His Human Luna

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Twenty - six

With every step the forest seemed to get quieter and quieter.

The woman's glass heels changed to ice skates once out of pack grounds.

She skated and skated, until the afternoon became evening, Nibiru's weight having no effect on her.

Until she came to a halt, as he skates turned back to her heels, the she continued walking as a familiar wooden hut was in view.

A familiar looking being stepped out into the open in shock, gaping their direction.

It was Owen. He wore a fresh white regular long-sleeve shirt, with matching black pants, his Sabertooth ears twitching like they always do.

Owen stepped back nearly stumbling as the woman passed him without sparing him a glance.

Owen rushed inside after her, an expression of disbelief never leaving his features.

"... What is going on? Who are you?... - What are you doing with the prin-" that's when Owen realized.

The woman lay Nibiru on the small bed by the window, just as Owen spoke, "Naviska."

She froze.

The woman's head spun his direction with a murderous intensity, at the sudden mention of that name.

"So it's true..." Owen said bewildered at his own discovery.

"EXCUSE ME!!!??" the woman screached.

Owen lowered his head as he bowed down, out of courtesy , "I deeply apologize for not noticing sooner. I greet her highness."

The woman huffed, "I thought as much." her gaze returns to Nibiru.

Owen masked his irritation.

"My simple mind does not understand what will happen from now so will you be so kind to explain to me so?"

"Stop talking to me that way. You know quite well that I despise it." the woman seethed .


"Now repeat what you wanted me to answer." the woman raised her nose high.

Owen straightened himself, "What is going on right now?" he said very bluntly.

The woman raised a brow as if he just offended her.

"I'd like to confirm what is happening with an explanation from you."

"..." the woman's intense stare at him made him shift uncomfortable, "I am princess Naviska, the real daughter of the high queen. And as you can tell, I'm worse than her."

"... Then what about Nibiru?"

"A disgusting naive soul, that corrupted my vessel. Very incapable. Nearly died killing me with her." Naviska's voice was filled with riddles.

"I do not understand." Owen frowned.

"..." Naviska's gaze at him became fierce as she said flatly, "Ever heard of two souls, one body?"

Owen gaped, "That really actually happens?"

The woman sat down on the nearest chair, crossing her arms and legs, "Apparently." she rolled her eyes.

Naviska stared at Owen with uncertainty, "... Owen? If I'm not wrong."

"Yes you are correct." Owen looked up in alarm.

How did she know his name?

"I like you." she said grinning.

Owen frowned.

"Don't get me mistaken, I mean, I like people like you." she said Shifting her gaze elsewhere.

Owen's frown deepened.

"Straight to the point... You hate my mother don't you?" she said in one breath, eyes holding no jokes on this matter.

Owen stepped back in shock at her question, "Princess, I could never -"

"I can sense the lies in your statement." she spoke with a delicate grin.

Owen just gawked at the ghostly appearance of the woman.

"Worry not. I plan no such scenario where I tell the queen.... Because as you may not know..." her gaze narrowed, "... I despise her."

"What? Why?" Owen's confidence was starting to break apart, everything he was so sure of before was lies?

"... Let's just say that she is way too obsessive to my liking." she admitted as she stood up.

Owen's mouth shaped into a straight line, then he said, "Makes sense.", that because he knew.

Naviska came closer invading his personal space until she was inches away from his face as she leaned in, "Which is why, I'd like you to give me information about how mother's coping with her sudden resurrection, and obsession over my vessel. All the while, pretending that no such deal has occurred in her presence." she backed away shifting her gaze elsewhere," To put it simply, I'm asking for your loyalty to me to be over hers. " she said as if it was the easiest thing to be granted in this world.

".... I-"

Naviska's ghostly appearance started to flicker, "Times up, she's waking up." Naviska's expression turned colder than it ever was as she narrowed her eyes to Nibiru's sleeping form.

Nibiru's eyes twitched slightly as the slowly opened, trying to adjust.

Naviska's flickering form loomed over Nibiru's face, "How pitiful."

And just like that Naviska's image shattered as if an illusion all along.

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