His Human Luna

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Blade's POV

As soon as I made it inside, I closed the window and settled Nibiru on her feet.

As I let go of her, she gripped on the sheets covering her tighter.

She stepped a few steps back before saying. "Say... Who was that down the tree?... And why did they call you alpha?... Isn't that something for wolves? Moreover how did he notice us up there?"

"T-that's another friend of mine. A-and that was a nickname he gave me, he calls me that all the time. And h-he probably heard us,... talking." I lied. That obviously was Sam patrolling but the area. He must have sniffed me out. Thank the goddess that her scent was fainter than a werewolves.

She thought for a moment,"... Okay. "

There was a thick layer of silence in the room.

She pressed her lips in a thin line as she narrowed her eyes at me.

I looked at her. And smirked. "What?"

Her face suddenly became red as she covered her face with her hands.

"Stop. Why are you hiding your pretty little face?" I asked pulling her hands down. Now that I'm standing next to her, I find out that she was really short. Half way up my chest. The fact that I'm also quite tall is another reason.

She cleared her throat," I think it's better if I go to sleep now. "

I nodded in response. "Okay."

I headed to the couch and lie down when she spoke. "No. I don't want you sleep on the couch. It's not comfortable at all."

I took a glance at the couch then back at her.,"Then where should I sleep?"

"This is your bed isn't it?" she asked pointing at the bed a few feet away.

"... Yes?"

"You can sleep on it. It's your bed afterall." she said keeping her head low.

"And what about you?"

"... I'll find somewhere else to sleep in the room." she spoke in a whisper avoiding my gaze.


Her head flew up, her eyes wide.

"I won't sleep on the bed. You're hurt and you're still recovering, so it's a must that you feel comfortable." I spoke in one breath.


I kind of was relieved at that moment that the walls in my room, unlike the others, was sound proof.

It took about a moment before she realized what she said. Her hand flew to cover her mouth in realization. She shook her head before I decided to speak.


She looked at me quietly something going in her mind.

"O-okay." she said nervously.

"Do think I'm going to try something on you?" I smirked.

She shook her head from embarrassment a blush making its way on her face. "P-please don't."

I chuckled. "Don't worry. I'll just be on one side and you'll be on the other. Afterall the bed is quite big."

She nodded before she went to the bathroom.

I smiled to myself. Cute. I figured that she was the shy type yet quiet kind to everyone at the same time.

I quickly went to my closet and changed into something comfortable. I settled with a loose pair of pants leaving my upper part bare.

I left the closet and entered the room to be greeted with a surprised Nibiru. Her face heated up quickly before she turned around keeping her back to me. "W-why are you b-b-bare?" she stuttered.

"I always sleep like this. Do you have a problem?" I added the last part smirking.

"N-no." she said quietly before she headed to the bed and tucked herself in. I on the other hand went to brush my teeth in the bathroom.

Minutes later I turn the bathroom light off as I made my way to the bed. Her heartbeat was bearable and it was quite the usual faint steady and slow beats.

I smiled. She was asleep.

I made my way to the agreed side of he bed and tucked myself in until I was satisfied with a certain position and soon I drifted to darkness.

~~~~the next day~~~~

I woke up to the sound of Nibiru's heartbeats. They seemed close. So close in fact...

I opened my eyes and find myself holding Nibiru protectively yet in a comfortable way, and her back was facing me.

Nibiru was awake but she wasn't moving.

"H-hey." I spoke up startling Nibiru causing her head to whip my direction, "Had a good night's sleep?" I asked.

It took a while but she spoke, "Better than any sleep from my whole entire lifetime." she said blinking rapidly before she broke through my grip and headed to the bathroom.

She seemed nervous. I shrug. She'll get over it.

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