His Human Luna

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Nibiru's POV

I breathed in deeply as I went to my side of the bed. It's been a few days since I started playing the flute. I don't know why but, I had this heavy uneasy feeling, that tells me to play it, and when I do the feeling starts dissipating. I don't understand why my grandmother never allowed me to play the flute ever since my mother's death, she used to say that it may cause unwanted trouble. Here I am defying my dead granny's request.

Blade was already in bed waiting for me, like always. I kept my back to him, even though his touch made me feel safe, even loved, but I knew well, that I needed to go back home, back to my friends. I wanted to visit my mother and grandmother's grave.

My train of thoughts came to a halting stop, when I felt Blade's familiar touch.

"Please turn around." I heard him plead.

It saddened me to the gut seeing him like this. I hesitantly turned around, so I was currently facing his bare chest.

Just as I did that he took me by surprise and kissed me. I froze, I just didn't know what to do, but it surprised me how my body reacted on its own.

I felt him smiling against my lips as I realized what I was doing. My face quickly became heated as Blade broke the kiss and looked at me smirking mostly.

I kept my head down avoiding his gaze.

"Was that your first?" he asked.

"N-no." I stuttered out.

Silence was there before he spoke again, "Then?"

"I-it was my second." I cleared out.

"What was your first like then?" he seemed slightly disappointed.

"It was stolen from me." as soon as I said that, I kept quiet letting it lay heavy in the atmosphere.

I could feel his body tense and just before he spoke, I spoke, "It was my neighbor." I paused, reliving what really happened.

- - - -1 year ago - - - -

I was just walking back from school when my neighbor Jack popped out from the corner. He was quite tall, probably 6 ft exact, he had short chestnut brown hair and jade green eyes. His skin slightly darker than mine, and if I recall correctly, he said he was 27.

As soon as he spotted me, he spoke, "Hey there Nib! How was your day today?"

Nib was the nickname he gave me, I was okay with that as long as he didn't call me that I front of other people.

"Hello Jack! So far my day was great actually. How about yours?"

"It's good, but you know that you're running late with your rent." his smile dropped near the end.

"Oh, can it wait for just a few more days till I get the right amount of money to give to you?"

"I can do that, but you have to come with me today." he smiled.

"Can I go tell my granny first? You know how she acts if I'm later than usual." I said.

"Oh don't you worry about it, I let her know that you'll be late today."

"Okay then." I paused, "Can I go put my bag home first and wear something else other than this uniform right now?" I really needed a change of clothes but this guy seemed to not want to let me go anywhere.

"Don't worry about that, come on." he started walking to the main street as I followed.

He turned the corner where an alley was and to my surprise, I bumped into his chest, as I stumbled back. Before I could have slipped and fell, Jack grabbed my wrist and pulled me up.

"Phew thanks." I smiled at him, but smile quickly dropped as Jack pressed his lips against mine, what was he doing?!?

I struggled to push him away, his hold on me was too strong. I pushed and struggled as he got annoyed eventually and pulled away just as he did, my adrenaline must have been hyped up because what I did next was something I thought I would never do. I could feel the impact of my hand on his face as my eyes quickly welled.

I couldn't locate what I was feeling, was it rage? Was it fear? Was it hatred? Was it sadness? Whatever it was, it was painful.

"What is wrong with you?!?" I screamed at him.

He looked at me wide eyed, filled with sadness, but I wasn't about to be fooled.

"I HATE YOU !" I left that alley unable to stop my tears.

- - - - The Present- - - -

"I remember how worried my granny was when she saw me trip on my own steps while opening the door. She scurried to close the door and kneeled beside me hugging me, as if protecting me from the world. It turned out Jack never told her that I was going to be late. She even swore to herself that she would slam the door shut in his face if he ever had the nerve to step on her door step, and she would come pick me up from school every day. It was only then that I realized that my first kiss was stolen. He kept his promise though and kept the bills for another 2 weeks, but I never was able to face him since then." I was already crying by now as my voice kept breaking." Then one day, he rang our doorbell, holding a bouquet of roses, saying that he came to apologize for whatever happened that day, but my granny did not just slam the door on his face, she smacked him hard and I remember her yelling quite clearly, ' How do you even have the nerve of showing up after what you did to the poor girl!? How are you even living with yourself!? I swear to the gods above that I won't ever forgive you even at your funeral! '. I on the other hand was a cry baby crying in the living room because that day all the confidence that worked hard to build and achieve, got thrown out the window nowhere in sight for now I am nothing but an ugly loser. " it was then that I broke into ugly sobs.

Blade quickly tried to comfort me as he spoke," Shh, everything will be alright, if I see him anywhere I'll make sure I give him a piece of my mind. " his hold on me tightened, as I realized the sudden darkness to his voice.

I glance up to meet his gaze, only to regret it, his eyes were a shade 10 times darker than their usual golden yellow glow, he gritted his teeth and for the first time I heard a growl coming from a human. I thought I was mistaken at first but the slight vibration coming from his chest made me feel the familiar feeling of fear that was once buried deep within me.

