His Human Luna

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Blade's POV

I woke up the next morning, the sunlight escaping past the curtains and hitting my face. I blinked a few times before I took a glance at Nibiru, her face was buried in my bare chest. She looked so calm, and mesmerizing. Her warm breath tickled my bare chest, with every breath she took. Her hair had a few tangles which gave me a thought.

I wanted to stay there all day but moved away nonetheless. I slowly and gently moved away from the addicting sparks before I quickly and quietly went to the closet. Just as I reached out to a hair brush, I heard her once quiet and stable heart beat quicken slightly.

That made me flip the thought of wearing a shirt or not over my head. After a one minute debate in my head I decided to wear one. A Grey t-shirt was what I reached for.

I walked out to the room, when I saw Nibiru sitting up straight looking at the window quietly. It didn't take long for her to notice me as she narrowed her eyes at me before she turned her head to face me.

"Good morning. Had a nice beauty rest?" I said teasingly.

A little smile tugged at her lips before she nodded quietly.

"Turn around." I said as I sat on the bed near her, smiling.

She did so, her back facing me. I placed the brush on her hair and to my surprise, not a single tangle was in the way of the brush. Not only that her hair was so soft, but deep down I had a feeling that her skin was even more softer.

"Do you have a... Flute by any chance?" her question surprised me.

"Yes, I do have one lying around somewhere." I paused, "What do you want to do with a flute anyway?" I asked curiosity geting the best of me.

She giggled, "I want to play the flute silly."

"I could get it in a moment."

"Please do."

When I fixed her hair to my satisfaction, she turned around to face me a little smile on her face as she shook her head, stood up and went to the bathroom. It didn't take long for her to get out of there before she stood in the middle of the room quietly, looking at me.

"You know... Your innocence is driving me insane." I spoke nodding too.

A quiet giggle left her lips. When she stopped she pulled her tongue out at me a grin on her face.

That made me melt but I composed myself and said, "Oh, you think you'll get away with that Missy?" in a threatening playful manner.

Just before I could do anything, a knock was heard from the door, a voice followed, "Alpha Blade! The patrolling units want to speak to you immediately." that must be one of the pack members.

"What for?" I asked.

"They say that wild boars are gathering around the border and the rogues seem to be taking advantage of that to invade our territory." he said.

"Tell them that I'm coming."

"Yes, Alpha." with that he was gone.

I massaged the bridge of my nose in frustration, before I stood up and went to wear something more appropriate and quickly look for the flute.

Nibiru on the other hand looked confused, "Why does everyone here call you alpha?"

"I don't have time to tell you right now but Dorothy and Kayla can tell you when they come by." I chuckled.

"Who is Dorothy?" She asked.

"You'll find out soon." I said as I walked out the closet and handed her the flute she asked for, and left the room.

"Eliot, tell Dorothy and Kayla that they can go to Nibiru." I spoke in a hushed tone the moment he popped up behind me.

"Yes Alpha." he said.

Nibiru's POV

I stared at the door Blade just left from. Why doesn't he allow me to go outside, it's very boring in here.

Why does everyone call him Alpha? That's a wolf thing if I'm not mistaken.

I decided to make the bed for now, to make time pass and give me a little bit of a break from over thinking.

Just as I finished I heard a knock on the door. I kept quiet.

"Nibiru. It's me Kayla." I heard the familiar voice.

I only opened the lock as she opened the door, and entered.

"Morning Nibiru. I hope you had a good night's sleep." spoke Kayla.

"Morning to you too." I said.

Another female entered as she closed the door behind her. She was taller than me, the exact same height of Kayla if I'm certain, and had warm orange hair, and mossy green eyes that matched her hair, and her skin seemed tanned with a few freckles decorating her cheeks. She smiled at me. "Hello Nibiru, I'm Dorothy, and for your knowledge I'm Eliots girlfriend." she said.

I smiled back. "Nice to meet you."

... Moments later...

We were talking together like close and best friends, but I couldn't help but remember Maya and Lilian a, we were so close friends, they hid nothing from me which was good, I trust them. The thought made me smile to myself.

"Hey, Nibiru. What's with that smug look on your face?" Dorothy said annoyed.

Kayla's giggling turned to laughter as she fell of her chair. "I never thought that such a person like you was such a dumbass." she said laughing harder.

"Hey!" Dorothy's face was angry, "What did you expect me to do? Go over to him and be like 'Hey! Could you give me some?'" Dorothy made a face, which made me giggle.

Dorothy glares at me, "Not you too."

Kayla's laughter filled the room as my giggling became more of a laugh, the face she threw at us was undescribable.

It was like that for a few more seconds until silence fell upon us. I looked at Kayla, Kayla looked at me, we both looked at Dorothy, then looked at each other once more before another fit of laughter began between us. Dorothy groaned, "Could we drop the subject already?" she asked pleadingly.

"Alright, alright." Kayla said snickering as she stood up and sat back down on the chair she fell from earlier.

Dorothy looked at me after we calmed down, "So is there anything you want to know about Blade?"

