson grabbed Tristan's shoulder. "It's okay". He let out a breath, " let's take a vote. Anyone who thinks I should step down, say aye". Tristan pulled Jackson to the side, "you can't be serious. Jackson, the only reason we're alive is because of you. Don't let Homer get to you".


Jackson laughed, " I'm not doing this because of Homer. Im not blind, I know they hate me". Jackson silently walked away from the conversation to the captain's quarters. Somehow, Jerald had managed to sleep through it all while clutching a bottle of rum. Right as he fell into his seat, Jason, Delilah, and the rest of the crew burst through the door. In unison they bang the palms of their hands against the desk and, they screamed, " you can't quit!".

He offers a smile to Delilah, then turns his attention to Jason. "Hey brother, have you gotten taller?". Jason's eyes light up, " are you serious? Did I actually get taller!". Jason looks into Elizabeth's eyes, after having a silent conversation, she lets out a small sigh. They stand back to back, then Elizabeth feels the tops of their heads. "I think I'm still taller than you Jason. Creed, can you check who's taller?". He steps back, " why do I have to do it?". Delilah scoffs, "obviously because you're way taller than us. How tall are you anyways, like 5' 9''?". He whispers in defeat, "... Im 5' 8''...". Creed walks around the two, carefully observing their differences. " I'd say both of you are around 5' 3'', but I'm not completely sure". While Jason slumps his shoulders, Elizabeth runs them back up.


"Wait a minute!". Delilah slams her hands against the desk again, " we were supposed to be talking about Jackson being the captain!". Jackson stands from his seat, laughs playfully, "I'm sorry love, but ever since Jason started watching over the kids, I haven't had time to talk to my little bro". He tightly wraps his arms around Jason, shuts his eyes, and forces a smile. While Jason goes blue, Delilah sighs, " Jackson, you led us through the fog. You're the reason we're here now. I dont know why you let them believe Jerald has been guiding us".

Sam joins in, " I agree, Jerald may be like a father to us, Jackson, but all he's been doing is getting drunk and sleeping". Creed finishes, " look, I might not trust you completely, but I know you're the only one who can lead the ship". They all just stare at Jackson, while his eyes twitched. He kept a smile, but his tone was filled with frustration. "I'll be in the crow's nest".


Before he could cross the door, Delilah grabbed his arm. " wait, please, talk to me". Jackson's eyes became glossy, "I'm fine. Really". After giving Delilah a quick peck on her cheek, he walked out of the room. Delilah buried her face into her palms. While she silently sobbed, Jason whispered, " I'll talk to him". Even though her face was hidden, Delilah nodded her head. While Jason followed his brother, Sam whispered into her ear, "he's gone, you dont have to pretend to cry anymore".

After a brief silence, Delilah laughed, " when did you figure it out?". Everyone looked amongst another, Creed sighed, " we've always known". A sweat brewed on Delilah's forehead, while she laughed awkwardly. Elizabeth gave Delilah a little pout, " you dont have to pretend to cry, Jason would do anything for his brother". Delilah took a breath. "I raised him, Elizabeth. I know him. He won't do anything, unless, he feels like he has to". Elizabeth snapped, " right, you're the expert on those two". While Elizabeth and Delilah continued their argument, Sam inched her way behind Tristan and Creed... He watched the mayhem unfold.


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