The Housekeeper

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Amber Jones?

When I walk out there’s only a middle-aged lady sitting there that hasn’t noticed us yet. The lady had straight hair, a black dress, and heels. Once she saw me, she stood up and shook my hand.

“Hi, my name is Amber Jones and your name is-” “Iris. Iris Young” I said. “Ms. Jones would like to foster you for a few months if that is okay with you,” Mrs. Peterson said pinning on a taped smile. I nod my head at Mrs. Peterson and Ms. Jones.

Mrs. Peterson faced Ms. Jones and instructed, “Iris has had recent trauma in the previous years with foster care; so she’s required to go to therapy just in case.”

What a liar! I can’t believe she just said that to Ms. Jones with me in the room.

After Mrs. Peterson’s little speech she veers back to me and questioned. “Iris, have you ate breakfast yet?” “No ma’am”. There’s another awkward silence then Mrs. Peterson glared down at me signaling me to leave. Ms. Jones gave me a quick nod and sat down where she was before.

When Ms. Jones wasn’t noticing Mrs. Peterson took my wrist and walked me down the hall. Once we stop at my door Mrs. Peterson pushes me in and shuts the door

“I’m a tell you this one time, and one time only.” Mrs. Peterson’s sudden shouting echoed around the room. A pang of guilt hit my soul and I knew what Mrs. Peterson was going to say next.

Mrs. Peterson inched toward me close enough to see the small holes in her black t-shirt. ” Don’t run away.” “But I didn’t-” I tried to explain that the event at my last foster home wasn’t all my fault.

“There’s no excuses. Pack up your things and eat your lunch Ms. Jones will be waiting.” Mrs. Peterson added. Then she left the room.

The girl who was in the top bunk was gone doing chores or whatnot. I pack up my shirts and shorts. While making up my bed, a few candy bars fell from the top bunk. The girl must have snuck some candy in her luggage before she came. I can’t blame her. I haven’t had candy for so long since I came here.

She had M&Ms, Snickers, and Twix. The girl wouldn’t mind if I take a few pieces.

After I finished packing, I made my way to the cafeteria.

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