That caught me off guard, as the water I was trying to drink peacefully, made me choke on my own spit as it came splurting out as I started coughing.

Kayla quickly rushed next to me and tried to help while also glaring at Dorothy.

"Sorry I didn't mean to do that..." she apologized.

"No-no, the question only caught me off guard." I said still coughing.

Kayla, brought a clean cup of water and said, "Here drink this it should help."

I took the cup from her and took a sip just when Dorothy spoke, "But seriously I can tell you anything you want to know about him."

That too caught me off guard as it was the second time water splurged out my mouth and went through a series of coughs.

"DOROTHY!" Kayla shrieked.

"Fine, fine I'll drop it."

Kayla brought another cup of water as she brought it to me I pushed it away, "I had enough water for one day."

"Ok, if you need it it's right in front of you." Said Kayla placing the cup in front of me.

I look at Dorothy, "Actually there is one thing I want to know."

She smiled and said "What is it?"

"It's been bugging me for quite a while now, why do some people call Blade, Alpha?"

Silence answered my question. Kayla looked at Dorothy and Dorothy looked at Kayla.

They looked back at me after what seemed like a minute.

"You see, Blade, is like our leader. We call him Alpha because he is the leader."

"But why out of all the other leader synonyms, did you guys choose Alpha? I mean no offense but there could be better ones."

"We go by Alpha since our people have been living here in the woods for many generations. And since we live in the woods like wolves, they went with Alpha." Kayla explained.

Dorothy looked at her before she nodded.

"Okay." was all I said before Dorothy changed the whole subject.

"So, I heard from Blade that he gave you a flute, because you asked him to. Can we hear you play it?" she asked excitedly.

"Umm... About that... I don't play it in front of people since I get nervous. I usually play it when I'm alone."

"Please?" Dorothy pleaded.

"Okay..." I sighed as I took the flute from the table, and pressed it gently to my lips as I started to play the distant, memory in my head.

Blade's POV

I just finished my meeting with the pack border patrol units, and I just wanted to relax a little, so I plan on going to my room and have the girls come back later but just as I neared the door I heard a familiar tune coming from a flute.

That must be Nibiru playing. But... Why does this tune sound so familiar?

That's when it hit me.


I just barely managed to get away from those hunters. They did say something about skinning me and I don't want any part of that.

I shifted and wore the pants I hid behind a tree. That's when I heard a soft and sad melody of a flute coming from the distance.

I went that direction until I was welcomed by a large beautiful lake surrounded by a beautiful green meadow. My eyes quickly located where the sound source was and to my surprise was a young human child, at the age of 4. The little girl had long beautiful shiny black hair, and her skin was as fair as snow. She was sitting by the lakeside, her back facing me as she played that spectacular melody. She was wearing a light blue short dress, that only exposed her knees and legs, with short sleeves. I couldn't get a hold of her scent, since she was sitting near the lakeside, so I probably needed to get closer.

I had a thought of getting closer to the child and know her better when I accidentally stepped on a twig which for some reason decided to be really loud and hearable for her to hear.

There was silence in the air before the child turned her head to my direction fear and surprise were evident in her big beautiful crystal blue eyes.

"Hey. That was a really good melody. Do you think you can continue playing it?" I said trying to be as nice as possible, to not scare her away.

She said quietly, "L-leave me alone." her bangs covered her eyes as she looked away.

"Why? Are you alright?" that's when I saw the deep gash on her arm, "Oh, my. You're hurt let me see." I said getting closer as her scent hit me. Lavender and honey, that was a sweet scent for the child.

Just as I was about to take another step I felt something coming and just at the last second I dodged the ice blast.

If I was later with just a second I would have been frozen.

But... Why ice? An older woman that seemed at the age of her early 20's appeared before me, standing between me and the little girl. Here hair was short, and snow white. Her eyes were crystal blue just like the child's. Her skin also fair as snow, on her cheek bones was ice snowflakes, she was wearing a white dress to her mid-thighs, she was wearing tights under and white gloves that reached slightly above her elbows.

"Guess I was being sloppy the first time, since I didn't think I would have a good apponent." she said.

The child stood up and hid behind the woman afraid. I noticed that she was bare foot, the child that is. The woman put her hand over the child protectively, "Don't worry dear. I'll eliminate him then we can go to your granny's place."

The woman turned to me, four ice daggers formed in both her hands and just before she threw them at me, the child tugged the the woman's dress. The woman kneeled down to her level as she asked, "Honey what's wrong?"

The little girl said something I couldn't quite catch as the woman carried the child and somewhat, an ice hover board that looked like a snowflake was created beneath the woman before she started rising.

"You better be thankful that I spared you... And it'll be just this once if I ever see you again I'll have you dead in a glimpse." the woman disappeared just as I felt a shiver go down my spine.

----Back to reality----

Was she?.... No it couldn't be?... But....

A few pieces started to fall together. The child I met about 14 years ago is none other than Nibiru, the proof here is that the two of them know the same melody, and have the same scent.

But... Who was that other woman?

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