His Human Luna

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Twenty - Seven

The doctor examined Blade's wounded shoulder, "Hmm... I see. " the pack doctor commented.

Blade frowned, "What?"

Blade has been in a fowl mood ever since the woman took Nibiru.

"That woman seems to know what she's doing. It's a clean cut, she covered it in frost to prevent any infection and to stop the bleeding. It shouldn't cause any problems. Luckily for you, werewolves can even regenerate limbs, but at the cost of time. 2 months normally, but Alpha, you are different, 1 month until you have a fully regenerated new arm." The doctor paused knowing exactly how Blade is," So I suggest plenty of rest, do nothing rash or you might lose your head next time. "

"Fine..." Blade sighed with frustration.

"Now hand up, I need to bandage it for you." The pack doctor turned around looking for bandages in the drawers.

The silence seemed to tick on Blade's anger making it rise with every passing second.

"I know how you feel alpha." The doctor started, "That feeling of being powerless to defend your own mate. I feel you." She said as she started wrapping the bandage around his shoulder.

"Do you know how I lost mine?" She questioned quietly.

".... No..." Blade winced as the bandage touched the open wound where his left arm once was.

"First let me tell you how I became a part of this pack. Long ago, way before even you came to be, I was a rogue in my rogue pack doing what was necessary for survival. Our rules were very simple, we attack any pack even if our mates were there." She paused taking a breath,"Until we came here one day. Back then it wasn't as strong as it was today, it was but a new formed pack by your grandfather. It was during his last days as an alpha. My wolf started going crazy during the attack, trying to ignore it I continued attacking along with the others. Then I met him. The two of us kind of stood motionless. He was one of the pack guards, one of the best. But still I had an advantage over him, I had experience, my trickery, my instinct and want for survival. "

She tied the bandage in place, before she sat down on a chair in front of Blade.

"It was then that the rogue leader seemed to notice my change of behavior and sent me a message in the mindlink. He said, kill your mate. This rogue pack being all I know, I charged. Tyler seemed surprised I attacked him, but he dodged. I finally cornered him, I pinned him down on the ground, I was ready to pull his heart out... But I couldn't. I didn't know why. The next thing I knew I fell in a heap of tears. I started pounding my fists on his chest at how helpless I felt. But he did not fight back he embraced me even though I tried to kill him moments ago. The rogue pack retreated as I followed behind them trying to ignore everything that happened. My leader must have saw what happened because the next thing I know I've been stabbed in the waist, he said something about me being weak. Tyler must have felt it in the bond for him to come running just like that. He brought me back to the pack, everyone helped me. We lived together, until your grandfather's reign was over and your father took over. At that time I was a trainee pack doctor. That very same group of rogues attacked again targeting Tyler. I was there. I couldn't do anything to help. They killed him... Mercilessly."

The doctor's eyes teared as her voice cracked, "So trust me when I say. I know how it feels."

She wiped the off quickly, "I'm sorry for wasting your time, you may leave."

Blade stood up balancing himself without the weight of his arm now to help him.

"I suggest you go after your mate when you have fully recovered your arm." she added. "Because to us a life without your mate is meaningless."

Blade glanced at the weeping doctor behind him.

Blade bit his tongue as he took his bloodied shirt with him, and left.


Owen quietly stared at Nibiru as she stared back at him.

She put a hand over her head, "I'm still dreaming."

"Nope you're not." Owen replied simultaneously.

"But weren't you -"

"Part of your imagination? Very funny." Owen put a hand on his cheek, "I'm just as real as those werewolves you stayed with."

"That's just hard to believe." Nibiru shook her head.

"As unbelievable as it sounds, I'm right here in front of you." Owen sat on a chair and leaned on the table his knuckles over his lips.

"But you-you're a Sabertooth.... That means you're supposedly have gone extinct millions of years ago!"

Owen put his hands down on the table and stared at her with an unreadable expression, and a flat line on his lips.

None of them spoke.

A minute passed.

2 minutes passed.

Until they became 10.

"I'm sorry, what?"

"You know what just forget it."

Owen leaned back crossing his long legs and crossed his arms over his chest, eyes never losing contact with Nibiru's.

"You seem... Different..." Nibiru spoke.

"I know, because the situation has changed." Owen mumbled.

Without much thought Owen extended his arm gave his hand a twist and a beautiful clear diamond flute appeared in his hand.

He offered it to Nibiru, "Please take it... It belongs to you after all..."

Nibiru stared at it with shock, "Oh my God! I remember having one of those years ago!" she took it without thinking.

"If you don't mind, would you please play a tune. Since my head needs some clearing." Owen asked politely.

"O-oh. S-sure!" Nibiru pondered on something for a minute.

She took a deep breath and the flute touched her pink lips.

The quiet hum of the flute started to play, the crystal clear flute gave off a beautiful gleam as it came to life.

Nibiru paused taking in an effective silence before she continued the tune becoming stronger and giving off a warm feeling.

Owen's eyes widened as the flute glowed brighter, then noticed the slight illusion portraying between him and Nibiru.

Her true appearance.

The long pearl white hair, the slight frostbite on her cheeks, and the crystal clear tiara millimeters above her head.

Owen couldn't help but smile, the flute recognized her.

This flute wasn't like any flute, it was made by Nibiru's flesh and blood, by her mother her majesty the queen. It was made only to be played by her child, if any other person played it they'd be frozen in ice, almost immediately.

Nibiru's tune finally came to an end as the flute's magic faded away bringing back Nibiru's appearance.

Nibiru sighed, finally opening her eyes.

Her eyes widened before her face flushed red.

Owen's smile widened as he gave a clap, "That was wonderful princess."

"... I don't know, I'm a bit rusty...."

"Whether it's rusty or not it was still touching. " Owen admitted.

" So.... Have I been successful in clearing your head?" Nibiru asked curious.

Owen sighed deeply, "You somehow did... But... I'll tell you this princess. I will do whatever I can in my power to help you or do whatever your heart may desire. I wish to be by your side, and not the queen's. I wish to be of use to you. A simple whisper of my name and I'm at your command. " Owen obliged.
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