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It is about Ancient worlds, main character is about a boy.

Adventure / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Millions of years ago four asteroids hit the earth with devastating effects wiping out in fact the race of intelligent beings even before the dinosaurs, they hit before the time of human beings, before the continents began to slowly drift away from each other, and much before the very well-known asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs. These landed in, Ancient Egypt and China as well as the Atlantic Ocean. These seem to have kick started the first human civilizations.

This was the small section of science and technology in the popular newspaper, The Angel. The time was the 21st century and the place was the rainy, cold and cloudy London that many know so well. A 13-year-old boy by the name of Acrux was sipping his hot chocolate on a cold rainy morning by the river Thames under an umbrella on a café table. It was a delightful way of enjoying mornings that could otherwise be a dull and uneventful Saturday morning. One might have found it strange for a boy such as him to be reading a newspaper and while sipping a hot drink in a café on a Saturday morning but not the café owner for who Acrux was a regular customer.

Ships and planes have already been dispatched to the locations of the asteroids by many companies but only one has decided to go for the one located in the Atlantic ocean, the reason being that the asteroid could most likely have already sunken to the very bottom and would therefore be extremely difficult to obtain. This is most likely to end up in a race, a race to see who can first unravel the mystery.

Acrux wished that he could be on a trip such as this but with a heavy sigh he put down his cup of hot coffee which was now sadly empty and stood up. He left the money under the cup and nodded to the café owner whose name he still hadn’t bothered to ask. He put up his hood and walked off.

Acrux would go on these walks after he decided one morning just to leave the house and walk along the Thames, his dad didn’t really care as long as he came back. His mother died in childbirth and this meant that his dad didn’t really care about him though he paid for everything. He was given an allowance of 20 pounds a week as he wasn’t given any activities, with this money he had somehow managed to create a bank account of which every week he would put in ten pounds of the twenty he was given.

At this time, he had 1201.21 pounds in his bank account due to the interest. His dad had managed to win the set for life lottery 2 years ago and had no job and clearly saw no point whatsoever in life except to eat drink and play on his phone. As for Acrux, he had accomplished much in life, he had managed to learn French as well as Latin and Chinese fluently through a couple of apps on his phone, acquire a black belt in karate, invest in the stock market and become the smartest in the class. However even through all this, Acrux felt as if he had managed to do nothing. He often wondered these streets and contemplating life and becoming more or less a philosopher.

At school though, he had a few “friends” who often looked to him for help in subjects of math, languages, English and history for he had earned the title: “the quiet kid” He wasn’t teased because no-one in his school ever bullied, he wasn’t appraised either, for though he would achieve the highest in any given exam, his teachers had learned that it had absolutely no affect upon him whatsoever.

Though he did not know this, he was in fact a very smart boy especially for his age. And in the back of his mind somewhere, a link had begun to form. A link from the myth of the lost city of Atlantis and where the asteroid had fell.

Ace, a company which specialized in diving and underwater exploration was the company that the newspaper had mentioned. They had decided to go for the asteroid in Atlantis for quite obvious reasons. The captain of the expedition was named Jamie Arnold. Their trip was to be seven hours long and extremely dull in his opinion mostly because it wasn’t long enough to sleep through and neither was it long enough to stay awake through, basically it meant that Mr Arnold was going to be very cranky.

The ship that they were using to travel was a yacht, but it wasn’t a luxury one, neither was it a very big one. It was big enough, but not as big as Mr Arnold would have liked. He was currently at the front of the boat watching the clouds lazily drift over the sun. He never got tired of watching the sunset, the sky was filled with dashes or orange, yellow and red.

In the distance, he thought he might be able to see land.

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