Ataraxia, Volume 1

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Tenshi Himura being an elder child of the king and queen of the kingdom of Ataraxia, always wants for adventure. One day, while she training with her sister Himeko and her childhood friend Seth Shadowwalker and Altair Raven, they were attacked by a group of an assassin but luckily was saved by her mother who told her that she was adopted and was found as a baby. Tenshi wants to know more about her origin, she told Tenshi that she can travel to find her answer.

Adventure / Fantasy
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In a peaceful Terra Empire, home of the Oracle, everyone was ready to celebrate the arrival of king and queen daughter. Everyone was keeping ready and setting up “Today is going great.” Said one of the royal guards

“Indeed, the king and queen will be bringing their daughter to the world.” Other guard said

As everyone was getting ready inside the castle, a young female with short black hair wearing a maid outfit walk to the master bedroom and knocked on the door “My load, May I come in?”

“Yes!” a male voice come from the room as the maid walk in the room, a young male with short blonde hair wearing a black dress shirt and jacket, black dress pants and brown shoes look at the maid with brown eyes “Lila, is everything set?”

“Yes, Lord Lewis!” Lila bows as she smiled softly

“I see.” Lewis smiled as he walks out of the room “Lila, is my wife still in the infirmary?”

“Yes, but she comes back home within a minute.” Lila spoke as she heard people cheering and look out the window “The queen is here.”

The limousine pulls up to the castle as the door was open, a young female with long brown hair wearing a white long dress and silver high heel, holding a baby girl in her arms and look at everyone with her blue eyes and smiled “Hello everyone!” She smiled at everyone as she sees Lewis and Lila walk to her “Hello Lewis and Lila.”

“Welcome home Mina!” Lewis smiled as he looks at his daughter “She is beautiful.”

“Yes, she is?!” Mina smiled as she kissed Lewis softly on the lips

“Milady may I ask what her name?” Lila asked as she turns away

Mina chuckled at Lila “Ok her name is Stella.”

Stella opens her brown eyes as she smiled at her mother and father, Lewis smiled and hold her tiny hand as he turns around “Ladies and Gentleman of Terra Empire I, Lewis Terra, want you to welcome Stella Terra into the world.” Everyone cheer as Lewis smiled “Let’s the celebration being!”

While everyone was celebrating, A shadow figure lurked in the shadow as a female spoke “so their daughter has arrived.” She turns around as she smirks “Everyone gets ready we going end all Oracle.”

-later at night-

As the celebration was over, Lewis and Mina were in the master bedroom sleeping as Lila went to the nursery room to check on Stella who is still sleeping until she hears noises from outside as she opened the window and sees everything on fire and everyone was laying down in a pool of their blood. One of the guards bust in the castle cover in blood “Lord Lewis!”

Lewis woke and rush out of the master bedroom “What is it?”

“We’re under attack...” but he shoots in the head with an arrow, Lewis was horrified as he grabs his sword “Lila.” Lila walks out with Stella in her arms as Lewis gives her a serious look “Take my wife and daughter out of here now.” Mina walks out of the room with worry as Lila grabs Mina’s hand and rushes out of the castle with Stella in her arms. Lewis heads out to help his army, he rushes in the battle and noticed the flag with demon skull on it “No... The Specter of Void why are they here.”

“My its Lewis Terra!” A young female with short white hair wearing a black dress with black boots as she looks at Lewis with her red eyes “I’m surprised that you’re here.”

“Damn you Callista!” Lewis growled in pure rage and charge at her “I KILL YOU!” Callista pulls out her knife as two clashes in battle. Meanwhile, Lila and Mina were rushing to the port but assassins jump and try to attack but Lila uses her spell “My Heart! My Life! My Soul! please hear my call and protect us!” Light shine around them ”Shield of Fate" A crystal ball surrounds them as assassins try to break it “Let move.” Mina nods her as they rushed to the dock.

“BAM!” Huge exploitation came from the castle, Lewis was badly hurt, blood and cuts were coming to his body. Lewis looks at Callista “Why are you doing this?”

“It’s my master order!” Callista sighed as she holds her knife “His order is to kill all Oracles.”

“Kill all Oracles” Lewis was shocked as he picks his sword “That genocide!” White light shines around him as he holds his sword up “My Faith, My Life! My Light! hear my call and strike down my enemy!” His sword starts to glow.

“Fine, then two can play this game.” Callista holds her knives as dark light shines around “Blood! Death! I give you everything in the name of my dark lord!”

“Heaven Phantasia”

“Impure Hell Dive”

Both Callista and Lewis start charges at each other as they yell “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

-At the dock-

Lila and Mina were still in the crystal ball as it starts to break “My lady you need to go on the boat now!” Lila gives her a serious look “it the only way that you and Stella with be safe.” The crystal ball breaks as she got hit pretty badly as blood runs down. Mina hands Stella to Lila and put them on the boat, Lila was shocked “MY LADY!”

