His Human Luna

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It's been more than 2 weeks now, and she still hasn't woken up yet. I knew that this would happen but not for this long.

Kayla kept her promise which made me relieved.

Every now and then, us three would look for liquidized food inside pipes so that she won't die of hunger... At least that's what Kayla told me.

I keep my distance from Nibiru so that her scent doesn't get attached to me, and then the whole pack house becomes suspicious.

As well as I try to hide her scent as much as possible which is quite hard.

She rested on my bed, so now I sleep on the sofa. I spent every bit of free time in my room in hope that she would wake up when I was around.

I dragged my hands down my face in frustration. I had all that work to do around the pack house, and when I finally finished and started heading to my room, Kayla came up to me, 'Alpha Blade?' she paused, 'You don't look so good...'

She knew what was happening and she didn't want to let everyone know of what was happening.

'You think?...' I don't know what was into me anymore. I walked away to my room and closed the door.

I listened to her heart beat.

I took in yet another deep breath.

I stared at the bunch of books on the table in the corner.

I decided to go get a shower and read a book until something decided to pop up.


After I wore something decent I wanted to sleep but I know I couldn't.

I grabbed one of those books onthe table and sat on the couch.

~~~minutes later~~~

I don't know what was the name of the book I was reading and I don't really understand a thing from it, I paused, I flipped the book.

"Mistical Moon Goddess : Her Minions"

I thought Her Minions probably means Her werewolves if I'm sure.

My breath hitched as I heard Nibiru's heart skip a beat and started to quicken it's pace just a bit.

She's awake. I heard her whimpering quietly. She opened her eyes, looking around.

She tried sitting up but fell back in the bed in pain. That was my cue to go help her.

I stood up and walked to her, I helped her up.

She looked at me with her dull eyes with no emotion.

I brought a chair and sat down next to the bed.

"How are you feeling?"

She didn't respond.

I tilted my head a bit.

She looked at her hands lying on her lap, "Who are you?" She asked quietly.

"I'm Blade." I answered her smiling a bit.

"What am I doing here? A-Aren't I supposed to be at home?" She questioned,her hands slowly crossed her chest.

I stopped her before she made it tight. "Don't do that you're still recovering."

She turned her head to the side hiding her face.

"I was walking around the woods when I found you there injured so I brought you to my home." I lied.

She turned to look at me.

"Okay, listen I think you should get some rest for no-"

"Where do you usually sleep?" I was surprised by her question but I answered.

"On this bed but since I brought you in I slept on the couch."

"Since when did you bring me in?"

"Uh... Around two weeks ago..." I paused. "You need to get some rest now. So I'll be leaving you now."

I left the room and locked it in case anyone decided to enter it.

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