Awaken (the moonlight of Monaserus)

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Darrell after the death of his parents when he was just 8, was taken away from Monaserus for his safety by his uncle Jack . Jack teleported him to Los Angeles to live in an orphanage home, there Darrell was until he was brought back to Monaserus. Darrell has a destiny to fulfill which is to safe Monaserus from the claws of the villian Norma Elspeth who also is the killer of Darrell's parents. Darrell has to save Monaserus and also avenge his parents death. How far will Darrell go? And do you think he will be able to defeat Norma Elspeth? Alyssa on the search of her true identity falls in love with Darrell and their encounter awakens the secrets of the magical land of Monaserus. It's all about adventure, magic, love and passion. check it out and awaken your soul to the magical mole.:) _________________**________________ This story is still under editing so in case you bump into confusing words just bear with me but in case u find anything good enough to improve my story don't hesitate to let me know. I always try to make updates on this story so follow me so you won't miss a thing. Love you guys. 😘❣️

Adventure / Fantasy
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Episode 1


The night was cold, the sky was starry, the moon was out and full, Darrell was outside gazing at the moon like it was calling on to him.

"Are u still outside"

Asked a man. He had a white grey hair, an even wrinkled face with a full moustache on his upper lip, he is at his sixties his presently putting on a blue and red striped shirt and a pair of black jeans.

Gently approaching a young teenage boy who was just sitting close to the back door near the garden.

"Well I am just getting used to the moonlight of Monaserus"

Said Darrell. He had a smile on his face.

"Oh my boy"

Jack said and inhaled deeply.

"Well that's all I can see apart from the grasses"

Darrell said with a smirk, Darrell is a regular six feet tall teenage boy, though he is just nineteen but he was taller than his uncle Jack, he had an oval shaped face with a pointed nose, set of two blue eyes and a pink lips shaped like a heart and whenever he smiles his cheeks always reveals a well dotted dimple making him more cuter than his usual self. Presently he is putting on a yellow long sleeve top with a blue short.

Your regular heart charmer.

"You should try and adjust, I am sure soon you will forget"

Jack an old man said now close to the boy tapping his shoulder.

"You mean everything, even her?" Darrell asked in a low tune and looked at Jack with sorrowful eyes.

"Well soon you will have to forget about your past and that's the only way you can breach the future"

Jack said to Darrell he would do anything to make Darrell forget about his past.

A smile appears on Darrell's face as they both looked up at the sky.

The breeze of the night filled their body, the echos of some nocturnal animals are been heard from around the hidden shadows of the thick bushes.

"I think it's time we head to bed, it's really getting cold out here"

SaidJack to Darrell as he slightly massages him on his shoulder.

"Yes Uncle Jack off we go"

Darrell replied with a smirk.

Darrell has a huge sense of humour he always finds a way to make people around him laugh.

"Hahahaha" they both laughed.

They both walked to the door and it was shut behind them.

Up above the sky the stars shines brighter than before and then reveals a shape like an octagon.


"Alyssa! Alyssa!! Alyssa!!!"

Called a woman who just came out from a room close to a big book shelf. She was holding a white paper wrapped with a red ribbon.

Norma Elspeth is at her late thirties, but her skin still looked smooth and spot free, her smooth face is always decorated with wild makeup.

"Yes ma'am! yes ma'am!!"

Alyssa a young teenage girl of seventeen raced out panting rapidly, she is clad in a white long gown, her long black hair looked totally messed up and her long white gown looked old and unkept.

"Where were you?" Norma Elspeth asked argrily in a harsh low tune.

Norma Elspeth is one of the wealthy indigenes in Monaserus, she is always at the top in the fashion clan. Presently she is clad in a skin tight red robe which is slightly above her knees from the front view, but it's touching the ceramic tiled floor from the back view, exposing her fine figure, she also wore a golden bracelet on left her arm.

"I was in my room mom"

Alyssa replied avoiding Norma Elspeth's eyes.

Alyssa was a very beautiful young lady with a round face, a thin small pointed nose two set of brown eyes and a pink lips with a dot slightly above her jaw. She was five feet tall, her skin was dry and rough with a little amount of freckles on her face.

"Sweating like that, what were you doing?"

Norma Elspeth asked searching into Alyssa's brown hazel eyes.

"I was just sleeping before you called me mother" Alyssa replied with a yawn.

"I hope you are not lying to me" The woman asked with a sneer. Norma Elspeth has never liked Alyssa she always suspects her every move with the fear that she will find out something that could ruin her, cause she had a lot of dark secrets.

"No ma'am, I am not lying"

Alyssa replied with a nod and bowed down her head.

"Well then are you through with all your chores" Norma Elspeth asked.

"Yes mother, I am"

Alyssa replied still with her head bowed down.

"What about the baker, have you seen him?" Norma Elspeth asked.

"I went to look for him but he wasn't around" Alyssa replied.

"Ok then later you should go search for him and make sure you give him my message"

"Ok ma'am"

Alyssa said as she bows respectfully. Alyssa has always been a very calm, sweet and respectful young lady though Norma Elspeth has never treated her nicely she never reciprocated Norma Elspeth harsh treatment towards her.

"Very good then, go to bed and be ready for tomorrow" The woman which is Norma Elspeth said to Alyssa and then she heads to her library.

"Good night ma'am"

Alyssa replied. Then Alyssa moves away slowly to her room and shut the door behind her.





The first episode is always the trickiest but please you guys should bear with me. Please leave your comments on the comment section and please don't use nasty words as you will hurt my feelings, and lastly don't forget to vote. Love you guys...❣️ here…

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