Dame Regine

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Dame Regine Bergene, mother of Johan, Karla Amelia, Virginia Maria, and Hunfried Hugo; all who became John, Charlotte, Virginia and Humphrey in their next life. What she sacrificed to help Johan to the world again.

Adventure / Fantasy
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The Storms found Stronghold Bergenee after killing Lord bergenee, his sons Johan and Hunfried. They were the last remaining with the Druid's life-force. Only the males of the line could inherit the Druids Divine life-force.

Dame Regina survived the attack and would bring about the line of succession which will lead to Johan Bergenee's rebirth as John Smith, some three hundred years later where he would meet the White Crow and Golden Eyed Wolf.

But before then, Dame Regine and Karla Amelia had to die and rebirth several times, inside the Oaks.

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