“Lila!” Mina smiled as angel wings pop out “Take care of my baby girl!” She pushes the boat and starts fly to the castle as she sees Lewis and flew down to help her husband “My Love.”

“Mina!” Lewis looks at her with his widening eyes and rushes to her “You shouldn’t be here! Where Lila?”

“I sent her away with Stella.” Mina smiled at him as she turns around “I rather die with you than having our daughter killed.”


“You damn Oracles make me sick!” Callista charges at them with full force ”Impure Hell Dive" but was stopped by Mina shield “What the hell?”

“Lewis” She holds his hand and his sword “I’m sorry but I had to do this.” her aura glow brightly as Lewis hold her hand together, Mina look at Lewis as tears flow down her eyes “Lewis!”

Callista eyes widen as she knew what they are up to “Shit!” Callista use her shield magic to protects herself

Lewis and Mina closed their eyes as they smiled ”Nova Star!” As huge light shines bigger as it causes huge exploitation killing half of the assassins and killing both Mina and Lewis. Lila sees the exploitation as tears flow down her face while holding Stella in her arms “Lady Mina, Lord Lewis why?”

Callista removed her shield as she looks around “Stupid, look like Terra Empire is gone.”

“Callista!” A mysterious voice appears out of nowhere “Have all Oracles are gone?”

“Yes, but some Oracles are still alive manage to escape.” Callista sighed


“Master calm down!” Callista said while covering her ears “Once we find them then we’ll kill them.”

“Let hope so, Callista!” The voice disappears as Callista start leave and yawning

Hours pass by, Lila sighed as she thought to herself ‘Why would do that.’ Lila whips her tear and puts on a hoodie and blanket on the baby as the boat arrives at the Kingdom of Ataraxia. Lila holds baby close to her and starts the walk to the Kingdom of Ataraxia, as she walks to the castle, she breaths heavily and ready to pass out. She finally reaches the castle as she knocks on the door and sat the down baby down before she fell on the ground.

As the door was open, a young woman with long blonde hair wearing white night grown, look down with her green eyes to see Lila badly hurt and a baby girl “Oh my god, Toshiro!” She yelled as she picks up the baby as a young male with short black hair wearing a black tank top and red sweat pants as he walks to his wife and sees her holding a baby girl and Lila pass out on the ground with brown eyes. He walks to Lila and helps her up.

“Who did this to her Ayumu?” Toshiro asked with serious

“I don’t know” Ayumu sighed as they walk back inside and Toshiro take Lila to the guest room.

Lila finally woke up as she sat up and look out the window as it was ready morning, the door open as Lila sees Ayumu holding the baby in her arms “Oh you’re finally awake?” Ayumu smiled at Lila but she panicked, Ayumu sat on side of the bed “Don’t worry I’m going to hurt you.” Lila looks at Ayumu and sees the baby was awake and smiling at Ayumu “May I ask your name?”

“It Lila Barns!” Lila bows to Ayumu

“Hello, it’s nice to meet you I’m Ayumu Himura Ataraxia, the queen of the kingdom of Ataraxia.” Ayumu smiles softly at Lila “I found you and this child at my doorstep last night and I want to know what happens to you!”

Tears flow downs from Lila’s face as she sighed “I’m from the Terra Empire, I’m know as an Oracle.”

“Oracle!?” Ayumu was shocked by Lila words, she sighed as she looks at the child “so this child is an Oracle as well.”

“Yes, she the daughter of king and queen of Terra Empire but....” Lila started to tears up “but The Specter of Void came and kill everyone.” Lila covers her face and crying.

“The Specter of Void!?” Ayumu was shocked to the name The Specter of Void “I see so you and this child manage to escape.” Lila nods as she sighed “I guess I can help.”

“I glad but you have to keep it between you and me, nobody mustn’t know we are Oracle or we going to be killed.” Lila sighed as Ayumu pinch her cheek and Lila yelp “What was that for.”

Ayumu chuckled and smiled, she hugs the baby “Relax as long you two under my care nothing will happen to you, understand?” Lila nods her head as Ayumu smiled and got up “Great! Now get some rest, I’m going to the store and buy stuff for Tenshi.”

“Tenshi?” Lila look at Ayumu confused

Ayumu nods “Yes! that will be her name, Tenshi Himura Ataraxia.”

“I guess I need a new name and identity.” Lila smiled at Ayumu and Tenshi “For now called me Rue Crow.”

Ayumu smiled “Welcome to the Kingdom of Ataraxia, Rue Crow, and Tenshi Himura Ataraxia!”

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