His Human Luna

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Twenty - one

Nibiru's POV

"You know I hate you now."

Owen just smiled as he turned around putting the kit away.

It was suddenly that I felt sleepy and drained.

"O-wen..." I whispered before I lost consciousness.

Author's POV

His lips curved upward. He turned around and leaned on the counter, crossing his arms.

"You may not know this but the moment I lay my eyes on you. I wanted you to be mine." he spoke to himself.

"I guess my little draining spell worked, I was worried that it won't...You won't be waking up any time soon, and absolutely nothing will wake you until you feel absolutely well rested." Owen approached the sleeping Nibiru.

She looks so peaceful. He thought.

He sat by the edge of the bed gazing at her in silence.

...What am I thinking... She's in a higher status than me... I'm just some random butler who had nothing better to do than do what he was told... But I'll be honest her beauty struck me, her beauty exceeded both my expectations, and her mother's ... He argued to himself.

He reached out caressing Nibiru's hair for a moment before he went for her cheek.

He smirked, "Little princess... Do you know what I'm about to do to you?" He spoke in a dangerously teasing tone, crawling above her. "Probably not, sin-"

Owens ears twitched. Glancing outside the window by the bed, he spotted 3 wild boars that seemed to have survived from a high cliff fall, and we're drenched in river water. They seemed angry and looked like they wanted to kill the nearest thing alive.

Owen's eyes slited instantly in alert of the bloodlust radiating from them.

Owen sighed, "I guess this has to wait, princess..." He slowly got up and headed out the cabin.

The boars eyes suddenly were fixed on him, they recognized his scent. They started circling him snorting in rage.

Owen took off his black suit jacket, and threw it aside. Then removed his tie and unbuttoned a few buttons. His hair rested on his chest chest before he started stretching his arms , "Let's get this over with quickly , shall we?"

The sound of clothes tearing could be heard through out the forest as Owen's figure quickly grew bigger in size , fur sprouted out as , his teeth sharpened and grew larger. He roared as he stood on all fours, his palms changing to sharp clawed paws.

The boars roared back and lunged to attack with their horns.

3 against 1, huh? Well that isn't very fair. Fine guess I'll have to play dirty too. He mocked.

With one swish of his paw, all the boars started bleeding. One of them survived, and started running for it's life when it realized what it was up against.

Oh no, no, you're not getting away, you started this, so we're gonna end it. Owen prounced on top of the boar and bit down on it's neck causing it's blood to splurt out, he waited till there was no pulse before he removed his teeth.

I don't even want to do so much as eat you for how disgusted I am. You chose the princess of all people to attack... I'd better go clean up this mess before she wakes up to this horrific scenery, and get my self cleaned up. He thought. His face had blood splattered from the boars.

Owen's ears twitched again as he listened to what else was to come.

... Something big is coming... Probably those boars' leader, but it's giving off a different aura... Better check it out before it gets any closer...

Owen started sprinting toward the source in silence, having no other thought than to kill whatever it was.

In the distance he spotted 4 wolves, which made him stop. One of them was big, but not as big as him, a lot smaller in fact. It had dark fur that had a purplish-blue shine to it. The other 3 weren't as big as the first but they were bigger than the normal wolf. 2 of them were a brownish color and the other was an orangish-gold.

Owen thought, Their scents don't match those of wolves... If that's the case then they must be... Werewolves. Owen found himself grinning. I'm guessing that they're rogues... Which means that they'll only be passing by... Still if they stopped for a little duel it would be nice ...

The wolves stopped and looked at the sabertooth. They paid no mind to it at first, but the big one had a horrified expression. It slowly growled at the sabertooth, the other wolves seemed to have figured something out and stood by it growling with it.

Owen was surprised, Welp...I did not see that coming, but... It's your life that's on the line not mine. Owen bared his teeth as a warning for them to retreat but they seemed too stubborn to do that.

Owen guessed that the big dark one is the alpha. Owen's power as a sabertooth, was overwhelmingly powerful, it could anhiliate the strongest werewolf alpha alive, so he knew that those werewolves were no match against him.

If I slay the alpha the little wolves will realize what they're up against and try to flee. Since I'm in a good mood after earlier, I'll spare those 3 at the very least.

The alpha wolf charged blindly, at Owen as he evaded easily.

Owen froze, as he sniffed the breeze that came from the charging wolf. Why does this alpha's scent have the slight remainents of Nibiru's scent?....

Blade's POV

'Do you feel that Blade?' asked Eliot through the mindlink as we searched for my missing mate.

'Yes, I do... We're being watched... Everyone stay close.' I replied back to the 3 wolves behind me.

Dorothy and Kayla , stopped, 'Alpha! You'd better take a look at this..." Dorothy's voice echoed in my mind.

'What did you find?'

'Look.' she pointed her snout to the left.

I scanned the place and found a large and unusual tiger standing there and watching us. It's canine teeth were bigger than my head, and they were dripping with fresh blood.

'This being looks like it'll kill on sight, let's get away before it chases us.'

'No- that's not what she meant. She meant it's scent, isn't that scent Nibiru's?' cleared Kayla.

I froze, sniffing the air. They were right it was Nibiru's scent, so then that blood must belong to ...

I growled, getting ready to charge at it. The others joined in too.

The weird cat, bared it's teeth warning us, but I won't go down just knowing that my opponent is tough.

I lunged at it, and it evaded without breaking a sweat.

'Blade, let us help you!' Eliot yelled through the mindlink.

'No... I'll do this myself...'

The large cat looked at me in silence.

Before I could have blinked I was pinned to the forest floor by it's massive paws, as it stood on top of me. It growled threatening me.

It bit down on my neck , it's massive canines puncturing my skin. I roared at the pain, but bit back on it's neck.

This thing really did want to kill me.

I bit back on it's neck, and it didn't even flinch. Black spots started appearing in my vision .

'Blade! We apologize but we have to help you!' Eliot's voice rang through my mind.

They attacked it, but it wasn't fazed at all by them.

I was forced to revert back to human as my blood quickly decreased. I met it's gaze, it's sharp slited eyes burning into mine.

It was then that it's grip on me weakened, as its slited pupils roundened slightly, as it removed its jaws from my neck, before it looked up in the distance, from the direction we found it.

I tried to use it as an opportunity to get it off me, I kicked it as hard as I could and sent that cat flying into a tree. It stood up as if that kick never happened, although the bite I gave it on its neck was bleeding.

It glanced at me as I stood up, my wounds healing quickly. Eliot, Dorothy and Kayla stood in front of me in defense, growling at the weird creature. It's eyes slited back to what they were before and roared at us.

Eliot and the girls fell on the ground grabbing at their ears wishing for its roaring to stop. Even I had difficulty trying to block it out as it was strong enough to make our ears bleed.

Then suddenly it stopped. We look up after a few seconds of silence only to be met with ourselves. It was gone.

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