The broken seas

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The mad sailor


Delilah quivers above Jackson. With a frightened look in her eye, she stares at Jerald. His laughter fills the air, through the growing wind, he screams, "you better hurry, girl, you don't have much time left". Without skipping a beat, Delilah disappears into the fog with Jackson. Jerald laughs to himself, " I'll finally be able to see you again...". His words are swallowed by the wind, but he holds his ground. With all his might, he grips the helm. Thirty seconds remain, all he can do is wonder if Jackson is safe. The entire ship shakes and comes to a complete stop. All he can do now is count down the seconds until the monster takes him. Ten... five... one, it's done.

Meanwhile, Delilah barely manages to drag Jackson below deck. Jason offered a hand to Delilah and when she saw it, she gave Jackson's hand. While huffing, she managed to let out, "thanks, I never realized how heavy he is". Without much effort, Jason dragged Jackson to the group of people. He laughed, " right, heavy". Just as they met with everyone else, Tristan gave the last tug needed to drop the anchor. While it met a complete stop, the ship tossed everyone to the ground.


Everyone crawled to each other. While they waited for death, the mothers hugged their children. Joshua crawled to Delilah and Jason's side. The moment he could, he wrapped his arms around the two. While tears streamed down his face, he cried, " I'm sorry for stealing the food. I was so hungry. She told me it would be okay, it was fine because I was starving I'm-". Before he could finish his sentence, Delilah cradled his head. With a soothing voice, she whispered, "It's okay, you don't have to say anything else". The hurricane was moments away, all they could do was wait, so the crew made its way to each other.

While they hug for the seemingly last time, the hurricane stands directly above the mad sailor. It steals the air from his lungs. It tries to drag him into the air, but his grip on the helm buys him time. For a few minutes, he dangles in the air. Finally, his lungs collapse. Following the extreme pain, his vision turns red and his grip falls. He disappears in the midst of the hurricane. However, his death was not in vain. By some stroke of fate, his body was propelled directly into the orb sitting in the center of the hurricane. With a drizzle of sparks and blood, the hurricane ceased and the orbs sank into the ocean.


When the hurricane dissipated, the debris it had swallowed fell to the ocean. Some crashed into the boat, but the rest littered the water. Suddenly, while everyone celebrates life, Jackson throws his head in the air. " Jerald! Where's Jerald?". He throws his head in every direction, but no one can meet his eyes. Tears swelled in his eyes. Quietly, he asked, "...who did it?". When no one answered, he raised his voice, " Who did it! I was supposed to stay up there!". Delilah hid her eyes.

After looking at Delilah's guilt, Jason raised his hand. "Jackson... It was me". The brothers locked eyes. Jackson exhaled his anger and whispered, " you're dead to me". Jason's eyes widen but his voice shrinks, "b-b-but, I'm your brother". Jackson doesn't say a word. He doesn't bother putting on his smile or any other facade. He just gets up from the floor and climbs above deck.


All the prior hazards are gone, except the rocks. The fog, endless rain, thrashing winds, all of it. Jackson searched the littered water for Jerald's body, but there was nothing. His mentor's body was gone. Delilah crept up behind Jackson. " hey, are you okay?". Despite her kindness, Jackson refused to speak. He simply watched the waters.

Instead of leaving him, she settled by his side. He still refused to speak, but she didn't mind. Meanwhile, Jason hid his tears in Elizabeth's arms. He wrapped his arms around her, his shoulders slumped, and his eyes filled with concern. He whispered in her ear, "I'm sorry", then shut his eyes. Tristan, Joshua, and Sam sat awkwardly, while Creed had his usual smirk. Everyone else rejoiced at their second chance at life.


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