His Human Luna

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I quickly used the mindlink to get Eliot's attention, and told him to get the girls to my room immediately.

Just as I left the bed Nibiru spoke, "P-please don't go..."

"It pains me to say this but I must, the girls will be here in a second, I'll be back as soon as I can. Please just wait for me." I reassured.

Nibiru nodded, shivering.

I quickly made my way outside as the girls approached they nodded as they passed going inside in a hurry.

I literally had no time to wear my shirt, so now I was hunting down my mother shirtless.

I right, it's so cool.

Oh shut up would you.


Eliot was right behind me as I finally found my mother in the assembly hall, where I was supposed to be giving announcements to the whole pack and things like that.

"So, you even dare to question the moon goddess' decision of my mate? Well, I couldn't possibly let you do that mother." I said slowly approaching.

"You can't live with this forever Blade. You'll have to tell the pack eventually." she shot at me.

"I'd do that at the right time though!" I shot back.

She flinched.

"Let's just say that I want to keep her safe for the time being, and when she accepts me for who I really am, only then will I announce it to the pack." I said.

"I'm telling your father."

"Go ahead and tell him. What will the old dog do? Kill her? Oh no ma'am but that's not gonna happen, if he wants her dead then he has to kill me first."

"H-hey, Blade?" Eliot spoke up.

I glanced at him.

"Th whole pack can hear you by the way." he paused, "Most of them woke up when they heard you yelling with your alpha voice, and now you have to tell them."

My eyes widened, "Fine, fine. Go call everyone to come right this minute, and while you are at it, call the girls to bring her out."

Told ya.

Just shut up Zeff.

I turn to where my mother was supposedly hiding only to find her nowhere in sight. I sighed, I'll deal with her later.

Now I have the whole pack to deal with...

Nibiru's POV

Dorothy and Kayla came just as Blade said.

I still didn't understand how such a wound would just happen out of the blue.

"I think a wild wolf managed it's way inside, and attacked you. Blade went to hunt it down so that it doesn't hurt anyone else." was what Kayla said.

"But that would be a very mean thing to just kill the wolf, it possibly would have a reason for attacking. I mean it wouldn't attack unless triggered right?"

Kayla fell silent, while Dorothy continued bandaging my ankle.

Kayla and Dorothy looked up in alert for a moment, before they looked at each other.

"Do you think you can stand?" Dorothy asked as she stood up.

"...I think so, because I don't think that it is that deep." I said standing up only to regret it. "W-why do you ask?"

"W-well, Blade asked us to get you out the room." answered Kayla.

"Hold on. At this hour?"

"It's about...7am right now." Kayla asked Dorothy who nodded.

"A-are you sure? I mean like I'm still in a daze after waking up like this, and I won't be able to stand either."

"You're worried about that? Don't worry we'll help you." Kayla paused, "And I think we'll be having and extra hand actually."

Just as she said that, a knock was heard from the other side of the door.

Kayla stood up from the chair she was sitting on and opened the door revealing, a smiling Eliot, "Are you okay now? Blade sent me here to carry you if needed."

"And what happened to him?"

"He's kind of busy, but he'll be waiting for you there."

"Good now let's get going or he'll murders us." started Dorothy.

Kayla took my arm and placed it around her neck, Dorothy doing the same thing on my left side, helping me up.

Eliot opened the door, as the three of us passed.

I winced slightly as my wound that was supposedly closed, seemed to reopen. I was just thankful that the hoodie I was wearing was a dark blood red color so no one would notice. As soon as I get back inside the room I'll be sure to get it cleaned up. I just hope I can remain conscious till that happens.

I got distracted and my foot hit the floor, as I winced yet again.

"Careful, Nibiru, you don't want to worsen that." Kayla said concerned.

"I think I should carry you, because I too don't want any of your injuries to worsen." Said Eliot standing in front of us. "If they do, I know quite well that I'll end up dead."

Dorothy quickly spoke, "No need, it's just around the corner."

And just as we turned the corner we were faced by a pair of double doors, that were at the end of the hallway.

"I'll go call for Blade."said Eliot just before Kayla stopped him.

"Don't, I think he already knows that we're here." she remarked.

Just as she said that the door was pulled open from the other side, revealing Blade who just closed the door behind him.

I wanted to ask why the sudden change in scenery, before he spoke, "Shhh, you'll get your chance to ask your questions, but for now I need you all to maintain silence."

"Blade... What did you do?" Eliot asked in a dangerously calm tone.

"Uh... Nothing really." Blade spoke, before his lightning yellow eyes clouded.

Eliot's eyes being cloud too, it felt like they were having a deep conversation, that nobody could hear.

Eliot suddenly lit up grinning, "Oh why didn't you just say so?"

"Just shut up." Blade glared at Eliot. "Now go."

Eliot was gone the second Blade spoke those words.

"Where did he go?" asked Dorothy alarmed.

"... Inside." Blade pointed at the door behind him. "And you can go too."

Kayla helped me near the wall, so that Dorothy and she could leave. With that they were both gone, it was only me and Blade left.

"So do you think you can manage on your own or do I have to help you?" he asked smiling.

I slowly moved away from the wall, as I stood balancing most of my weight on my right foot. I got to admit, it was difficult for how everytime I try to take a step forward, I had to place my weight on my left either way. So I guess I was enduring a lot of pain.

