Kitten Trouble: Book 5 Daddy-Cheddar

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Cheddar is still alive. It was all a dream. And then, he gets married and the number one rule of talking: NEVER SAY: Things couldn't get any worse. OR: Nothing could ruin this.

Adventure / Fantasy
Kitties Rule
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Chapter 1-Wedding!! (Prolouge too I guess)

Ok, so, it turns out that Cheddar never did die! It was all a dream (think god!!)
It's been a year since that dream, and when Cheddar was 11 Months, we had rescued a 11 Month-Old girl cat off the street. We named her Lila. Silver was 11 Months, too because they were sisters, but Lila was new to the house. On her first day home, all three of them played and played together, fought each other, groomed each other (I know, weird, right?), and they sleep with each other. 2 months after Lila came home, we found out that Cheddar and Lila mated each other, so, we set up a wedding for them and Silver was the bride.
Meow, said Cheddar as he said, "I do."
Meow, said Lila as she said, "I do."
"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the mate," I preached in the living room, with the couches and TV moved out for the wedding. Cheddar and Lila kissed as they both walked to the kitchen. Silver meowed a 'Congratulations!' To them as they walked. The wedding was soon over as Mom and I were in the kitchen getting all three of their clothes off. Silver had a white, gray, and tan dress, matching her skin. Cheddar had a man outfit in the color of black and white. Last, but certainly not least, Lila, had a white wedding gown in the color of white, matching her skin color, too. Mom and I were wearing our wedding-bride dresses from other family member weddings. I was so proud of my Cheddar. He might have to be on a diet, but he is my big boy. Yeah, you read that right. He is on a diet because he is a little fat. He can only eat meow mix with meat flavors, and drink water. It was only the five of us. Cheddar, Lila, Silver, Mom, and I. Nothing can ruin this family. Oops! NUMBER ONE RULE OF TALKING: NEVER SAY THINGS LIKE: Things couldn't get any worse. OR: Nothing will ruin this. IT ALWAYS SEEMS TO MAKE THE OPPOSITE HAPPEN!!
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