Dear me √

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life is music. Because he also lives for music.

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Anna Stargood
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Dear me

Dear future I - I wrote in circus letters on the yellowed paper - I know you are a gross alcoholic by now and you have already forgotten to read. - I stopped here and read it to myself again and again, I don't know how many times, but by the time I started writing again the stars were already shining - Please never forget what music means to you! - I bit my lower lip, I do this when I overreact to something - I know at school you learned that music is a poem written for a melody, but it's not. I smiled at that sentence. As a little girl, I always loved correcting a singing teacher - I think music is more than a poem or a simple melody. "I looked up from the paper, attached one of my brown locks of hair with one of my red unicorn hairpins, and then continued writing. Be it classic feeling, pop or rock it doesn't matter at all that this feeling is meant to free everything that is within you from you. I think once someone has found their own feeling they can't let go anymore because they become part of it and they'll just form a whole together. "Once again I admired the finished great work and then sighed with satisfaction, folded the paper and put it in the drawer of my desk among the other letters and left my room. I heard the door to my room close behind me. I walked quietly through the corridors of the old house, yet most of my steps could be said to be soft anyway, the wooden planks on the floor sometimes crackling loudly under my feet. Soon only a door and a dilapidated flight of stairs separated him from the outside world. I quickly took the steps, but stopped at the doorknob, looked around the room, sniffed one last one from the musty air of the house, and then stepped out into the big world. As I stepped out the door the cold wind blew and I saw a face. A face I can't get tired of. The boy looked at me, his black eyes gleaming with happiness, his black hair staring toward the sky. He walked slowly towards me and pulled me gently to him. We stood like this for minutes, we didn't talk to each other yet we knew what the other wanted to say just that I love you.

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