Lost Girl

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Lelani Delarosa. A name everyone in the same town knew. She’s shy, hurt, broken. No one quite knows why. Until a new guy comes to her university. Knight King. The head of the New York Mafia. Will she unravel and show him what’s truly going on in her head. Or will she crack under pressure and fade away forever?

Adventure / Romance
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9 years

“Stop.. Stop it don’t touch me. HELP!” I woke up out of my slumber. Sweat dripping down my face. Thank god. It’s a nightmare. After 9 years you would have thought this gets easier. “Lani? You okay?” My mother ran into my room to see why I was screaming. She doesn’t quite understand what goes on through my head but it’s okay, neither do I. “Um yeah mom I’m fine” I told a lie. How was I supposed to tell her my dreams are coming back. “You really are milking this trauma you speak about. You need to stop. It was 9 years ago get over it” my mom tells me that I’m fine. She doesn’t want to ruin our picture perfect family. My mother is a teacher. She teaches at my old highschool. Geometry. 10th graders. My father, he’s no where to be found. Do I miss him? Not sure. I’ve never met him. And my brother. His name is Leon. Leon might just be one of my best friends and the only person who believes me. Sad really.

“Okay mom I’m gonna get ready” I only tell her that so she will leave me alone. I don’t have class until 10 but because of her I’m leaving at 8. It was just a dream. He’s gone. God I hate him. I get ready, grab my keys and head to my usual smoke spot. Where I meet my friends.

“Yo Lani, you’re here early. Wanna smoke then get breakfast at Dotties?” My friend Lizzie says. I known her for a bit. She’s new around here but has found a new interest in Leon. “Sure.” Dotties is a restaurant where all us “delinquents” go. Dottie is one of the coolest women you will ever meet. She treats us as her own.

“LANI!! Hey baby girl how you been? You okay?” Dottie asked me with much concern. No I’m not okay but I obviously won’t allow you to know that cause I actually like you. “Yeah I’m fine.” I say through my teeth. “Liar” a tall stranger at the other side of the room says. “Um excuse me?” I say with shock.

The tall stranger makes his way over to me and looks me up and down. He is taller than me. About 6’3, messy black hair with a strip of dark purple in it. He has a tan. Not to much of a tan, kinda like he’s been in the sun to long. He’s standing there. Reading my every move.

“Um hello?” I say to get his attention. “You lie. If you were okay you wouldn’t have such a worried look when you walked in. And by the way you are covering your self up shows you are insecure. You are severely underweight and your eyes are red. Stoned I assume. Should I go on?” He stood there proud of himself as if he deserved a cookie. I turned around and walked out. The tall stranger followed me as I went to light a cigarette.

“No.” He took my cigarette away and stomped on it. “Hey! I don’t know who the hell you think you are. I suggest you stay away from me” I tell him. I’m so angry. Who is he? “Knight.” He says. “What?” I question him. “My name is Knight. And yours?” He asked. I don’t know why I told him but I did. “Lelani. Lelani Delarosa. I have to get to my university so bye. Knight” I say and just like that I’m off. I’m in my car and turning left.

Who does he think he is. Knight. He seems mysterious. Like he has something to hide but doesn’t everyone? Doesn’t everyone have a chapter in their book that they don’t release to the public eye. Because if they do, everything will change.
I walk into Sociology 101 and I see him. Knight. He’s standing at the from of the class talking with the teacher. “Lelani” he growled my name in front of the whole class. “Knight” I say to him. “What are you doing here?” I question him. He’s supposed to be a person from the morning not someone I see everyday. “I go to this university and professor says you will help me with class work” he said with a mug look upon his face. “Right.” I said. I go take my seat and just look out the window. I stared out the window until the bell rang.
“Knight. Meet me at Dotties at 4. We have work to do” I say with a slight smile. “ I’ll be there Sinclair” he says as he clenched his jaw.
I walk into Dottie at 4:01. “Late” the same voice that’s has been in my head all day long. The annoying yet reassuring voice in my head. “One minute. Knight, chill. Anyways since you just started here are my notes. And here is the prompt for the-“ I stopped, all of a sudden I heard his voice. Him.
“Lelani Delarosa. I found you once and for all”. He said this with pure poison on his lips. “What- I Huh why are you? Why are you here?”I started to panic. I didn’t realize I grabbed onto Knights wrist. And when he saw the look of fear in my eyes he grabbed my hand for safety.
Come here. Now.” He demanded me and I couldn’t move. After all these years. He still had control over me. I’m stronger than this. I need to stand up for myself.
“No.” I say. “No? Okay then” he came closer and I grabbed onto Knight harder. Knight never let go.
“Who is this?” Knight questioned and with no hesitation, “Jack. That’s um Jack.” Before I can explain who he is his handprint is on my face.
Knight juamped up and he didn’t touch him. Instead looked at me and picked me up. He carried me to his car and started driving. Somehow I felt safe with him. He took us to a garden and laid out a blanket. He picked me up from his passenger seat and laid me down.
“This is nice” he starts the conversation. “ I don’t wanna pry. And I understand if you don’t want to-” I cut him off. “ Jack raped me. Um he was in jail for a while but he’s out. Jack raped me 27 times” I spill. I couldn’t hold it in anymore. Knight grabbed me and put me on his chest. Tears were flowing out of me and so he put my head on his chest. “Hey hey hey, go ahead and cry. I don’t mind. It’s okay. We don’t know eachother but I’m gonna protect you. You hear me. I’ll protect you always now.” He declared. “My problems are mine. I’ll have to get over it” I say.
“While you heal I’m not leaving” he says.
For 9 years I’ve been waiting for those words
“Please don’t leave yet. Can we just stay here for a while. I don’t want you to leave yet” I say.
“I’m not leaving Lani.” Lani...has a good ring to it.

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