Into The Void

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Follow Alice and Daemon on their quest to reunite all the citys to fight the rising shadow clan

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

"I didn't mean to Kill him It just happened" choking on her own words She held her cold Hamster in her arms. The open window Let the mist creep in and a chill went up her spine. Her father stared blankly He never cared for Her hamster in the first place.

He took the hamster and threw it out the window, She sobbed harder than ever "Why Would you do that?!" Her father glared at her "You need to learn how to be strong, There's no use crying over a little Hairball." He left without saying anymore The door slammed shut and with him a wave of guilt washed over her. she lay in bed knowing that it was going to be a long night.

As the sun rose so did Alice Her knees grazed And her hands muddy she frantically searched the surrounding bushes for her hamster, with the fur ball nowhere to be seen she gave up and returned to home. defeated she dragged herself to her room and lay pondering what to do with her day. the sudden realization came to her she was meant to be meeting her friends she sprung out of bed and ran out the door, her father was out which gave her just a couple hours.

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