Blade's eyes never left mine as I stood. He gave me his hand, I hesitated before I reached for it, only to fall back.

I was preparing for the worst when Blade caught me and was right behind me, as I hit his chest.

I could feel the slow rise and fall of his chest before he asked, "Are you alright?"

I just nodded quietly, it was as if I lost my voice at that moment, feeling embarrassed. But one question remained lingering in my mind. How did he get there? He was right in front of me just a mere second ago.

"Just hold my hand." He said smiling, as he help me on my feet.

I did as he told me and he started moving forward opening the door for me to pass.

It was then that I realized how bad my head was spinning, I'm losing too much blood by walking around, but I can't do anything about it because if I asked to lay down the others will be worried. I don't want to have them be worried about me after how much they helped me.

"Are you sure you're okay?... You look pale." concern filled Blade's voice.

"Ye-Yeah..." I said forcing a smile keeping my gaze at the floor avoiding his gaze.

We stopped walking as we turned to face a huge crowd of people. My eyes widened, everyone was focused on me, I was afraid of being the center of attention. That didn't seem to help my situation, as I quickly hid behind Blade covering my ears in attempt to stop the high pitched sound in my head.

"... That's a human!"

"What's a human doing here!?"

"Why would Blade bring a human here!?"

Many complaints were heard from every direction before I peeked from behind Blade, "O-of course I-I'm human. I m-mean you guys a-are too." I croaked.

That's when a super hot woman that seemed at the age of 25 stepped up from behind me. She had dirty blonde hair put up in a ponytail, with jade green eyes, with tanned skin. She wore a very revealing outfit, that had a black leather crop-top and a very short tight black skirt, she was wearing black high heels to complete the look. Although she looked very pretty, I had to admit she looked like she was heading to a school's prom, she hardly looked like someone who just woke up.

"If you don't know what to say, shut up dear. We aren't humans. Please get this through to your head, we are werewolves." the woman spoke, jabbing a sharp fingernail, at my head.

"..." I kept quiet for a moment before I glanced at Blade confusion all over my face, "W-what is s-she saying B-blade? You can't r-really be w-werewolves... R-right?" my voice itched for a second.

Blade didn't look at me.

I stepped back, "Y-you are, aren't you?..."

"Yes, I am." he said looking me in the eyes, at first I thought he was lying, but the seriousness in both his voice and face revealed everything.

My eyes widened as I yet took another step back, "N-no... T-this can't be happening..." I shook my head covering it.

Blade quickly tried to hold me but before he even could have touched me I slapped his arm away, "S-STAY AWAY FROM ME!" I screamed at him, as I sprinted out of the building.

Everything felt numb, especially my wounds. I could feel the tears slowly falling down as I ran into the forest. Though it might be 7 o'clock in the morning, the sun was still rising, weak light only available, to lighten the dark thick forest.

I ran and ran until I no longer had the energy. Coughing and gasping for breath, at some point a bit of blood even seeped out my nose, I shouldn't have expected less from the forest when many wild boars surrounded me. Wiping my nose with my hand I slowly leaned on the tree next to me.

The deadly boars slowly getting closer and closer.

What should I do?

"D-does it h-have t-to e-end he-here?..." i asked more to myself than the mindless boars.

Just as one pounced to attack me, a wolf that seemed 10 times larger than the average wolf, striking golden eyes and black fur that had a mysteriously purplish blue shine to it, leaped in front of me fighting head on with the boars.

The creature reminded me of someone. Then again the memories of when I ran into the forest the other night from home all came together falling into their places.

The same giant wolf that saved me from being killed, was the same bewildering beast in front of me. And the reason why I felt like it reminded me someone was... Because...

I look at the wolf, "B-blade?... Is that... Really you?"

The wolf looked up at me in alert suddenly ignoring the boars. It kept its head low then returned it to its normal position as if nodding it my question.

It slowly started to approach before I stepped back from the tree," N-no, I said stay away!"

I ran away leaving Blade the wolf behind with the wild boars. Three boars followed me into the forest.

It didn't take long for me to be cornered on a cliff, the three of the wild boars approached snorting as if making fun of me for how easy it was for them to get me. I looked down the cliff to see a rushing river, there was no telling that I had a chance of survival even if I jumped.

The sound of their hooves on the ground was going to be the last thing I hear. This time blade wasn't around to save me because he was handling the other wild boars.

It was then that a peircing roar was heard as another giant creature showed up throwing all the boars down the cliff.

The creature looked at me and slowly yet again approached me.

This time my animal savior wasn't a dog, but a cat. Though it didn't look like something I had ever imagined, it was much much larger in size than Blade's wolf. It had a very short tail, and large paws that seemed to have the strength to bash a tree down without even trying. It had very long top canines as they went past its jawbone. It fur was orange with a golden shine to it, and it's stomach fur was a plain white, it's eyes had a matching amber glow. Though I had to admit it looked like a mutation of a tiger.

That's when it hit me, it looked like an animal I saw in history books. What was its name again? Right! Saber tooth! Apparently this creature was the most dangerous mammal in the ice age. But what was it doing here? Aren't Saber tooth supposedly extinct? And why did it save me?

The Saber tooth edged closer as it licked its teeth.

My eyes widened, the only logical explanation of why the thing saved me was so that it could have me for its morning meal.

What was I to do?

Unfortunately I thought to much and the ground under me started cracking, as I fell down the cliff down to the rushing river, finally losing consciousness.

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