His Human Luna

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Author's POV

The Saber tooth irritated by how easily it lost it's prey, growled to itself. It walked in circles eyes on the river below, then it stopped.

The Saber tooth quickly leapt down the cliff after Nibiru.

----a while later----

The sun finally roze up high warming up the cold forest, as a Saber tooth figure pulled out from the rushing river to the river bank, pulling an unconscious figure along with it.

The beast put the woman down, before it shook itself dry, becoming a slight fuzz ball, though it didn't care.

It approached the drenched girl, ripping off the bandages on her ankle and waist, before licking them clean.

The Saber tooth went into the forest, and came back with a large leaf, that could be used as a cover.

It covered the girl's half naked, wounded body. Then it turned around and headed back deep into the forest. It's ears twitched a couple of times, before it started sprinting ahead. The beast found a wild bear, to hunt down. The bear ran for its life knowing that it had no chance of winning against such a scary thing.

Meanwhile, Nibiru slowly started to stir up.

Nibiru's POV

I slowly opened my eyes to the sudden brightness of light.

W-where was I?

My head felt heavy, and I felt numb every where.

I was in the forest, the loud sound of birds chirping, the sound of rushing water, what could it be?

Forcing my neck muscles to move, I turned my head to the other side. It was none other than the rushing river.

It was then that I saw a young deer jumping about cheerfully with its mother right behind it. The little deer lowered its head to drink water, the mother kept watching me.

I smiled, it reminded me of mum. I miss you mother. Though missing someone whose dead won't get me out of this.

Forcing myself to sit up, whatever was covering me fell off, as I felt a cold breeze on my bare chest, which startled me as I quickly grabbed onto the leaf to hide myself.

W-what was... W-who?...

The sound of violent splashing, caught my attention as I saw the young deer being yanked to the river by a huge crocodile. The mother deer was hopeless against such a thing and ran away saving its life. The little deer thrashed for dear life but the crocodiles teeth only sank deeper into its flesh, and soon a red substance flowed with the river water.

It's cruel sometimes, but that was life. You can just move on or, remain in darkness. But I really did feel sad for that deer, poor thing, it was too young to die. I wanted to help but I couldn't move.

It was then that the crocodile surfaced again. This time it was heading in my direction. My eyes widen, D-didn't it just eat that deer just now? Why was it after me now?

I forced myself to stand, only to start wobbling, I forgot about my injured ankle.

The crocodile drew closer as it crawled on the river bank.

By now I forgot all means of that leaf and started wobbling my way quickly to the nearest tree.

But the crocodile was faster, it opened its mouth wide ready to snap it shut the second I slow down the slightest.

I tripped, and fell face first on the earth, my hands moved quickly by reflex, and covered my head. A sharp rock dug deep into my palm, I let out a weak cry of pain.

"Ughh..." I breathed, I shuffled to the tree ignoring the pain.

I screamed the moment the crocodile bit into my right leg. That made my kick the croc hard with my other leg. Although my left leg was numb, I winced as my ankle bled.

The croc did not let go, it was then that I had that an unfamiliar feeling surged through me. I grabbed the nearest croc limb, which was its swaying tail, and ice burst everywhere. That caused the crocodile to jump, and let go of my leg.

H-how ca-

The crocodile didn't back down, it came charging right back at me.

I survived this far, I can't just die here but I was at an extreme disadvantage. I shut my eyes, prepared for the worst only to hear the sound of large paws hitting the ground in front of me.

My eyes snapped open, as I saw the one sided massacre, the Saber tooth that was on that cliff yesterday, has ripped the crocodile's head clean off its body. My eyes widened in horror.

I backed away only to hit a tree.

The Saber tooth shifted its gaze to me. It slowly started to approach.

My tears were already on the brim from earlier, and now they escaped down my cheeks. I put my hands in front of me looking away, "If you're going to eat me, be quick with it... P-please."

At first nothing happened, then I felt the Saber tooth licking my bloody palm. I look up in alert, my heart was hammering, and this creature... Didn't seem to want to hurt me...

It was as if suddenly I let my guard down, and relaxed after everything that happened today. I slowly seemed to lose consciousness, I felt really tired, and I needed some... Rest...

>>2 hours later<<

I jolted awake,the second I felt something wet on my face.

I stared wide eyed at the beast in front of me, before I quickly stood and backed away. It's quite surprising how many trees are in my way today, because I hit a tree just as I stepped a few feet away. I fell , leaning of the tree, as if my legs just suddenly gave out.

The big Saber tooth eyed me quietly for a minute before it stood up and stretched, before it approached me once again.

I was petrified, looking at that beast. All I knew was that it's intention is not to hurt me... Yet at the very least, but what did it actually want from me?

I watched it as is quietly lay down next to me, ... And rested it's head on my lap.

It surprised me how it trusted me this much. I held my breath , my arms raised high, avoiding it's touch, incase I might provoke it. Slowly I lowered my arms, until they settled on the beast's fur.

I nearly gasped as I felt the saber tooth licking my bare chest, it slowly felt numb. Then it licked my wounded left hand, then to my ankle, and leg. Before I could protest, it licked my face, too.

"O-okay, okay stop! T-that's enough!" I spoke pushing it away. It was acting as if it was my pet or something.

I scaned the big beast in my lap, it really had big teeth. I smiled just as an idea popped in my head, "I know let's call you Mr. Tooth. "

It's ears perked up in alert, before it quickly placed my hand between it's eyes.

"Y-you want me to pet you?" I asked unsure on what it's implying.

It nodded.

So now it understands human speech...

I did what it wanted me to do.

My hand suddenly glowed bright gold, before it dimmed back to it's original color.

Seriously what was happening?-

The saber tooth's amber eyes met mine, before the Saber tooth started glowing too. It's figure slowly became smaller and smaller until it was taller than an average man. The soft glow gradually faded away.

It was then that I was meet with the Saber tooth's familiar amber eyes, but this time it wasn't the familiar beast, it was a golden blonde haired man, the back of his hair seeming longer than the rest. The man had such a lean body, that I began to question that he probably was better looking than Blade. His skin seemed a shade darker than mine. His striking amber eyes seemed to be the main attraction, if any woman saw him, she would probably be head over heels towards him.

"I apologize, my orders were to protect you, from any harm as per the queen's orders, but I do not want to be called, as Mr. Tooth. As silly as it seems, it sounds ridiculous, but please call me Owen." He spoke as he came closer and hugged me.

Why was he apologizing? Who is this queen? The human Saber tooth's name is Owen? Why was he hugging me?

It was just then that I realized that a supposedly fully grown man, that was completely naked, was hugging my naked upper half.

I screamed.

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