His Human Luna

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Nibiru's POV

"So you wanna play some board games?" Asked Eliot.

I nodded. That would probably make the time pass.

Kayla got the table and the chairs ready while Eliot got the games.

He came out of the closet with a stack of them.

"From where did you get all of that?" I questioned like a robot.

"Blade has hundreds of them but never played with them." He answers.

"And you're sure he won't be mad at you?"

"Oh... I'm sure he'll understand."

I nodded in thought.

As both Kayla and Eliot sat down opening the first game.

"Let's play ball!" He spoke.




~~7 games later~~

Eliot stood up grabbed the game and threw it aside, "Damn... I quit."

Kayla giggled, "Very funny."

A knock was heard on the door. Kayla stood up and opened the door as Blade walked in.

He looked at me first then at the mess of board games inhis room then at Eliot glaring daggers into him.

"Okay okay I'll clean up." Eliot flinched as he stood up to clean the mess.

He sat down on one of the two chairs and asked, " Are you feeling better?"

His voice alone sent shivers down my spine, I didn't know what to say at all.

He noticed that and changed the subject, "Hope you're still in the mood of playing one last game." He grinned as he pulled a game up from one of the games that Eliot just cleaning.

Eliot spoke, "Hey! I just got that cleared!"

"Okay, you'll clear it again when we are done playing. You okay with that?"

Eliot groaned.

Kayla laughed at them. The acted like 5 year olds.

Eliot got another chair as everyone got seated, and started the last game.

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