His Human Luna

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Blade's POV

The next day my parents barged into my room while I was doing the paperwork for the ceremony.

"Blade, your ceremony is tomorrow and you still didn't find your Luna." My mother started, obviously trying to lecture me.

"Me and your father are suggesting that you let someone take the Luna's place until you find your mate."

That's it. I already found my mate and I do not want people to push me around. It's like everyone here just wants me to barg in my mates house and say, 'Hello there! You're my mate!' I mean like I'm going to scare her. I don't blame her if she got scared because I would have been too.

"Father, mother you know that no one here interests me and probably every female here found her mate. Also, can I have a moment of peace to not think about that stupid ceremony?" I practically wanted to yell. But I had to respect my parents.

"Okay... We'll let you think about it." My father said as he got out of my room.

"...Blade?" I look up and see my mother with a worried expression. "Are you okay? You seem a little off lately." She came closer and placed a hand a top of mine.

"I'm fine mum. It's just all the stress lately about this ceremony." I partially lied. Well yeah the first part 'I'm fine' is a lie, but the the rest is actually true so it pretty much cancels out the lie.

"I hope you'll be cheerful in the ceremony then..." My mum said as she closed the door behind her.

The second I no longer heard her footsteps in the corridor, I stood up and walked to the window looking outside.

The only thing that was in my head right now was the girl I saw yesterday, my mate. Her giggle rung in my head as if she just did it.

I look at my clock. 2:15. I have enough time to see her again... I think.

I have to complete the work first or else I'll raise another suspicion to my parents.


When I finally finished I glance at the clock. I groaned. It was 11 sharp. I have no time.

I'll go there the first chance I have free tomorrow.

~~~~~The next day~~~~~

I woke up by the sound of someone knocking on the door. I stood up and changed quickly before opening the door.

It was my father , the next thing I knew he was hugging me. I just gave it back in return.

"You're the Alpha now son." He said, "And I am really proud of you." He smiled at me once we pulled away.

I couldn't but help smiling back.

My mother barged in with opened arms trapping me in her arms.

The next thing I knew I heard her say in A sob ,"You grew up so fast."

"Okay mother, that's enough, you don't want my clothes to be covered by your tears." I partially laughed.

My father snickered.

My mother pulled away wiping non existent tears.

"What will you do about the Luna Blade?" My father asked.

"Fine... Let there be a temporary Luna till I find my mate." Even though I found my mate I know that my parents will most likely not except her.

"Okay we already found someone to take that place till you do." My father spoke as he glanced at the corridor. "Blade. This is Kayla. Kayla this is Blade."

A woman that seemed a bit shorter than me by a few inches, had short wavy brown hair and brown eyes entered my room and bowed.

"Such great manners." My mother complemented.

"Good morning Alpha Blade, I'm Kayla your Luna." Kayla said as she straightened herself.

I had to stop rolling my eyes at her because if I did my parents will be mad.

"Thank you Kayla." I said forcing a smile.

~~~~~~~~~~a week later~~~~~~~~

I did not get any chance to go see my mate the whole week. I was so busy that I barely had enough time To even eat.

I'm planning to go tonight either way.

"Hey Blade!" Eliot eyed me for a moment before he spoke, "You okay there mate?"

"Yea... Why?" I responded glancing at the clock and back to him.

"I don't know you just space out a lot... Recently." He stated.


"Blade~~" came Kayla's voice through the hall.

I know she's annoying and all, but talk about perfect timing.

"Blade come on we have to eat now." She said smiling at me.

"Okay." I turned around, "See you around Eliot." I waved him goodbye.

Eliot eyed me suspiciously but waved back.


I leaped out my bedroom window and shifted when I was out of any werewolf veiw.

I closed my eyes and listened to the trees and wind.

I heard quiet sniffles from far away.

I followed them to my mates house and saw my mate crying. Sitting on a chair, head leaning on the table, her hands covering her face. Her hair down covering her face.

What happened? She was cheerful a week ago. It was dark in the living room and she was alone there.... Oh... No... Don't tell me she lost her grandmother.

My wolf yelled in my head,'Go there and comfort her you idiot!'

He knew just as well as I knew that if I went there and tried to she can think that I'm some sort of stalker.

I stood up and ran back to the pack house my heart aching to go comfort her.

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