His Human Luna

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Nibiru's POV

"Listen, Owen, or whatever your name was... I have no idea what you're saying... S-so please let g-go of m-me..." I trembled trying to stay composed.

He let go, stepping back before suddenly bowing, "I-I'M SORRY PRINCESS, I-...-I WON'T DO IT AGAIN! PLEASE SPARE ME!"he pleaded.

I covered myself with my hands as much as I could, before, I blinked a few times looking at the sight before me. "W-W-WAIT! I-I'm n-no p-princess..." My stuttering started , before I could control it. Oh how much my head was spinning.

He looked up at me before he smirked at me, "Well, of course, your highness." He approached me and extended his hand to me.

The next thing I knew I covered my eyes, I couldn't bear to look anywhere any longer, "G-go cover y-yourself o-or s-something!..."

I heard him chuckle, "Is it really bothering you?"

"W-w-well...." I couldn't even complete the sentence without even feeling the least bit flustered.

"Sorry, I can't since I only follow orders." Despite him apologizing, I could literally hear it in his voice, that he wasn't sorry at all.

"W-whose orders' exactly?"

"The queen's orders, and the princess's, and no, one else's." He cleared.

"T-then, I o-order you to g-go get c-covered!" I know I'm not that princess,but if he says I am, I'll just play along until he gets covered at the very least.

"Sure." The sound of his footsteps faded away to silence and before I can open my eyes, I felt something warm covering me, I flinched before I glanced at what was behind me.

I saw, Owen, in what could have been a black butler suit, he was holding a white fluffy blanket covering me with it. I realized that he had a pair of feline ears at his head. I knew he was trying to help me, but he was too close, and how on earth did he do that?

Before I can react, he carried me up and started walking somewhere.


He shifted his gaze at me, still walking.

"Th-thank you."

"For what exactly?"

"For saving me earlier... You saved me twice actually, s-so now I owe you-"

He stared at me dumbfounded, before he interrupted, "No-No-no, as your servant, it's my duty to protect you with my life, even if it kills me. You owe me nothing, princess."

"...b-but I'm not the princess you are talking about, I have absolutely no idea what you're even talking about..."

"...I know that."



"S-so then why ?..."

"Oh you know, your mother is quite the worried woman when it comes to you, as soon as, she came back to the palace, she ordered 10 men to go find you, including me."


Owen wasn't surprised by the outburst, and just tilted his head to the other side to minimize the ear damage.

"But my mother is dead... She died on my birthday, on one of her trips ..."

"Yes, that is true."

"So how is she alive?"

"Apparently none of the servants in the palace have a clue of how she came back alive, and why now of all times, and we would rather not know about it."

"H-how are you even sure that I am the princess you're implying on?"

"You proved yourself to be the princess actually, we only needed 3 evidences to prove that you really were the princess. If you missed one of them then you you were to either be eliminated, or sent to the queen to handle you herself."

"And what are those 3 evidences that you need?"

Before he replied, we reached a small wooden cabin. It looked really old, there were plants and moss growing all over it.

Owen set me down on the ground near a tree, "Excuse me for a moment."

"O...Kay..." Agreed confused.

Owen kicked down the door, and entered after dusting himself.

I only frowned , what was he up to?

A few moments later, he came out, "The place is a mess, but I tidied what I could, so it should do for now."

He carried me once more with ease, which made me yelp.

"Are you not used to being carried around?" He chuckled questioningly.

"Nope, and honestly, I'm starting to doubt that you're a servant... At least with that attitude..."

"Trust me when I say this princess..., you'll get used to it." he grinned.

He took me inside the cabin, and to my surprise it was perfectly tidy, despite it being dark, "Hey, I thought you said the place was still a mess."

"Yes, it is still too messy to welcome a princess."

"But this is clean?..."

"I told you earlier I cleaned what I could so that it can last you for the time being."

I was speechless, it was utterly clean how did he do that?

He sat me down on a bed on the corner, "Just rest up for a bit and then you can continue your questions... Do you need something before I go prepare a few things?"

"... You do realize, that I'm still naked..." I whispered.

"... Right, give me a moment." he disappeared into a side room.

It didn't take long for him to come back, holding what looked like a medical kit, and a few folded clothes in his black gloved hands.

"these clothes should do for now, but before that, we need to get those injuries disinfected, and bandaged up." he starred down at me with that dangerous look in his eyes. He looked like he was tempted to do something.

"Says the person who licked me numb..."

He grinned devilishly, "... I have no clue what the princess is saying."

"Act innocent all you want, but you're not going to touch me anywhere!" I gripped the blanket tightly.

"Okay, then, remain in that state." he smirked.

Was he a servant or a devil?

"Fine!, I'd rather die because of infection than allow someone like you to bandage me!" I yelled, and slumped on the bed facing away from him.

I winced when I felt his gloved hand on my face, forcing me to look at him.

"Oh I'm sorry, but I can't let you die, since my orders were to keep you alive and safe."

Before I knew it, the blanket covering me was thrown to the wooden floor of the cabin, and Owen directly on top of me, holding me down with on arm and the bandage on the other.

I screamed, and kicked, and struggled as much as I could to get him off.

"Now, now princess, don't be like that. Those injuries won't heal themselves, this way." his eyes gleamed in the darkness, as his grin only grew wider.

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