Blue Glitch

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When a group of strangers becomes friends through life changing events. How can they save the world that they know or will they find out it’s all just made up?

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Start writing here…Everyone stared at the small, pale, skinny boy with messy, dirty blonde hair that seemed to flicker to dark blue, occasionally, then back to dirty blond. His brown eyes seemed to glimmer in the sunlight with an unknown emotion as he scanned the crowd. That was all of his face to be seen, the rest covered by a thick black mask he wore as if he was hiding something that could not be seen. He wore: a long-sleeved white shirt, rolled up to his elbows, paired with black suspenders, a white tie, white pants, and white tennis shoes.

Something about him seemed unusual. Was it was the way his singular earring twinkled in the sunlight as he moved? Was it was the two, small black horns protruding from the top his head, flickering in and out, occasionally, just like his hair? Behind him, a giant pair of wings, the same dark blue as his hair, gently fluttered as they began to spasm then slowly glitch out.

The boy, however, seemed not to notice the hundreds of eyes that followed his every move. If he did, he chose to ignore it. He began walking, people clearing the way as if afraid what was happening to him would spread to them. Harsh whispers fill the air. Words such as freak, glitch, and weirdo were thrown around. No one knew the name of the boy, they referred to him as the Blue Glitch, but no one tried to find out what his name was either. A woman threw a tomato at him. It hit the side of his head, but he did not flinch. More food soon followed. Each one hit its mark, but the boy still remained unfazed as he walked on.

“Get out of here, you freak!” a man yelled as he threw a piece of brick. Silence filled the air. Everyone stared in shock at the brick piece that stopped in midair, right before it hit the boy’s head. The boy turned his head as his eyes flashed a light electric blue. “Who did that?” he demanded as his wings and horns became clear. Light blue electrical currents surrounded him as the crowd parted, showing the man who had thrown the piece of brick. The boy slowly began making his way towards the man cowering in fear. Stopping midway, the boy scoffed, “All bark, no bite. How pitiful.” He spat at the man as he continued to make his way forward, stopping just out of reach, “However, I’m not like you.” Turning on his heel, the boy made his way out of the crowd. Pausing for a second, he looked back at the man with a devilish grin, “I’m worse.” The piece of brick then shot back towards the man, hitting him on the head with a clonk. The boy chuckled as the man fell forward before continuing to his destination. “How pitiful, they’re all the same,” he muttered before disappearing around the corner.


Sammy quietly hummed as he skipped to the bakery. His hair, a light violet, swayed gently with each step. The road to the vegetable market had been blocked by a large crowd. First, he had to make a detour to go to the bakery, then the market. “The bread will not be hot. I hope mother will not be mad,” he spoke aloud to no one but the few critters around him. Shuddering at the thought, Sammy could feel his bones aching from last time.

“Oh, I am so sorry!” Sammy exclaimed, his royal purple eyes widening when he bumped into someone, due to not paying attention. The person simply grunted as they pushed away the hands held out to help them up from the ground. “I’m fine. It’s just dirt. Not like it’s gonna kill me,” the person replied. When he looked up, Sammy didn’t recognize the person at first. His father, while not the best, was, somehow, the priest of the little town he lived in. Everyone knew Sammy’s family, and he knew everyone because of it.

Then it clicked, the person in front of him was the so-called Blue Glitch. The said boy didn’t look as rabid as they said, he was if anything, he looked, a lot, more depressed and very, very dirty. “Hey, are you sure you are okay?” Sammy asked. “What’s that to you, huh?” the Blue Glitch spat harshly. Sammy flinched, and he could have sworn the boy’s harsh glare softened for a second. “I-I was just asking,” Sammy said quietly, looking down in fear of getting hit. “Well, I’m fine, so don’t worry,” was the reply he got.

Nodding, Sammy looked up to meet the boy’s gaze. “My name is Samual, but everyone calls me Sammy....what is your name?” Sammy asked. The Blue Glitch seemed to freeze for a bit, seemingly startled by the question. “Why?” was the soft response. “Well, I do not know your name, and I do not think you like the name Blue Glitch. Am I right?” the light violet haired boy pressed on. Looking a bit surprised, the Blue Glitch mumbled, “Mama called me Gartsin before I got kicked out.”

Feeling proud of himself, Sammy smiled at Gartsin slightly before frowning. In the rush of meeting Gartsin, he had forgotten that he needs to get the shopping done before it got too late. “Oh, no! The groceries! Hey, do you mind waiting around here, Gartsin? You look like you desperately need a bath, you are probably hungry too.” Sammy asked as he felt his pocket for the coins given to him. Confused, Gartsin nodded. “Sure. It’s not like I have anywhere else to go...” he said a bit hesitantly.

Sammy smiled. “Great! I will see you in about thirty clicks!” he said, “If I am not here by then, make your way to the blue house by the woods, but do not go to the physical house, okay?” Gartsin nodded in confusion. “All I got was stay here, and if you’re not here by thirty clicks, I can leave?” he asked. Sighing, Sammy simply nodded. “Sure, now, I really must be going!” Turning, he started to run the rest of the way to the baker.


When the strange boy left Gartsin, the blue-haired male felt strangely empty inside. The violet haired male was the first to try and reach out to him since he became like this. He remembers that day like it was yesterday.

It was sunny outside. Gartsin was outside, making flower crowns out of daisies with his younger sister when she had suddenly screamed. The scream had alerted his mama, and she came rushing outside. Upon seeing her two children, she scooped up his younger sister while yelling at him to say away in fear. She had called him multiple harsh names while doing so. Eventually, he had given in and left the only thing he knew his entire life. All he had was the clothing on his body. Without money, he’d wondering on for days on end starving, wishing for his mama’s food.

How was he supposed to know how to react? His eyes watered as he thought about his mama. It had been almost two months since he had been kicked out of the house. Now, someone was willing to be in his life again. Should he push them away or accept them into his life?

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