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This Is a story of a demon and an student

Adventure / Action
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Once upon a time there was a small boy he was called JIM So one day he was playing with his friends his friends were TONY, MARK, TOM, and BEN they were best friends.

One day their teacher said: KIDS I HAVE A GOOD NEWS FOR YOU ALL children replied: Mam what is the good news Mam replied: Children you all are going to the fifth standard before that school is conducting a sports program. After a while, JIM got sad because he is a poor boy he thought we have to pay for it.

The teacher saw JIM and said it is free of cost JIM’s Classmate asked mam: Where are we going to Teacher replied: We are going to aspire not only sports you may have adventures so who is the good and discipline they would get a prize from me on that day so get ready for it and it is tomorrow… the bell rang class dismisses…

Jim ran to his parents and he said everything to them: parents were so happy: and they said some instructions to him: and he agreed next day: They were so excited to go they entered the bus and reached the destination after they reached JIM could not take eyes from it because it so beautiful park and it is so big Race Started: PT sir Asked JIM are you not in the race? Jim Said No sir:

After a while, he started walking with his friends after sometimes

.. and the demon cleverly asked them: Hi Kids are you new to this hidden Human city Children said: whoa what Hidden Human city I never heard about it said BEN After A while Ben said to Jim: Jim do You know the story which grandma said us about the old Hidden Human city I think that is this is the place of Ryuk Got Trapped: while between this the demon was hearing this all and demon asked: which story who is ryuk If you Didn’t tell me that I will kidnap you Oh no! this is a demon and he heard everything this is a true story which grandma said JIM So no way without telling him the story so THE STORY BEGINS:

Once there was a Rich man called Benjamin He was a good guy and never did bad things Sometimes he would some money to the charity and everyone respect him on the day he went the charity and saw a little boy who was called ryuk He kindly took him to his home and made him happy Benjiman Had a son He is also a kind child after a while they became friends one day it was the birthday of Benjamins Son there were many people on the party Also the poor people Ryuk And benjamin decided to buy a racing car as the birthday gift after the party everyone went expect his cousin toddler. But Toddler is a cruel and bad boy Toddler stayed 3 days with him. One day Toddler decided to cheat anyone. In front of Toddler, Ryuk was passing nearby And toddler decides to cheat ryuk for that he wants a demon named Daabra. Daabra was the elder brother of the demon. Toddler said to Daabra: Hey there you Demon I wanted you to cheat my cousin’s friend called ryuk: Daabra accepted And he said: where is he Toddler said: Now she is in my cousin’s house go there without anyone seeing you and I will pay you how much you want: Finally the demon reached there and trapped her with a sack and reached where Toddler was where: First Demon asked: Where are my money I want it now Toddler laughed and demon asked: why are you laughing Then demon understood he was cheating Me So The Demon went to Toddler house and complain to his parents. So the demon and His parents reached where he was. But now he is not there anywhere and he searched and searched nowhere So nobody Didn’t Care About Ryuk Now know one knows where Toddler and Ryuk Toddler was in the haunted house but now he is missing... THE STORY ENDS:

The demon asked kids: How do you know this. This is real and Daabra Is my elder brother JIM And BEN Asked: do you know them Demon said: Yes I saw them once I think when I was kidnapping on a child I saw two of them Children asked: Are you sure Demon said: Yes I am sure I asked their names Children said: Do you know the place you saw them Demon think that if I show the haunted House They will also Get trap so I will show the wrong place HAHAHAHHA Demon said: yes yes I know the place it is haunted house Kids got scared But they said show me the place Demon was still thinking: Woo-hoo boss will appreciate me if I get two more children mu hahaha They still walking after a while they reached their destination and asked the demon to open the door: Demon Thought: If I send children to open the door It would so easy for me because if they went near the door I would push them into the darkroom but still children were scared but JIM Was so brave But Ben Did not Go there and the demon ran to JIM pushed him and locked the door And That Time Ben Ran away back The demon Could not even cacth him JIM comes to know that I am trapped so he tried maximum to get out but he could not after a while he started walking At Last He was so tired He Slept a while and waked up He saw a sack in front of him and it is moving he got scared he went near and opened the sack and he see a boy. He asked: What Is your name The boy replied: My Name Is Tom Did you come with The Demon JIM said: Yes Yes I think he is a kind person Tom Said: No No Never Believe the demons Who cheat you JIM said: The Demon Tom said: So Demon is a bad-natured By the way Why did you come here Jim Replied: It is a long story... He said everything and Tom Replied: I saw Her And she is also here But Toddler Is not here where then where could be he.


No way. What Could Be Next Part 2

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