The broken seas

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She pulled the crew, even the barely conscious Tristan, into the pantry to discuss their next course of action. As Delilah locked the door behind her, her face turned beet red. She froze in front of the door, she was too afraid to face the crew. From the tears brewing in her eyes, it was clear she expected them to react harshly. To her surprise, when she finally faced the crew, their faces showed only kindness. Jackson stepped up to Delilah and rested his palm on her shoulder. "It's okay, we understand". She sobbed, " you guys!" while running into a group hug.

Once the emotions settled down, Delilah kneeled down to meet the boy's eyes. With the same soft smile she sowed Jason, she looked at him. "What's your name, sweetie?". Instead of responding, he hid behind Jason's leg. She kept her gaze until the kid finally whispered, " Joshua...". The boy was no older than the age of ten, but he had already lost so much. He gripped Jason's leg like if he let it go he would lose his last tether. With a gentle smile, Delilah exclaimed, "I'm going to adopt you, Joshua".


Joshua kept a frightened expression while he looked up to Jason. After Jason nodded his head, Joshua stepped up to Delilah. After a moment of hesitation, he accepted her hand, which she turned into a hug. However, the hug was short-lived. Delilah often smothered people with her hugs, so the poor boy never stood a chance.

After the emotional scene ended, Sam stepped up to ask the question, " what are we going to do about the supplies?". Everyone flinched after the question was asked. From the sweat forming on their foreheads, it was clear no one had wanted to think about the issue at hand. Despite this, Elizabeth started the discussion by proposing, " we could create a spear from scraps of the boat and catch anything we can".


An awkward silence stood amongst the crew waiting for acknowledgment. No one knew what to say, each one waited for someone else to say something. Because no one had any other ideas, Delilah broke the silence by answering, " that sounds like an amazing idea!". Creed brought out a sadistic smile, and with a heavily suggestive tone, he remarked: "of course you'd think that". Everyone burst out laughing because of his remark. Even the hidden Joshua erupted in laughter.

Delilah turned bright red while pouting, " what's so funny?". Unfortunately, her pouting only made the laughter louder. After enjoying the moment, the crew got to work, scavenging the tattered ship for pieces it couldn't afford to lose.


Jackson stole the handles from the helm, while Jason disassembled a mountain full of empty barrels. Tristan with the help of Creed gathered as much spare rope as they could. Sam and Delilah stole spare silverware. Finally, Elizabeth slept soundly in the comfort of her room, the captain's quarters.

When they finally gathered all the necessary pieces, they dragged them into the captain's quarters. Whenever they passed one of the passengers, they would stare at the loud mess of sounds as it shuffled ungracefully past them. With a rather loud thud, they dropped the supplies in front of Elizabeth. Which effectively woke her from her sleep by having her fall from a makeshift bed made from things around the kitchen.


She turned her head violently in every direction. In her half-sleep state, she mumbled, "what happened? Who died!". They watched her face as she rambled on about the deaths of some people and heavy wounds for almost everyone else. Fortunately, they were able to suppress their laughter until she finished her episode.

When she finally woke from her half-dazed state, Jason held out a hand for her. She smiled while he lifted her from the floor. Jackson explained, " we have all the materials, we were hoping you could make the spears...". Although his words were kind, his tone was harsh, that and his harsh glare made it seem like he was implying "you better make the spears or else". It's been a hectic day, but no one expected the playful Jackson to show that side of him, even Jason was surprised.


Delilah pushed everyone out of the room and began lecturing Jackson. Her tone was harsh but somehow soft, " you can't just take your feelings out on people! Jackson, I'm serious!". He ignored her words and instead watched her eyes. His gaze broke her anger. After her face overheated with a smile, she mumbled "What? Do I have something on my face"? He didn't say a word, but suddenly, he stepped in front of her face, pushed her hair behind her ear, and whispered, " you have such a pretty smile. Before he could get closer, she began hitting him away.

"No, you can't just do this! There's no build-up, or-". Before she could finish her sentence, he slumped back into his seat. His eyes went limp but his smile stood tall. Delilah took a seat beside him and waited for him to talk, but he never did. He rested his head on her shoulder and they sat in silence.


As if on cue, Elizabeth and the rest walked in on the scene with the excuse of building the spears. Tristan and Creed hid sinister smiles while Sam and Elizabeth flashed a look at Delilah that said: " we're gonna talk about this later". Jason, on the other hand, held a smile, but it seemed... fragile.

The crew carried the supplies back to the deck and Elizabeth showed them how to make the spear. "First, you use the knives to sharpen the planks of wood into poles, attach the handles to the bottom, create a slot to insert the knives, and tie the rope to the handle of the spear. Easy!". They all offered her a reassuring smile, but she'd soon find out no one understood a word she had said.


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