I whimpered. His dark look made me afraid of him more than I ever was from that bear in the woods.

Blade snapped out of his trance, "Hey are you okay?" he asked barely a whisper.

I look back at him and see his glowing golden eyes filled with concern.

It must have been the trick of my eyes, since I was so sleepy.

"I'm... fine..." I said as I started to feel the darkness over take me to a deep slumber.

Blade's POV

Zeff was going wild at the moment, and I was trying to surpress him but I felt a whimper against me, "Hey are you okay?" I asked her, pushing Zeff to the back of my head.

She blinked a few times, "I'm... fine..." she said eyes surrendering to sleep.

I sighed, what was I to do without her?

Don't you think you should go to sleep?

Right, and please try staying put so that you don't scare Nibiru again.

... You'll have to tell her eventually, you know.


You better do before I make sure you never have control ever ag-

I shut him out the moment I understood where this was heading. The last thing I needed was Zeff taking over my human form.

I chuckled to myself at the thought and drifted off to sleep.

«««5am the next morning»»»

I stirred awake to the sound of footsteps outside my room coming closer. At first I thought one of the pack guards could be sleep walking instead of doing their jobs but who ever it was it seemed to have a purpose to be coming this way, and the person's aura seemed to be way beyond a normal pack guard's aura.

I quickly take a glance at Nibiru's sleeping figure. I cover her carefully with the blanket, and with a quick movement of my hand, a gustful force opened the window to mask Nibiru's scent. An ability only former Alphas have.

I'm pretty sure who ever it was must have sensed that I knew that they were getting closer because the next thing I knew was the footsteps becoming slightly quieter, as in that person was making his or her way here on tip toes.

What ever was going on, it possibly couldn't even enter my room because I had it locked, twice.

But who ever it was a lock did not seem to stop them for the lock clicked twice, as the door swung open slowly.

It was then that I knew who it was, my mother. "What are you doing here at this hour? The sun hasn't even risen yet." my voice was muffled by the blanket that masked over half my face leaving my eyes onward.

"You... You woke up..." Said my mother as if she expected me to not be awake with all that tiptoing.

"Look I'm worried about you." she said quietly.

"Why would you?" I said reverting my eyes to her, still facing the window.

"You became so distant, after every assigned task you always disappear to your room. It's not only bugging me but your father too."

I said nothing as my eyes shifted back to the window, I made sure that Nibiru was close to me as possible to not get any suspicion.

Boy, you either tell her or get her out the room as quickly as possible. He seemed irritated by my mother's presence for she disturbed our sleep with our mate.

Zeff, I'm trying to.

Let me handle this for once.

Zeff quick took over me leaving no room to argue.

"Are you going to leave or not?" he spoke, staring at her dead in the eyes. Wow what a way to not raise suspicion.

My mother's eyes widened, "I'm not talking to you, give me my son back." she stated.

"I'm not talking to you, give me my son back" he mimicked, "Oh and for your knowledge I also happen to be your son so, please make it easier for the both of us and leave."

I did a face palm mentally. Was he planning to get us discovered.

No dum dum, I wanna see the woman furious.

... Was he ammused by the whole situation?

You can say that.

Kill me already.

My mother's face flared, just as she was about to speak, I managed to get control once more, "Okay, okay calm down mother, there's nothing to be furious about, he slipped past my control and wanted you to leave so that we can go back to sleep." I cleared out.


Well, you nearly had us on the line.

She sighed, "Since when do you open your window before you sleep?"

"Uh... Um... I just started a few weeks ago." I lied, reverting my gaze back to the window. I can't face my mother especially when I'm lying.

"Why are you hiding your face?"

I didn't reply.

"Answer me." she almost pleaded.

Nibiru shivered beneath me. She was freezing cold, even though the blanket was supposed to keep her warm.

The movement caught my mother's attention as she was suddenly mad.

"You dare not answer to your mother and ignore me!" her nails sharpened as she dug fists into the blanket and pulled on it, unfortunately her nails did not dig into the blanket alone, she managed to dig into Nibiru's ankle in which she let out a quiet gasp.

The covers were no longer covering us, as my mother's eyes widen.

Nibiru still in a daze at the sudden pain, was sniffling quietly, so quiet that I barely even heard her. I quickly wiped her tears as I whispered comforting words to her even though I knew it wouldn't work. I literally even forgot my mother was there watching everything.

"WH-WHAT IS THAT HUMAN DOING HERE!?", my mother yelled.

I don't think that that was a good move because the next think I knew was Zeff holloring back at my mother, using our alpha voice, in full control. "GET OUT BEFORE I RIP YOUR HEAD OFF!!!"

My mother winced at the sudden sharp darkness in his voice as she retreated out the room.

You'd better go catch up to her before she tells everyone.

"Trust me... I will."

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