His Human Luna

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She seemed a little dull, but she'll be back to normal soon... I hope.

'Eliot? You there?' I tried contacting him as I walked aimlessly around.

'Yes, what's up?' he replied faster than I thought.

'...you aren't busy at the moment are you?'

'No, why?'

'Get Kayla and meet me in my office.'

'Will do.'

I sighed, as I headed to where my office was.

As I was opening the door to my office I heard my father talk from behind me.

"Blade" his voice was really firm, what I noticed when he was angry at something and I'm guessing that ,that something is me.

I turned around trying to look a little cheerful. "Yes, Father?"

He frowned at me. "What are you doing here? You are supposed to be doing your duties, not roaming around."

"Right." I said as I turned around and closed the door behind me.

I sat in my chair, hitting my head on the table, multiple times.

What is wrong with me?

I heard a knock. I didn't stop banging my head on the table, "Come in."

Both Kayla, and Eliot entered closing the door behind them.

"Su- Hey! What's wrong?"

I look up at him. "What do you think is wrong?"

"How should I know." He shrugged.

I glared at him.

"Ok, stop, tell us why you wanted to see us." Interrupted Kayla.

I put my forehead on the table avoiding all eye contact with them. "...She woke up..."

"You serious!? That's great!" Kayla beamed.

"That's actually good news." Eliot grinned.

"......." I looked at the both of them speechless. I mean they are already happy and I somewhat not happy.

"Uh... Blade? Why aren't you happy, I mean your mate finally woke up." Kayla questioned.

I sighed, "Well, she seemed a little dull, unlike how I first meet her..."

"Oh... I'm sorry." Eliot said quietly.

"No need to be... It's probably because she had been through a lot, and everything was against her... I just hope that I can help her..." I spoke mostly to myself.

"Well, how about Kayla and I go see her while you think of something here, also I got a call from the others telling me that you have loads of paperwork to fill out." He paused, " I think it would be good for her to create a bond or two with us." He smiled in the end.

I nodded, "Yep, just watch it, she was injured and she needs time to heal, so don't rush it... And while you're at it, here's the key to my room, lock it twice after you enter... You got that?"

Kayla took the key and nodded.

Soon after that they were gone. I run my hands in my hair in frustration, why? Why me?




Nibiru's POV

I tried to rest, but I couldn't, every position had pain, yet I couldn't feel it.

I heard the door unlock, Blade was probably back, but I wonder where he went though.

The door slowly opened as two figures entered the room.

A man with chocolate brown hair and emerald green eyes. And the female with wavy short brown hair, and black eyes.

I don't know why but I had a feeling that Blade looked prettier, his his dark night sky hair and golden yellow eyes just seemed perfect together.

I'm not trying to offend anyone because they too are in a good shape.

I lay on the bed on my back quietly, the hell bored out of my mind.

The woman locked the the door and the man came closer to me smiling.

"Hello. I'm Eliot, Blade's best friend and this is K-" He looked like he wanted to continue but the female interrupted.

"I'm Kayla, Blade's other friend." She spoke happily.

I wanted to smile but for some reason I felt nothing but empty inside.

Kayla tilted her head a bit.

"I-i'm N-Nibiru..."

"Are you okay? Blade told us that you were a little to dull to be be okay." Said Eliot.

Kayla jammed her elbow into his waist.


"Anyway what were you doing in the forest the other day?" Kayla asked a bit of worry covering her features.

"I...I was...I don't remember..."

Kayla and Eliot took glances ant each other.

"Well, anyway we are here to keep you company till Blade returns." Said Eliot.

"So what do you want to talk about or, do?" Kayla said smiling.

"Why do you guys live in the middle of the woods... I mean there is a whole town close by and you live in the woods..." It was a question but it seemed like any normal sentence.

"Well, that hard to explain..." Said Eliot.

"Well, we are self isolated, we don't really like being with other people, also we find the forest better than a town." She explained.


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