His Human Luna

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Nibiru's POV

The moment I woke up, I got up, placed a hand on my head.

I look around, I'm at home, and it's dark outside. In my room, the covers covering me.

This is unbelievable! I'm sweating! Was I shivering before they placed me in bed.

I still have the fever. When I remembered the dream I just had.

My granny and my mother, told me that something,... No someone is waiting for me in the woods.

Just as I had the thought I felt like was being hypnotized. I jumped out the window without thinking running into the woods, that had many wild animals roaming around at this time of night.

I'm only wearing my crop-top, a thin see-through shirt on it and my black leggings.

I heard my friends calling my name. So much for wanting to call back but my body wasn't responding.

Not soon after I crashed into something furry and hard.

It was like my body finally gave in and did what I ordered it to.

I look up only to see a big wild bear.

It looked at me with fury.

Blade's POV

My eyes suddenly go slits as I had a feeling of nusia, anxiousness , and anger.

I didn't understand at fist but Zeff hollered in my head, "Mate! She is in danger!"

I stood up from the dinner table suddenly, ignoring the fact that my parents are there.

"Excuse you!" My mother half yelled.

I didn't know why but I ignored her and somehow stormed off out of the dining room, grabbing extra pair of clothing then going out of the pack house and into the woods, shifting in the process.


Soon I caught onto her lavender and honey scent.

Just as I turned a corner I saw one of the girls that I found a day ago in her room, helping Nibiru up, while the other seemed to fight off a wild brown bear.

As I got closer my breath hitched in my throat.

Nibiru... She looked awful. A big gash from her shoulder to the left side of her waist.

She was losing a lot of blood. She was still there, which was good.

I charged at the bear without thinking making it lose consciousness.

I troted over to the girls seeing the reason to why those two girls wear familiar to me as clear as day.

They were rogues. I growled at them.

The helped Nibiru up and backed away.

I growled again.

The two girls were obviously confused.

One of them asked me in my head. "What do you want from us?"

I didn't reply, just as i was about it growl again Nibiru whimpered.

She stood up a bit and seemed to study me for a bit. Her eyes dull.

I knew she would be a little afraid of me because I'm about 10 times larger than the average wolf.

She took a step forward, which caused both the girls to leap forward holding her arm.

"Nibiru, we have to get out of here." Said one of them.

She didn't seem to hear them as she stepped forward again.

I took a step forward lowering my head.

Zeff was dieing for control by now.

The two girls just sped off into another direction.

Nibiru's POV

Even with my injurys, I stepped forward to the magnificent wolf in front of me.

It had fur of dark navy blue color, and golden yellow brown eyes.

I felt like it was calling me.

The injurys made me feel cold.

I took another step as pain ventured through my veins.

Blade's POV

Just as her foot landed on the ground, she whimpered in pain.

She just reached out to me. I let her touch my nose.

I had to stop myself from flinching, at how cold her hand was.

She pulled her hand back for a bit.

She smiled. She placed her hand on my nose and let it trail up my head to my ears, giving them a little scratch, earning from me a purr.

Her hand continued to trail down my neck.

She spoke, "...So...Warm..." Her voice was really quiet barely hearable.

Before I knew it she swayed to the side. I leaped quickly before she slumped on my side.

I glance at her. She was unconscious.

I kept quiet for a moment balancing my options.

Moments later I heard Eliot's barks come from a far.

I didn't make a sound.

A few minutes later Eliot was looking down at me.

"What are yo-" his eyes drifted off to Nibiru. "What are you doing with tha-"

Before he completed his sentence I growled, "Do you have a problem with my mate?"

"She's your mate!?" He was yelling in my head which was really irritating.



"A month ago."

"You could have brought her in before the ceremony."

"You know how my parents are selective about my mate."

"Oh...Do you want a hand then?"

Eliot rushed behind a tree. When he came back he was in his human form the usual chocolate brown hair and emerald green eyes.

He came by pulling gently on Nibiru into his arms.

I was going to growl at him for stealing my mate but he spoke. "Don't, I know we'll than to steal my Alpha's mate. Also that I have a mate of my own."

I stand up and swiftly rush behind the bushes that I left my duffle bag in.

I shifted then wore a pair of pants and shirt, randomly.

I got out and took Nibiru from Eliot's arms.

"Tell me, the reason you kept spacing out was because of her?" He spoke.

"Well... Yeah." I thought for a moment. "You better not tell anyone about this!" I hissed, carrying Nibiru.

"Don't worry, your secret is safe with me." He grinned.

He better keep it or else.

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