The broken seas

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While Jason grieved, Joshua tugged at his shirt. "Why did you lie?". Jason fell out of Elizabeth's arms. With a soft smile, he answered, " if I didn't, he would never have forgiven her". Joshua's eyes were filled with childish innocents, " I don't understand". Jason gave the kid a small laugh, then ruffled his hair, " somethings just don't make sense. When Jason recovered his smile, everyone felt comfortable expressing their excitement for their new chance at life.

Meanwhile back above deck, Jackson silently stared at the distance. His eyes began to twitch. His grip strengthened. In a fit of rage, he kicked the railing of the ship. Delilah fell back, which seemed to snap him out of his rage. He inhaled a large cluster of air and let it out. He exhaled, "I'm sorry". He offered his hand and she gladly took it. Maybe it was the feeling of her hand in his, but for some reason, tears began to stream down his face.


" Delilah, he's dead. They're all dead". An unconsolable sob filled the air. Jackson fell to his knees. When he finally took a breath, he wasted it. "They're all dead". All he could do is repeat that phrase. Delilah wrapped her arms around him, and Jackson let out all the pain that had been building up. They stayed in each other's arms, until, Jackson whispered, " It's all Jason's fault, I should have been the one to d-". Before he could finish, Delilah slapped him.

Her face burned in anger. "Never say that again! It's not Jason's fault! What even was your plan?". Stunned, he muttered, " I-I didn't have one...". Delilah studied his face. " Jackson, I grew up with you. I know when you're lying". Finally, it dawns on her. "You were going to sacrifice yourself...". Jackson remained silent. She continued, " you knew someone was going to die... How?". Jackson sighed, "I didn't know... I just... I had a feeling. If I sacrificed myself, you'd all be fine". Delilah stood up, " you risked our lives for a feeling. Jackson, you're so lucky this worked! What would you have done if we had died!". Without remorse, Jackson answered, "then we'd be dead". Her eyes fell, " what! Everyone worked hard to survive! How can you risk our lives for a feeling?". While she had a panic attack, Jackson explained, " Delilah, they never did anything, none of them wanted to live. They were only alive because they were too afraid to die". Delilah stared at him but didn't say a word. Jackson grabbed Delilah's hand, "Say something, please". Without skipping a beat, she threw her hand away. " I was the one who dragged you away from the helm". They locked eyes.


Before they could finish their conversation, a group of people crawled above deck. On the opposite side of the ship, a child's voice screamed, "it's an island!". Jason was the first atop, he offered his brother a fragile smile, but Jackson refused to meet his brother's eye. Instead, Delilah hugged Jason. She didn't say a word, but she didn't have to. Elizabeth and the rest climbed up to see Delilah hiding her pain in Jason's arms. Elizabeth tried to hide her jealousy, but subtlety was never her strong suit. Jason awkwardly accepted the hug, but his eyes were glued to his brother. Instead of showing his usual excitement, Creed barked, " so where's the island?". Jackson pointed his thumb as the island came into full view.

Excitement filled the air. They were well beyond any known maps, that island was their chance at a new home. How could they not hopefully wonder what lied in store for them? They've survived endless storms, jagged currents, everything life had in store for them, and they finally reached the end. A new life. They survived the waters, how could a deserted island be any different? While everyone watched their new home, a shadow loomed behind them. Seemingly out of nowhere, a tsunami the size of a skyscraper demolished the ship.


Below the waves, Sam covered her face with the palm of her hand. She curled up in a ball, but she didn't have much time. She felt the air trapped in her lungs burn desperately claw her lungs. A seemingly endless supply of rocks, debris, and humans scraped, hit, and pulled at her.

Finally, a rock hit her side. As she screamed out in pain, seawater flooded her tastebuds. She felt the water tugging her in every direction. Before her consciousness faded and the water drowned her, she rolled back into a ball while clutching her face closed. She tried to fight it, but she felt her consciousness fade.


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