The Housekeeper

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Lunch Disaster...

Breakfast ended and lunch just started. Kids of all ages lined up to the entrance door waiting for lunch. The choices are macaroni and cheese or a ham sandwich with a side of yogurt. The macaroni looked somewhat decent so I chose that with a side of yogurt.

The lunch ladies vary from young volunteers to elderly ladies in their sixties. Everyone in the building has a number for everything so when we put in our number in the system, the workers know that we already had our food.

While I was putting in my number a group of girls we’re walking by laughing like they knew each other for years. I never made friends and kept them because they would either get adopted or have a foster home, so I would rather be my own best friend.

Taking my first step I swear I saw one of the girls smirk at me. But I couldn’t make sure because the last things I saw were her shoe tripping me up, and my face slamming on the floor.

The cafeteria went completely quiet in a matter of seconds. The same girl who smirked at me cheeks glowed bright red like she just fell in front of the whole orphanage and I was the one who tripped her.

She muttered something on the lines of sorry and left. After my head stopped spinning from the fall, a volunteer told me to clean up then come back for lunch.

The shock moment disappeared and everybody went back to their conversations like that whole situation didn’t even happen.

I kept my head down the whole walk to my hall.

I didn’t get a good look at myself until I was standing right in front of the bathroom mirror.

My elbows we’re slightly scraped from the fall and my clothes were drenched with the chocolate milk that smashed open on the fall down. My hair had pieces of cheese from the macaroni making my already short black hair look like a crowded bird nest. I touched the cheese that was gluing my strands of hair together.

Sighing with disgust I slip off my soaked clothes and stumble into the shower.

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