His Human Luna

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Nibiru stepped outside as the children dragged her outside to play.

The sun shown brightly for the morning, the sky as clear as day. The sound of the trees' leaves rustling with the wind in the forest, being drowned out by the children's laughter.

Around 2 weeks have passed since she last saw Owen. She assumed that it must have been her mind playing tricks on her despite it feeling so real.

Nibiru shook the thought off, she mustn't think of events that never happened in the first place.

"Miss Luna?" asked one of the children.

"Just call me Nib." She spoke smiling at the little boy.



"We're playing tag and you'll be it." Said the boy.

"Hmm.. Okay, I'll count to 10 then I'll chase you guys." Suggested Nibiru.

The children vanished with a series of giggles after they spoke in unison, "Yes Luna."

The children never met a human before, so when they heard, they had a human for a Luna, they couldn't help but be curious.

Nibiru started her countdown, "10...9...8...7...6..."

She heard a few howls from the distance, assuming it was normal since she hears it frequently every now and then, she continued her counting, "5...4...3...2...1...and 0. Here I come."

Nibiru walked around the forest preceiving the surroundings. "Hmm, guess you guys are better at this than than I thought, I underestimated you." she murmured.

"Guess I'll have to go all out then." she exaggerated. She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath, and listened.

The forest's sounds filled her ears, birds, leaves, grass, then something that disturbed its peacefulness. Rushed steps, a few hushed whispers, "What's she going to do?"

Nibiru smiled, speeding to that direction and turned a corner behind a bush, spotting 3 little werewolves looking at her in surprise, "How did you find us!?"

The children scattered in different directions to buy time, other children leaping out to help the ones who have been found out.

"Got you." Nibiru grabbed a boy at the age of 9.

"Ahhh! No fair!!" he cried.

"Luna Nibiru, where are you?" the sound of a grown up came from the distance.

It sounds like Eliot. She thought.

Eliot came into view, "Oh there you are, I've been looking for you everywhere." Eliot jogged her direction as the children suddenly surrounded her protectively glaring at Eliot.

"Um... Ye-Yes?" Nibiru forced a smile staggering at the children's tugs.

"Alpha Blade, wants everyone outside the pack house grounds to come inside." he said glancing at the children, "Anyway, why are you guys so huddled up around the Luna?"

"Go away!" shouted one of the girls.

"She's our play toy not yours!" shot one of the boys.

"Yeah!" agreed the others.

Nibiru stared at them dumbfounded, they thought of her as an object to play with.

"Are you sure? Blade won't be very happy about that, if he found out." Eliot chuckled, "I see they've taken a liking to you, Luna. Unlike the old grown-ups."

Nibiru nodded, "Let's go little ones, we need to head inside."

"What!? No! We're still in the middle of our game!", they pouted.

"Ah... We can play hide and seek inside instead." Nibiru suggested.

The children looked at each other as if talking to each other, then the all faced her, "Fine but promise."

"I promise." she whispered.

The children's frowning expressions changed into smiling ones.

They all started tugging Nibiru to the pack house, Eliot trotting behind them.

Nibiru entered first and started counting them, "1, 2, 3, 4..." she continued till she counted all 12 of them then she froze, "Wait... Weren't there 13 of you?"

The children shared puzzled expressions before one of them gasped, "We forgot little Joe!"

The children panicked, "We need to go find him, he can't find his way back alone!" explained one of the children in panic.

"O-okay I'll go find him." Nibiru's nervousness took over her.

She was just doing well a while ago. How come she didn't notice earlier?

Just as she turned around to go look for the boy, Eliot entered, through the glass doors.

"Yo, hey, where do you think you're going?" Eliot grinned blocking the entrance, a few feet away.


Alarms rang disturbing the peace, lighting everything in red. Eliot's expression changed to devastation.

Pack guards surrounded every entrance, and every glass window or wall.

"W-what is going on?"

"Rogues." Eliot growled, "Luna we need to get you to safety now."

"W-what about the children? T-they can't defend themselves!"

"We'll, worry about that later, Blade won't be at ease if he finds out that you're here instead of your roo-" Eliot urged grabbing her wrist and pulling her deeper inside.

