The broken seas

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Again, they got ready to throw the spears at the captain's quarters, before they threw them, Jason checked inside the room to see if anyone was hidden inside. Once he gave them a thumbs-up, Jason dashed behind the crew and eagerly watched the spears fly.

Tristan's spiraled threw the air the fastest, it connected with the wall before the other spear had even taken flight. Elizabeth yawned at the spectacle and turned her attention over to Jason. She let out a deep sigh and complained, "I'm so bored, and I'm hungry!". Jason silently nodded at her ranting with a subtle smile. Once she finished, he muttered louder than he normally does, " I know right! I'm super hungry". Tristan had puffed out his chest, but once he noticed Elizabeth's lack of interest, he slumped his shoulders. Creed hid a sadistic smile while he watched the scene unfold.


Jackson's throw wasn't quite as impressive, but it got the job done. It pierced the wall adequately. Delilah clapped furiously at their throws. While Elizabeth and Jason further immersed themselves in their conversation, Tristan walked over to get the spears back from the wall. Creed gossiped into Sam's ears, but no one knew what they were talking about. The crew could only notice Sam's mischievous grin.

Jackson watched the horizon with a smile, but when he noticed a fish fly out of the water, a sudden thought dawned on him. With an awkward laugh, he asked, " Hey, so does anyone actually know how to fish?". A moment of silence hushed the previous chatter, and the moment continued until Tristan huffed back into the circle, " why is everyone so quiet?". Creed shook his head back into reality and answered, "we don't know how to fish". The crew watched as Tristan slowly burst out laughing. His laugh was infectious, once he started, no one could help but copy it. Amidst the laughter, he squawked, " Is that all?".


They laughed louder with each passing second. As Creed slipped out of his spot, the crew's laughter finally reached its climax. Once the laughter died down, Tristan gasped for air while he explained, "there's an old man in the group that knows how to fish, I'll take you to him!". Jason, Sam, and Delilah stood from their seats, but the others remained sitting. Elizabeth swallowed down a hint of shame while whispering, " you mean, we have to talk to the people that were just about to kill us?". Creed's brows buried together, "I'll wait here". Jackson kept a smile, but he refused to look them in the eyes.

They all shared a look, but instead of arguing, Tristan walked below deck, Jason, Delilah, and Sam followed after him. With each step-down, the floorboards creaked eerily, only a few rays of light shined into the dreary hull, besides that the room was filled with darkness. A round of coughing added to the gloom. Tristan kept a sincere smile while walking down the hull. Occasionally, he'd laugh and wave at one of the people sitting nihilistically against the hull of the ship. Finally, he stopped in front of an old man who's eyes were filled by the darkness. With a cheery smile, Tristan exclaimed: " Hi, George!".


The old man moved his head in the direction of Tristan's voice. A bright but wrinkly smile with a couple of teeth missing formed on his lips. With a shaky voice, George whimpered excitedly, "Tristan! You didn't visit me yesterday. I was worried". Tristan kneeled beside George to grab hold of his hand. " I'm sorry George, things were hectic yesterday". George squeezed Tristan's hand, " I heard, it sounded like you lot had an eventful day". The pair laughed while the other three watched awkwardly at the scene unfolding.

A tinge of regret is hidden behind his cheery voice. "George, we need your help. Can you teach us how to spearfish?". A weak laugh erupted from his toothy smile. " of course! You've helped me since we got here, why wouldn't I help you now?". The pair shared a laugh while Tristan helped him through the crowd of people. Once they entered the sun's rays, George held an arm over his eyes and squirmed in Tristan's hand. He whispered to himself, "it's so bright out here", and they rejoined the crew.


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