His Human Luna

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Author's POV

The Sabertooth sprinted back to the cabin, paying no mind to the dead boars on the forest floor.

What is going on? Her heart suddenly stopped, then it started racing, could it mean that such magic shouldn't be casted on her? Or that her body is too weak to handle magic? Thought Owen.

Shifting back, fresh new clothes appearing, as he entered the cabin. Owen only casted that spell because he wanted her to recover quicker.

His eyes widened, as he saw her sweating pinballs. Owen took off his black glove, and placed his palm on her forehead.

"Fever..." it was the only logical explanation for what was happening, she'd been in wet clothes for nearly half the day and his magic has probably done its toll on her.

Owen sprinted around the small cabin looking for anything useful.

He smashed a counter table after realizing, there was nothing there. "Dammit!"

Owen quickly had thought, What if that fruit actually works?...

Earlier that day while Owen was hunting, he found a small bush with small exotic fruit hanging from it. Apparently this fruit can do wonders on any type of illness.

I can make it back before the fever gets worse if I go now-


Howling... The werewolves must have followed him despite his warning.

He had to fight them off or they'll just kill the princess, then again if he does that it'll take too long for him to get the fruit. Or, he could go get the fruit, but they'll get to the princess.

"Tch- I choose neither." Owen mummbled.

Owen was under strict training under the queen herself. She taught him how to control his transformation and many other things, in return he had to protect her heir.

Owen's lower half shifted to his Sabertooth's hind legs, increasing his height, as his lower clothes were shredded, keeping his upper-half human. In this form, it was quite difficult to keep it for long, but for Owen it was easier than swatting a fly. He ripped off his upper clothes to lighten his movements.

Owen quickly slipped his hands underneath the princess and sneaked out the cabin quietly knowing that the werewolves would find out if he made a noise. Just as he was out of sight range he started sprinting.

* * * * *

"I'm going to follow it." Said Blade.

'No you're not. You saw how easily it overwhelmed us 4 altogether.' shot Eliot through the link.

"I know that, but I'm still going, it had Nibiru's scent. Something doesn't add up, I'm sure because that blood covering its head was definitely not Nibiru's, and the fact that I would have felt it if she was dead... Which I'm thankful that it didn't happen."

Eliot leaped in front of his Alpha. 'Look, I know I'm stupid sometimes despite me being the Beta, but when I see an overwhelming enemy, I know that we retreat. So we should head home for now, rest and think about what we should do.'

Blade looked down at the wolf, his gaze burning right through his Beta's." You dare order me?... "

'That's not what I meant.'

Blade lowered himself to the wolf's level leaning towards it, "Good."

'But I really think we should head back.'

"Go ahead, I'm not going back until I get to the bottom of this." as he shifted back to his wolf form, and started following the beast's scent.

It didn't take long for the other three for them to follow anyway. Blade howled , 'I knew you would come.'

Soon the stench of boar blood filled their nostrils, up ahead a sea of blood covered the area as a few boar corpses were lying around. A small old wooden cabin resting quietly in the center of it all.

They slowed down as they approached the place.' What happened here? This place looks like it was in havoc.' spoke Dorothy through the link.

'I don't like this place.' said Kayla.

Ignoring their comments, Blade approached the cabin and opened its creaky door with a push of his nose, and slide his head through the door and looked inside.

There was a small counter that looked bashed, into pieces, at the center was a small table with a wooden old chair, and a window to the side with a small bloodied bed under it, a side room was on it's right. There was a few fresh spots of blood splattered on the table and chair, a few shredded clothes, and bandages that look like.... They were shredded from clothes near the bed.

Blade immediately reverted back to his human body and neared one of those shredded bandages. He took one and took a sniff. He froze. He went to the bloody table and wiped some of the blood on the table, and brought it to his nose.

It was Nibiru's, he was sure of it. He neared the the bed and placed a hand on the bed it was still warm. He sat on it and Nibiru's mesmerizing scent became denser.

He dashed for the door and just before he left he stopped, there was another scent in that cabin, which made him stop. He turned to the bashed counter, he didn't need to get closer to feel it. An even denser scent filled with what could be frustration and an inevitably powerful aura. And the scent... It belonged to the beast that he fought earlier.

Without much thought, he sped through the door shifting in the process, he sniffed the air searching for a trail of any sort.

'Blade. What's going on?' Eliot said firmly through the link.

Blade found traces of its scent, being masked by the dead boars blood. He didn't think twice as he raced behind it ignoring the wolves behind him.

It didn't take long for him to hear its paws thumping on the forest floor ahead of him.


The sound of a werewolf's steps became evident as the half-sabertooth neared the fruit bush.

"Bad timing." he said through grit teeth.

He gently placed the woman he was holding down near a tree, as she stirred awake.

"... Owen?..." Nibiru spoke as she looked at him, with blurry vision.

Owen did not reply, he quickly went to pick a fruit from the nearby bush and came back hurriedly.

"...What's going... On?.... Why are you-"

"I'm sorry princess, but I need you to eat this please." interrupted Owen as he held her hand and placed the fruit. "Eat it now or you won't have much time left." spoke Owen as he kept glancing at a certain direction.

"... Why..."

"Please, I'll explain it in detail later."

Nibiru quietly stared at the fruit in her hand, sweat falling off her forehead. She quickly put the small fruit in her mouth and swallowed it, before falling into a heap of coughs.

The werewolf burst out the bushes just as Owen shifted to his huge beast from and stood in front of Nibiru.

Blade spotted coughing Nibiru behind it, it's lightning eyes softened, before they hardened as it glared at the beast, growling.

The Saber tooth growled back.

The wolf pranced on the Sabertooth, just as it swiftly evaded the wolf, the wolf threw its paws, at it creating bloody gashes on it belly fur.

The Sabertooth threw it right paw at its face as it skidded into a tree as it fell down, knocking the wolf out cold.

The Sabertooth growled before it hurried to Nibiru shifting in the process. Owen's gashed belly bleeded but he wasn't fazed by it.

Suddenly Owen's eyes glowed.

"Owen! Did yo-" An image of a white haired woman popped in his face, stopping him from getting closer to the princess. The woman's face cringed in disgust.

Even worse timing. Thought Owen.

"Why are you always naked?" said the woman glaring at him.

"... I apologize your highness but I'm currently in the middle of som-"

"I don't care, have you found her? I want my answer now!" the woman ordered.


"Well? What are you waiting for spill it." the woman spoke in a child like manner.

Owen thought, if she couldn't handle his magic, then what would happen if she was exposed to the queen's dense magic aura.

"... No... I did not..., your highness."

"Hmph, incompetent as always I see." she said raising an eyebrow. "Anyway, I need you here at once!" she said pointing at the floor in front of her, ice blue eyes piercing his.

"I'll be there but can you giv-"

"NO BUTS!" the woman yelled.

Owen flinched. The image vanished as soon as that conversation was over.

Owen instantly ignored everything the queen just said and kneeled down next to Nibiru.

He helped her up in a position that let her lean on the tree.

"Are you alright now?" Owen asked concerned.

"... A little... Better..." she said barely a whisper.

"That's good to hea-" just as Owen was about to complete his sentence he started glowing.

Owen was shocked, the queen must have become impatient and decided to bring him back herself.

"I'm sorry princess, but I have to go now. I'll be back for you I swear, I'll be back as soon as I fin-" he couldn't finish his sentence as he vanished into thin air leaving a half conscious Nibiru and an out cold wolf by a tree.
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