"No!" Nibiru freed herself from his grip, "T-there's a boy outside, we need to go and get him back, or else he'll be in danger." she stood her ground.

Eliot's gaze burned holes through her, before he sighed, "Fine, but promise me you'll go after we find the boy."

"Ye-yes. That should be enough... for now."

Just as the two approached the guarded entrance, howls were heard once more closer this time. The guards blocked the entrance with what looked like spears, "No one leaves. Alpha's orders." the two guards spoke in strict unison.

"There's a child outside, I have to go and find him." Nibiru tried to explain.

"No can do, Human." growled the guard looking down at her.

She shivered in her place.

Many of the pack members came flooding into the main floor, Blade appearing last, "Guards get ready, we'll protect everyone here at all costs, if our plan fails, then.... I ask everyone to evacuate to the basement when that time comes." Blade mumbled through grit teeth.

The children ran to each of their parents, some were crying, some were scared to the bone others just kept quiet hoping it would pass.

The guards outside the pack building shifted to their wolf forms, their growls heard from the inside.

"Luna, I'm begging you, please. At least stay out of sight." Eliot begged trying to move her to the corner of a wall.

"O-okay." Nibiru stood there in the corner quietly taking in every little thing that was happening.

Wolves with bloody fur emerged from the distance their growls louder than the guards. Their savage appearance was enough to strike fear and terror into one's soul. The wolves dashed to the pack house's direction gnawing their jaws at any werewolf daring to go against them.

They kept going until nothing but dead wolf corpses blanketed the area.

Inside, the werewolves screeched with terror, what made this peaceful day turn into something like this?

Nibiru dropped on the floor hugging her knees, she covered her ears trying to block out the screams.

"THAT'S JOE!! SOMEONE PLEASE.... GIVE ME MY SON BACK!" came an older woman's screeches.

Nibiru's eyes shot up, venturing looking for the source, a woman that seemed in her late 20s, despite her lifeless eyes, she wept, "My son... Please..." she clutched onto a guard, "... He's the only thing I have left..." she choked, as a familiar dirty blond hair boy scampered for his life outside, 2 huge wolves racing after him.

Something inside Nibiru snapped.


Silence filled the room, the only thing being heard was the woman's cries, and the screams of terror outside. Guilt hang heavily in the air, they all looked like they wanted to do something about it, but were powerless against it.

"I'll do it."

Everyone faced the source, Blade took off his jacket dropping it on the floor, "... I shouldn't even be here in the first place-"

A bright glow illuminated the main room from the corner, as a chilling winter breeze passed . Everything was still, and absolute silence took over the place, voices stolen. Eyes on whatever was from the corner, everybody held their breaths.

An unusual figure started to walk from the corner, a set of silver ice cold eyes set a glow from the darkness. A translucent ghost pale woman stared at the guarded doors. Long pearl white hair cascading to her knees, wearing a short chiffon gown, decorated with sapphire laces. A crystal tiara hovering above her head, and what looked like fine snow fell around her, covering her pearl lashes with snow. Long slim legs stretched with every step, the sound of glass high heels clacking on the marble floor echoed in the building. As the woman moved, the glow radiated more, and ice formed under each step on the marble.

The werewolves stared in awe, too stunned to speak, as the woman continued eyes never leaving the glass door ahead.

She stopped in front of the 2 guards, who pointed their spears at her.

The woman did not budge, instead she turned her head to the direction in which she came from.

Everyone turned their heads that direction trying to get a glimpse of whatever she's looking at.

Blade heard someone mouth, "It's that human..." his eyes darted to the corner and found a Nibiru laying on the floor out consciousness.

He was just about to dash off to Nibiru when the ghost-like woman turned her head back to the door and trudged past the guards.

The woman raised her hand and touched the glass doors.

Frost traveled rapidly covering the whole piece of glass. It did not take long for it to lose it's transparency. The sound of snapping and cracking was heard as everyone gawked at the doors. The woman lowered her hand just as the glass shattered.

She stepped outside leaving a trail of ice behind her.
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