The broken seas

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The story is about Jackson. He's doing everything he can to save people who don't want his help. Oh, and they're stuck on a boat.

Adventure / Thriller
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Stormy Seas


Out in the roaring tides, a single Adonis-class schooner bashes into an endless sea of waves. The tears streaming from above match the crew's anguish. The sun is blocked by a sea of gray, replacing the clouds. Any warmth that could've been felt was swept away by the seemingly infinite current of snow. In the center of the hull, a group of refugees huddles for warmth. The absent few are the poor souls tasked with managing the ropes. They are Jackson, Jason, Creed, and Tristan. Tristan and the rest manage the ropes while Jackson steers the ship away from as much trouble as he can.

As the sea howls at their impending dangers, Jackson screams at the top of his lungs, "we need to head starboard!". It's no use when compared to the sound of the sea, his screams are relegated to mere whispers. Somehow, through the harsh winds, overbearing snow, and infinite darkness of night, Jason sees Jackson's sign and relays the message to Creed. Tristan and Creed drag the mast starboard. A faint sound of a wheel turning can be heard while the ship avoids the upcoming ice. This happens several times until finally, the small boat navigates itself back to calm waters.


While the sun baked the crew, Jason sits ideally under the shade provided by the captain's shadow. He was still far too young to be of any real help. Even though he was at the age of Fifteen, he was no taller than a child. The brown waves of his hair matched the seas, his ocean green eyes followed his older brother while he navigates the ship.

Under his breath, he mumbles, " I wish I could be more like you, Jackson". His older brother stands upright while holding the wheel of the ship, his smile broadens at the sight of blue skies and white clouds, you could say his eyes matched the heavens, but he would scoff at the claim. He inhaled a fresh ocean breeze and laughed at the perils they just faced. He interrupts his own laughter, and with a gentle smile he reiterated, " I'm sorry, did you say something, Jason?". Jackson's smile was always the softest when looking at his brother. He was one of the only ones who could hear his soft-spoken younger brother. Even if their age gap was a mere four years, Jackson always took care of the child.


With their safety now assured, the rest of the passengers climbs up from the hull of the ship. Despite the fact that the ship was small, a large herd of people resided on the ship. They were all beggars who had no home but this ship. It was a surprise when the Rugben regime provided the tattered ships to the scattered orphans, cripples, and in general, broken humans. Perhaps they should have expected that it was merely a ruse to push the broken off to sea, so they could die quietly.

Despite the regime's plan, they had survived through the efforts of the crew. The captain and leader of the group, Jackson, was a frequent sailor. This mainly meant sweeping the poopdeck and all other sections of the ship, but thanks to the kindness of his previous crew, he learned how to manage the ropes. Without Jackson's leadership, they would have all surely died.


Amidst the crowd, a beautiful girl with silk-like amber hair, a clean face, a flowery fragrant, and all-around soft features climbed out with all the others. She rushed her way over to the pair of brothers. At the sight of her, Jason instantly ran from the girl's advance. However, it was too late. She loomed over him and bellowed, " what have I told you about going out during a storm!". Despite her harsh tone, her voice was filled with concern.

She turned her attention over to Jackson, "seriously, a gust of wind can knock him over. You can't let him do as he pleases just because he's your brother!". Jackson steps away from the wheel and falls onto a nearby box, as he lets out a sigh of relief, he smiles. " you have a beautiful smile, Delilah". His complement burns the girl's face while she stammers for a response. Finally settling on, "you can't just shut me up with compliments!".


A gruff voice accompanied by a cluster of laughter says, "not even you believe that". Creed, Tristan, and two girls enter the conversation. Somehow, Delilah turns an even brighter shade of red while the laughter grows louder. The two girls position themselves by Delilah while the boys sit beside Jackson.

Finally unable to withstand the embarrassment, she turns her attention back to Jason. Her tone softens, " I mean it, I don't want you to die out here" when she looks at Jason her expression softens. That topped by her natural gentle nature, made her look undeniably beautiful. Despite his obvious desire to persist, he can't seem to spit out the words. Instead, he's a mess of embarrassment. Creed, with his usual mischievous smile, laughs, "let him work, we need the help. Tristan and I have to handle an entire mast ourselves, and that lazy lot aren't of any help". He jabs his finger in the direction of beggars, but they don't seem to care. Their faces are all coated with listlessness.


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