The legend of the prince

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"If I had the choice of changing my life, of course I will do it with a great pleasure, but with my luck I am sure that I will not success to archieve it."This is what I was thinking about while I was escaping from chicken salesman.

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And here am I running faster and faster to stay away from the market and from the chicken salesman especially who was following me. Actually it was the first time I've tried to steal something, but it was either a good idea, well it wasn't easy to run with a big part of chicken, it was slipping terribly. I've promised to myself if I escaped from this big man, I won't do it again. The chicken salesman was following me, running faster than I expected for a man of his corpulence, he started saying some words with his native language that I didn't understand, I was nervous and afraid, I saw the anger in his eyes, he wanted to catch me in all costs maybe he wanted to kill me too, who knows? What was encouraging me to run is the fact that there are a lot of alleys where I can escape without being noticed, I crashed into an alley and I run as fast as I can, I felt so excited at that moment, I managed to escape safely, by way the orphanage is quite near to where I was, I planned to go there because no one can catch me there, I'll be safe and I'll share the chicken with the guys, I was in another world, but everything has evaporated when the big man kicked me and stood on me saying
“You're going to get what you deserved,
He was hitting me with all his strength, he upset my whole body, I saw the death, he started again to say some words that I neither got them, but it seems that he was insulting me. I was hoping a miracle to save me, promptly someone interfered saying:
“It's none of business, go away or I will punch you too “said the chicken salesman. The miracle happened, I was happy, I used their discussion time to restore my strength and to rest my muscles. The strange man asked the chicken salesman about my guilt :
“What did he do to deserve all this pain ?”
“Well let me say that he stole a big part of chicken that costs 50 garlins.” answered the chicken salesman. My sharp hearing recognized the tinkling of the coins in their stock exchange,
“I'll give you 80 garlins if you leave him going with me. “
The salesman was chocked:
“80 garlins, wait a minute.”
And he kicked me, that's hurt a lot, I couldn't feel my body.
“This is the fate of people who tried to steal my products, next time, if I see you here, you're going to die.” the chicken salesman said this sentence and left me with the strange man. The message was clear, I acquiesced, the man paid for the chicken that I've stolen. I was angry and excited at the same time, excited because the miracle happened and I have succeeded to escape and angry because I was curious to know the identification of my savior but I couldn't because the man was hiding his face and wearing a long black cape, and kind of royal clothes, he seems like a gentleman. He didn't let me see him, I tried with all my strengths to see his face and after a big effort, I managed to reach my goal, our eyes finally crossed, I was shocked while I saw his face:
“Oh my goodness, you are sir Blake, king's advisor, I can't reckon on, I swear that I cannot.”
At that moment he closed my mouth and said:
“You noticed that I am wearing a long black cape, which means I am hiding myself because I don't want people to notice my stay, all that you have to do is to follow me and to do what I recommend to you without saying one word.”
First I refused, I abstained to go with him.
“Well, you pushed me to do this, I am going to use the power with you.” and he pushed me to go with him, and he started kicking me, I was obligated to change my mind and to follow him. After a long walk we stopped in front of the orphanage, I was surprised:” What are we doing here?”
“I told you before to don't ask me, go and grab your stuff, you will quit this miserable place today, I am going to talk with miss Templeton to let you go with me, go.” recommended the gentleman. I didn't have a choice, I had to do what he said, I run to my room and I arranged my stuff without saying one word to the guys, I am going to miss them by the way. I slipped behind the man to hear his discussion with miss Templeton.
“Hello miss, I want to buy one of the boys in the orphanage “said the gentleman
“Hello sir, but which one of them?” Asked miss Templeton.
“Okay, let me describe him:he is quite tall, with a brown hair and eyes, and blonde skin.” Said the man.
“So you are talking about James, of course you can take him no need to buy him, he doesn't do anything, I hate him so much said miss Templeton
“Could you please give me some information about him?” asked the gentleman
“Of course : he is 17, and he is from Pretoria, he's dad is a musician, and he's mom is a teacher, they both dead into an accident a couple of years ago.” answered miss Templeton
“Thank you miss have a good day “said the man
He went out from Templeton's office and called me, he obligated me to go with him and to get up into the chariot without knowing the destination, I had to do it.
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