His Human Luna

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The Author's POV

The sound of the forest was the first thing Blade heard, as he stirred to consciousness.

He opened his eyes to the trees rustling from above him.

He stayed there for a few minutes , before he remembered what happened just a while ago.

He jolted to his paws, looking furiously to and fro for any sign of that monster.

He found no signs of it, and fell onto the earth, I need ...to rest... A little...

Just as he closed his eyes he heard movements.

He stood up in alert, searching the area and found an injured woman. He lowered his guard.

Nibiru pulled her self to her feet and groaned in pain. "I... Have to... Find... Owe-..." she heaved.

Blade immediately recognized her and approached her from behind.

She started to limp her way away from blade without realizing that he was there.

Blade shifted as he approached her and was about to put a hand on her shoulder.

Nibiru swayed away from his grasp and fell on the dirt floor unconscious once again. That limping must have tired her out especially when she was in such a state.

Blade wasn't happy about any of this. He quickly shifted back and placed Nibiru on his back, in a position that he was sure she wouldn't fall, and started sprinting towards the pack letting his friends know that they're heading back.

3 days later

The sunlight's rays shined bright as it went through the window glass and entered the room. In that room an empty messy bed in the center, with traces of a body that lay there overnight. The aroma of freshly made breakfast on the coffee table left untouched.

A woman sat by the window, wearing a simple white night dress and a scarf covering her bare pale arms, looking at the small children pointing at her and whispering to each other, others playing completely ignoring her, and others who waved at her. The woman's lips parted as she didn't know what to do in response.

A knock resounded on the door.

The woman didn't reply.

The knock resounded again.

Still she gave no response.

Whoever was behind the door, opened the door panicked. And froze when they saw the woman staring out the window.

Eliot sighed, "I was afraid we would've had to go after you again."

Nibiru narrowed her gaze to him before turning her head to face him.

Eliot looked at the untouched breakfast and sighed obviously concerned, "Luna, I'm worried about you... We're all worried about you especially Blade. If you have something you want to say please say it, no need to keep it to yourself, and harm yourself."

"... I'm a bird stuck in a cage. I can see freedom but I cannot be free. Instead I'm stuck inside a cage, and you ask what's wrong with me?" Spoke Nibiru quietly.

Eliot kept quiet.

"Eliot, you're a good person, and I know it. But please try to understand my situation here." Nibiru begged, "...I want to go home, not that I actually have a home now..." She spoke sadly, returning her gaze back to the window.

"I-I'm not sure what to say... But, there's nothing I can do to help you as the Beta-Sorry- second in command. Compared to Blade, I'm powerless..." Eliot tried to explain.

Nibiru smiled weakly in understanding , before she looked out the window once again.

"...but that doesn't mean that I can't take you out in secret. " grinned Eliot nothing but mischief covering his features.

Nibiru shifted her gaze to him just as soon as he was gone and the sound of the door closing behind him.

Nibiru frowned for a second before Eliot popped his head back inside," Oh and be sure to not be asleep by midnight." he whispered just loud enough for Nibiru to hear and closed the door once more.

Nibiru thought for a few seconds before a smile tugged playfully at her lips, she just hoped that whatever Eliot was planning wouldn't get him into trouble.

Some children waved again at Nibiru and this time she waved back.


Eliot came back that night, holding a rucksack, that seemed to have some items inside.

Nibiru looked up from the book in her hand while in the same position as earlier that morning by the windowsill, "So what do you-"

"Shhhh..." Eliot silenced her. "We need to leave quickly before anyone notices, and obviously by anyone I mean Blade since he's the most sensitive person to sound in here."

Nibiru opened her mouth to speak but thought otherwise and nodded instead.

Eliot locked the door and took out a key from one of the many pockets of his rucksack and unlocked the window,"Hold on to this for me." He gave Nibiru his rucksack, who did not expect how heavy it was.

He poked his head out for a moment before he slid out, "The coast is clear, now come on quickly." he spoke raising his arms to catch her, urging her to come out.

Nibiru placed the heavy rucksack on the windowsill, then climbed out the window as Eliot helped her down gently, placing her bare feet on the forest floor, before grabbing the rucksack.

"We need to get as far away as we could so that Blade won't hear us." he whispered.

They started sprinting away from the pack house and into the distance.

Eventually Nibiru got tired, "I-Isn't this.... Far enough?" she heaved.

"I think so, just wait here for a moment." Eliot spoke glancing at her before cautiously hiding behind a thick tree trunk.

"I suggest you cover your ears because this won't sound pretty..." Said Eliot after a while.

Nibiru was confused but did what he told her. The sound of snapping bones surprised her, "Eliot? Are you alright?... "

A chocolate brown wolf with glowing green eyes appeared from behind the tree, it was big, not as big as Blade when he was a wolf, 6ft tall, would be it's height. Eliot's rucksack in its snout.

Nibiru tilted her head to the side before her eyes widened and she stepped back flinching from her injuries, "Eliot... Right?... Y-you're not going to hurt me are you?..."

The wolf stopped for a second before it lay down on it's belly and put its head on the ground, trying to prove that it was no threat.

