His Human Luna

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Blade's POV

The moment we stepped forward, we heard two low growls from behind.

Nibiru's temperature suddenly rose, it became way to hot for her to handle.

Her breathing became shallow and quick.

I need to get her to safety so that it her injury doesn't get worse.

"Eliot, hold her for me..." I said as a low growl made it's way up my throat.

I turned around when he did to see another two werewolves. One had shiny black fur and black eyes and the other one had chestnut brown fur and emerald green eyes.

They were females, rogues.

I grit my teeth for a moment, "What. Do. You. Want?"

"Our friend, you Bozo." One said in my head.

"Who is your friend?" I said quietly.

"The one you're holding, who else?"

"No." I stated in one straight tone.

I can tell that the brown was about to leap at me.

Just as it leaped at me , "Leave my mate alone!" I spoke in a hiss.

The wolf shifted mid-leap, surprisingly, the clothes appeared covering the female. Two inches smaller that me and long brown hair, with the emerald eyes.

Same with the black wolf. Short shiny black hair and black eyes.

The one with brown hair, tilted her head, "Nibiru...is your mate?"

The other one came forward, "How?"

Do I look like I know?

The brown haired female glanced at the other girl, "Liliana... Now what do we do?"

Liliana placed a hand on the other girl's shoulder, "Well, we have no choice but to retreat now Maya. Let's just hope that this werewolf over here will know how to handle her now."

Just as the two girls turned around and started walking away, "Wait... You seriously are her friends?" I asked trying to wrap my mind around all of this.

"Yea." Maya said her eyebrow raised in question.

"I don't know what I'm doing right now, and I'm not sure if I could but as the Alpha, I want my Luna to be happy, so you wouldn't mind joining the pack would you?"

I know, that came from nowhere.

I felt Eliot's arm jabing my side.

"Really?..." Asked Liliana.

"Yeah, if Nibiru wants you guys I'll be more than happy to let you join."

Maya grabbed Liliana's arm and pulled her aside.

A few minutes later Maya stepped forward,

"We'll think about your offer." And before I can react the both rushed into the woods.


I know the chapter was short but I didn't know what to write really...

Hope you enjoy!;)

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