Half Human Gorilla Boy

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Anne Dulkure as the scientist zoology and his adopted foster mom found a abandoned half human gorilla boy hid in the bushes in the jungle of Africa during his real gorilla parents are killed by some poachers. She raised a baby half human gorilla boy into a fifty foot giant and seems childish and ability talk, jump like a gorillas and eats his favorite banana.

Adventure / Children
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Episode One: "Abandoned Half Human Gorilla boy"

Once upon a time in Jungle of Africa... "Honey, we are hide our son Dave in the bushes before the poachers are coming on our way?" "Yeah, Jada. You will be okay," Dave. His beloved wife gorilla Karma hid her baby half human gorilla son in the bush. "Crying!" He cried. "Honey, let's go now!" "Sure! I guess so, Jada. Bye," Dave. She left with her husband gorilla Jada recently.
Two years later trip to the Africa international airport center... "Hello Dr. Anne Dulkue!" The African zoology Dr. Chris Foley waved a sign her name. "Hi Dr. Chris Foley, you emailed me and tell me what's going on?" The American New York zoology Dr. Anne Dulkue greeted him. "I take your suitcase and I will discuss you in my jeep now." "Absolutely! No problem."
Duration in the zoo city of Africa... "Look at the cage," Dr. Anne Dulkue. He showed it to her recently. "Where you find a abandoned baby half human gorilla boy," Dr. Chris Foley? She noticed at this. "I found him in the bushes of jungles someone hid a abandoned baby half human gorilla boy in them. But I witnessed his parents are killed by the outlaw poachers ago." "Oh. That's sadly. What's his name?" She sighed. "Dave Seville about three months years," Dr. Anne Dulkue. "Okay. Hello Dave Seville, I am Dr. Anne Dulkue of your foster human mom. I understand you are abandoned and missed your parents so much." "Crying!" He cried.
Three weeks return back to New York City from Africa of zoo city... "Anne Dulkue! Oh? Who is a beast baby gorilla? Robert Sean Leonard of her husband came here. "This our new adoption son Dave Seville. Say hello to him," Robert. His beloved wife zoology Dr. Anne Dulkue replied. "Hi Dave Seville, That's a nice meeting you." "Crying!" He cried. "Is Dave okay," Anne? "Yeah. Maybe he is hungry and thirsty now," Robert. "I take your suitcase and we are going home." Her beloved husband Robert Sean Leonard picked it from the luggage belting side panels.
Tonight in Anne and Robert's house... "He didn't like a pea pudding or carrot baby pudding," Anne Dulkue. "Try feed a banana pudding to our new adoption son Dave Seville," Robert. His beloved zoology wife Anne Dulkue said. "All right. Open your mouth," Dave Seville. "Smelling! Slurping eating! Yummy!" Anne's adopted half-human baby gorilla son Dave Seville smells it recently. "Our adopted son Dave Seville like the banana pudding," Anne Dulkue. "I told you," Robert. She curled on her hair by a hot curlers. To be continued...
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