Nibiru lowered her guard just a little, "So what are you gonna do?"

The wolf's head perked up before it gestured to it's back.

Nibiru frowned unable to understand, "... What?..."

The wolf leaped to it's feet, dropping the rucksack, and started circling Nibiru. It stopped and ran towards her from behind, head low as it's head went between her feet as she was now on it's back.

"H-hey!" spoke Nibiru alarmed.

Nibiru grabbed at its fur as she felt herself slipping to her left with surprise.

Eliot noticed as he helped her using his snout.

Eliot snatched his rucksack off the dirt ground and started walking slowly increasing his speed steadily.

Nibiru spoke as Eliot took his lefts and rights, "Where are we going?..." Nibiru shivered as the cold breeze collided with her skin.

What she was wearing was not something that should be worn in the cold especially not outside.

Eliot slowly started to slow down as a lake came into view.

He lowered himself to the ground to assist Nibiru to the ground.

Nibiru sat on the ground wincing in pain, her chest felt like it was going to tear apart, her hands stung and the soles of her feet ached.

The wolf panicked and ran behind a tree, before Eliot poped out, in his clothes. He darted to her, "Oh my god, I didn't take this into view. I shouldn't have went too fast. I'm really sorry." Eliot panicked.

"I-it's fine..." She breathed straightening her posture slowly.

"You sure?..."

"Yes..." She glanced at her palms before looking at the lake, "... it's beautiful."

Eliot glanced at the lake and smiled, "Yes, it really is. But nothing can beat the beauty of our pack's Luna." He smiled wider as he looked down at her sitting next to him.

Nibiru's eyes widened, as she flushed, "S-stop calling me that..."

"But it's true, you're our Luna. The pack just doesn't want to admit it. " He spoke raising his head high.

Nibiru stared at him quietly, a breeze passed from the cold forest, as she shivered.

"Anyway, here cover up with this to keep warm," spoke Eliot, as he pulled out a jacket from his sack and covered Nibiru with it, "It sure is cold tonight."

"Y-yes, winter is closing in soon, it won't be long before the first snow falls." she added.

"Anyway, you must be starving, I don't think you ate any of the meals that were prepared for you so... I've brought my own." laughed Eliot as he drew out a few containers.

"... Why are you treating me like this?", Nibiru paused, "Aren't I like a stranger to you? And don't you have Dorothy? "

Eliot didn't reply.


"Since you're the Luna it's kind of my duty to do it, whether Dorothy likes it or not, I still have to... Everyone in the pack has this duty to protect you since, hypothetically speaking, you're like the mother figure to this pack. Just like blade is the father figure here. Everyone has their duties, the Alpha, Blade, ensures the safety of the pack. The other werewolves of the pack, support the alpha and protect the Luna in any certain casualties."

"Are there any duties for me then?"

"The Luna, has the duty of protecting the pack, being the mother of the pack and supporting everyone in it. But since you are a human it'd be an impossible task for you to protect the pack, so supporting everyone and being a motherly person towards the pack would be your duty. " He continued.

Nibiru frowned, "Why does the Luna position have so many duties???"

Eliot chuckled, "It wasn't me who made them, ask the goddess." he said staring at the moon.

>>>>an hour later<<<<

Eliot ran through the forest carrying Nibiru on his back.

It's getting late, better head back. Eliot said earlier.

Nibiru held on his his fur tighter, fear of falling getting the best of her.

Eliot swiveled to a stop in front of the room window, letting Nibiru down. He turned around to leave, but Nibiru spoke.


Eliot turned to face her, only for her to dash toward him hugging him where his neck was. He dropped the duffel bag from his snout from the surprise.

"Thank you." came Nibiru's voice from underneath him.

Eliot widened his eyes in surprise, his surprise making him shift back to his human form without realizing.

"L-l-luna...." he stuttered out, his own face flushing.

Nibiru instantly stepped back face flushed red, "I-I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me!" she covered her face shaking her head furiously.

"N-no it's my mistake." he hid behind a tree, leaning against it.

"I guess we can call this a night then... Good night," Nibiru turned around to face the window gripping the scarf tightly, "... And tell him that I'll give him another chance, I hope he'd be a little more honest this time." she climbed up the window back into the room and closed it before closing the curtains.

Eliot sighed, he never realized he was holding his breath. He peeked from the tree, looking for his duffel bag, taking a glance at the closed window before speeding to his room.

What was she trying to say? Who did she mean by him? She couldn't possibly mean...?

~~~The next day~~~

Nibiru woke up the next morning rubbing her eyes, she sat up and glanced at the curtains covering the window. A little curve, curved on her lips when she remembered the events of last night.

A knock was heard on the door which made her smile drop, as she glanced at the door.

The door opened slowly after a period of silence. A familiar head of dark navy blue hair peeked inside, lightening eyes glinting as they looked down upon her.

The man walked in, closing the door behind him. Nibiru notice the dark bags underneath his eyes, many sleepless nights have already taken their toll on him.

He opened his mouth to speak but Nibiru stood up from the bed, gave a little bow of respect and spoke, "Good morning, Alpha Blade." she smiled sweetly at him.

That little smile was enough to get the dark bags to disappear.

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