Leonardo and the Osmium Cube

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The year is 2108. Menacing messages of extraterrestrial origin begin to be transmitted to our planet. Faced with the possibility of an imminent alien attack, an authoritarian organization called the World Union (UM) begins to gain more and more followers and a centralizing and tyrannical government is installed on Earth. Leonardo is a sixteen-year-old boy who lives in the midst of this unpromising scenario. After discovering, hidden in his father's old plane, a strange object made of a very rare metal, called osmium, he, together with his inseparable friends, Conrado and Paula, must unravel a series of challenges to assemble a puzzle that will take him to face the sovereign of a and live many adventures in various parts of the world, the Mediterranean islands of Scandinavian forests. The fable is filled with interesting characters, mysteries, Greek mythology, science fiction and libertarian ideas. In the world ruled by the World Union, nothing is as it seems. As stated by the organization's supreme leader, "no one is more effectively enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free". If you believe you are genuinely free, then you definitely need to read this book.

Adventure / Mystery
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and the


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Leonardo and the Osmium Cube

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Author: A . C. Duarte


- CHAPTER ONE - The History test

- CHAPTER TWO - The mystery of the barn

- CHAPTER THREE - The Council meeting

- CHAPTER FOUR - The osmium cube

- CHAPTER FIVE - The escape through the forest

- CHAPTER SIX - Following the hunter

- CHAPTER SEVEN - Larissa’s rescue

- CHAPTER EIGHT - Unmasking Odysseus

- CHAPTER NINE - Lisa’s kidnapping

- CHAPTER TEN - The II Renaissance

- CHAPTER ELEVEN - The Ithaca library


- CHAPTER THIRTEEN - The Cave of the Nymphs


- CHAPTER FIFTEEN - The invasion

- CHAPTER SIXTEEN - Larissa’s house

- CHAPTER SEVENTEEN - Authorization



- EPILOGUE - Twenty

- APPENDIX - The thirteen cantons

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